BOMB 38 Winter 1992

038 Winter 1992
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Carolyn See by Liza Béar
Carolyn See 01

Internationally acclaimed for the hilarious and sublime Golden Days, which chronicles the survival of the human spirit after a nuclear apocalypse, Carolyn See has just written her fifth novel, Making History, which is just out on Houghton Muffin.

Exene Cervenka by Lynn Geller
Exene Cervenka 01

With songs that explored the darker sides of LA’s culture in the early ’80s, Exene Cervenka and her band X’s unique brand of folky punk rock has made them a permanent fixture in LA’s musical history.

Mike Kelley by John Miller
Mike Kelley 01

“Perhaps because people have a short attention span you can get away with illogical developments if you make them unfold over a long period of time. People will assume that it is logical because they can’t remember what happened before.”

Caryl Phillips by Graham Swift
Caryl Phillips 01 Bomb 038 Sm
Robbie Robertson by John Sinclair

Fresh from recording a new album (Storyville), folk rock singer-songwriter Robbie Robertson discusses his love of New Orleans with John Sinclair.

Edward Albee by Craig Lucas
Albee 01 Body
Todd Ayoung by Curlee Raven Holton
Ayoung 02 Body
Colm Tóibín by Lynne Tillman
Colm Tói­bí­n 01

Colm Toíbín discusses the power of the written word upon the completion of his first novel The South in conversation with Lynne Tillman from 1992.

Nicole Burdette by Craig Gholson
Nicole Burdette Bomb 038
Valerie Jaudon by Shirley Kaneda
Valerie Jaudon 01

Painter Valerie Jaudon positions her work between fine and decorative arts reconciling modernist and post-structuralist polemics with ease through open ended methods and interrogations that take on a uniquely seductive and feminine point of view.

Barbara Kopple by Roland Legiardi-Laura
Barbara Kopple 01

Roland Legiardi-Laura invokes documentarian Barbara Kopple’s modesty as they discuss the extreme hardships and tensions involved in making Oscar-winning films such as American Dream and Harlan County, U.S.A.

Brigitte Rouan by Liza Béar
Brigitte Rouan 01

A deftly crafted and mordant social drama set in Algeria during the last years of French Colonialism, Overseas (Outreamer), which actress Brigitte Rouan co-wrote and in which she co-stars with Nicole Garcia and Marianne Basler, marks a stunning debut for Rouan as a director.

First Proof
Four Poems by David Mamet

Tremont Street

Who, when it had passed, would say

American Football (Reflection On The Gulf War) by Harold Pinter
Carter Hodgkin

It works.

Mars Bluff by Hilton Caston
​Charles Lahti 01

The week before the atom bomb dropped by accident on Mars Bluff, we’d made Plaster of Paris atoms in science class; with neutrons, protons, and electrons, that circled around on different color mobile strings tied to the overhead fluorescent lights. 

Succulence by Kelvin Christopher James

Another drop of sweat boiled off the curls of Gerrad’s armpit and, tickling slightly, coursed down his side.

Four Poems by A. C. Purcell

Cut, cut each other with knives / Fall into one another’s arms

Two Poems by Michael O'Keefe

Your thumb hooked me going down Robertson.

Cornsilk by Randall Kenan

I sit here. I sit here thinking hard about the smell of menstrual blood. 

Project for BOMB by Carter Hodgkin
38 Hodgkin Body

Project for BOMB by Carter Hodgkin.

Two Works by Charles Lahti
38 Lahti 02 Body

Two untitled works, by Charles Lahti.

Clutter by Douglas Blau
38 Blau 01 Body

A collection of photographs, prints, and paintings curated by Douglas Blau. Pictured are various kinds of collections through history from artists such as Jan Steen, Albrecht Dürer, and more. 

Double-Num Wall Tattoo by Gretchen Faust
38 Faust 01 Body

Pattern and instructions for a “wall tattoo,” titled Double-Num Wall Tattoo, by Gretchen Faust.

Minority Pin-Ups by Hilton Als & Darryl Turner
38 Als Turner 01 Body

A mixed media collage of photographs and text, titled Minority Pin-Ups, by Hilton Als and Darryl Turner. Photo sources: Melodie McDaniels and others.

Two Paintings by Richard Kalina
Kalina Richard 01 Bomb 038

Two paintings, titled The Rules of Engagement and Dispensation by Richard Kalina.

Mantle by Tom Brokish
38 Brokish Body

Metal, wood, and glass sculpture, Mantle, by Tom Brokish.