BOMB 39 Spring 1992

Issue 39 039  Spring 1992
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Emma Tennant by Gary Indiana
Untitled 1 Body

When she was 26, Emma Tennant published a novel called The Color of Rain under the pseudonym Catherine Aydy. The name and title were both arrived at by manipulations of a Ouija board.

Terry Winters by Bob Holman

This interview between artist Terry Winters and poet Bob Holman begins with a poem by Holman and ends with ruminations on the beauty inherent in words and paintings.

Kim Wozencraft by Jill Eisenstadt
Wozencraft01 Body
Adam Fuss by Ross Bleckner
Fuss01 Body
Larry Fishburne by Michael O'Keefe
Fishburne 01 Body
Todd Graff by Lynn Geller
Graff01 Body
Hedda Sterne by Anney Bonney
Hedda Sterne 01

Hedda Sterne’s artistic career spans the 20th Century art history books. She first exhibited with the Surrealists in Paris and immigrated to America becoming an integral part of the Rothko, Pollock, Newman circle.

Tom DiCillo by Bette Gordon
Tom DiCillo 01

Tom DiCillo speaks with Bette Gordon on directing his first film, Johnny Suede, and being one of the first to discover Brad Pitt and Catherine Keneer.

Sheila Bosworth by Guy Gallo
Bosworth 01 Body
Cucaracha Theatre by Betsy Sussler
Cucaracha 01

Up for experimental theater? Try the Cucaracha Theatre company. Drama, death, dreams—they go there in conversation with Betsy Sussler.

First Proof
To Some of the Girls I’ve Ever Loved Before by Glenn O'Brien

BARBARA ANN. I went to a dance looking for romance. 

Human Nature by Harry Kondoleon

Mr. and Mrs. Tell ran the place from floor one. 

Unclear Medicine by Lily Brett

Edek Zepler used to fuck Polish girls. They were mostly maids, and he fucked them, standing up, in the hallways of the buildings in which they worked.

Cast in Doubt by Lynne Tillman

Early in the morning, in this part of the world, in the summer, the sun is so strong and direct, I believe that all the spirits must be holding that fiery globe in its heavenly place and shining it down on us.

Bill’s Place by Michael Massee

It’s 12:00 or thereabouts when I wake up.

Orpheus In Love by Craig Lucas


1. Sleepsong

(The Tenor is alone in bed. Two Bassoonists play.)

Not-not Architecture: L’Architecture Brut by Andrew MacNair
39 Schubert 01 Body

Photo-essay by Marcus Schubert of architecture brut with introduction by Andrew MacNair.

Two Drawings by Rebecca Howland
39 Howland 01 Body

Inner Hoodlum and Bad Day by Rebecca Howland.

Two Photographs by Seton Smith
39 Smith 01 Body
Radio Rain by Todd Watts
39 Watts Body

Gelatin silver print photograph with dye transfer, Radio Rain by Todd Watts. 

Caught and Catch by Arch Connelly
39 Connelly 01 Body

Two works by Arch Connelly.

Two Paintings by George Negroponte
39 Negroponte 01 Body

Two untitled paintings by George Negroponte.

Protoplasmic Alphabet by Jill Reynolds
39 Reynolds Body

Several orb-like objects made from glass, silicone, cork and wax, Protoplasmic Alphabet by Jill Reynolds. 

Ham String by John Spinks
39 Spinks Body

Collage by John Spinks.