BOMB 37 Fall 1991

037 Fall 1991
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Constance Congdon by Craig Gholson
Congdon 01 Body

Epic hardly begins to describe the scope of Constance Congdon’s plays. Her first play had 30 scenes and 57 characters.

Nan Goldin by Stephen Westfall
Goldin 01

Nan Goldin’s photography never fails to entice, shining with her trademark sensuality and tenderness. She spoke with Stephen Westfall for BOMB in 1991.

Craig Coleman by Roberto Juarez & Cyn Zarco
Coleman1 Body
Elizabeth LeCompte by Linda Yablonsky
Lecompte 1 Body
Louis Edwards by Ameena Meer
Edwards 01 Body

Louis Edwards is the kind of sweet, gangly guy you knew in high school. He’s shy and considerate, with a self-conscious smile on his bespectacled face that turns quickly into a laugh. In conversation, he steers around controversy, avoiding the slightest meanness. His novel, Ten Seconds, is the opposite.

Social Volition by Cora Cohen
Ralph Humphrey 01

Ralph Humphrey asked me about ten times what I thought of his last show. I said something different each time he asked. 

Hal Hartley by Martin Donovan
Hartley01 Body
James White a.k.a. James Chance by Tod Wizon
James Chance 01 Bomb 037
Robert Duvall by Daisy Foote
Duvall 01 Body

Legendary actor Robert Duvall talks shop with screenwriter Daisy Foote, gushing on their favorite roles, the nuance of improvising, and traveling to Texas for the perfect accent.

Jane Wilson by Mimi Thompson
Jane Wilson Bomb 037
P.M. Dawn by Lynn Geller & Malcolm McClaren
Dawn 01 Body
First Proof
Three Poems by Bob Holman

A Visitation By John Belushi on the Isle of Capri

Constant eating     Constant motion

Boat by Gary Indiana
Raymond Pettibon 01

Paul decided to shoot on the so-called witch island. It was saved for last because it would take all day, for only two or three shots. 

All Hallows by Guy Gallo

It is easy to sleep late in New Orleans. 

Six Poems by Linda Bohe


I drive two thousand miles to leave

Family Plots by Martha King

… a vast body of curious beliefs, customs, and story narratives are handed down by tradition from generation to generation, the origin of which is unknown. 

Miss Resignation by Padgett Powell

Lisa smoked her first Bingo card unnoticed.

Four Poems by April Bernard
​Shirley Kaneda 01

If you like what you saw, then, why close your eyes?

Original Collage for BOMB by Jessica Stockholder
Article 1467  Stockholder 001

A mixed media collage, titled Original Collage for BOMB, by Jessica Stockholder. 

Peter Bellamy’s The Artist Project by Neil Printz
Oleszko 001 Body

An excerpted essay by Neil Printz from Peter Bellamy’s The Artist Project.

Untitled by Raymond Pettibon
Article 1479 37  Pettibon

Ink on paper work, Untitled, by Raymond Pettibon. 

Two Photographs by Bastienne Schmidt
37 Schmidt 1 Body

Two untitled photographs of Greece and NYC, by Bastienne Schmidt. 

For Bomb by Bill Komoski
Komoski Bill 01 Bomb 037

Two paintings, acrylic on paper, titled For Bomb by Bill Komoski.

Miami: Turistas/U Artists by Roberto Juarez & Cyn Zarco
Article 1471 Acevedo1

Roberto Juarez and Cyn Zarco capture the ’90s Miami art scene with mention of Manuel Acevedo, Craig Coleman, and Tomata du Plenty.

The Commands of Desire by Shirley Kaneda
Article 1481  Bomb 37  Kaneda 001

Oil on canvas painting, titled The Commands of Desire, by Shirley Kaneda. 

F between 8 and 11/5 Seconds by Maria Martinez Canas
Article 1471 Acevedo1

Two paintings of mixed media, titled F between 8 and 11/5 Seconds, and F 11/5 Seconds, by Maria Martinez Canas.

Citta by Maurizio Pellegrin
Pellegrin 001 Body

Mixed media work, titled Citta, by Maurizio Pellegrin. 

Predella of Difference by Michael Young
37 Young Body

Installation, Predella of Difference, in the studio of Michael Young.

An Analysis of Decisions Under Uncertainty by Miyoshi Barosh
An Analysis Of Decisions Under Uncertainty

A series of portrait photographs, titled An Analysis of Decisions Under Uncertainty, by Miyoshi Barosh.