BOMB 35 Spring 1991

035 Spring 1991
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Meg Cranston, Melissa Kretschmer, and Maya Lin by Saul Ostrow & David Pagel
Cranston02 Body

“You could ask me, ‘Why do you do it this way?’ There’s absolutely no way I could tell you. It takes me a month with a piece of lead on a table. And day by day, it gets folded or bent. And that becomes this underlying, hidden piece that you barely see.”

Philip Taaffe by Shirley Kaneda
Taffe 01 Body

“Decoration in this folk sense is a kind of culturalized representation of nature. It’s closest to the raw elements that reflect a very specific geographical location in historical time. The importance of it for me is that I can have these circumstances of time and place in crystalline form, and I can feel those realities, feel the history that they inevitably speak about in this natural cultural sense.”

Kid Capri by Lynn Geller
Capri 01 Body

“If the beats ain’t right, you ain’t right. But I can take a little bit of one thing and make it big. You can give me anything and I’ll know what to do with it.”

Keith Reddin by Craig Gholson
Keith Reddin Bomb 035

“The characters that I create have to create their own happiness or search for their own happiness. It’s not given to them. They’re happy people, but they have to fight for that happiness.”

Ira Silverberg and Amy Scholder by Eric Latzky
Silverberg Scholder Bomb 035

“A lot of discoveries can be made within the idea of storytelling by just subverting that whole idea of what has a beginning, a middle, and an end.”

James Wines by Stanley Moss
Article 1407  Wines 01

“The only way to deconstruct an idea or a viewpoint is to start with some kind of archetype, then you invade it with different readings.” James Wines

Jennie Livingston by Reena Jana
Article 1416 Livingtson01

“I know the ball walkers aren’t “feminists” in the politically correct sense of the term, but what they are doing is innately feminist. A boy becomes a girl—gender is a learned thing, and these people chose to be women despite the American social convention that to be a man would be the preferable choice.”

Kathy Bates by Michael O'Keefe
Bates 01 Body

“I feel that I have made a career at doing what I’ve been told.”

Luisa Valenzuela by Linda Yablonsky
Valenzuela 01 Body

“I need some element of hedonistic surprise—that’s a little perverse—to fool myself, to surprise myself, and yet, at the same time, I need to maintain control.”

Zhang Yimou by Lawrence Chua
Yimou 01 Body
Lynne Tillman by Patrick McGrath
Tillman 01 Body

“I think that emotion as we know it comes into the world the moment we take on language. Your emotions are known to you through language.”

First Proof
“Oh, brother!” by Elena Alexander

There I am, we are.

Three Poems by George Green

Poem for His Divine Grace, Swami Prabhupada, Founder of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.

Three Poems by Tim Dlugos
​Rocky Schenck 01

Harmony in Red

The woman with the bun

Maggie and Max by Guy Gallo

It was shortly after Maggie learned to drive the enormous car she bought for less than it cost to fill the tank from a Chicano on Sunset and La Ciénega that we met. 

In Nevada, Driving, the Remarkable Thing by J.R. Rodriguez

The thing Mary thinks about, clemently and even more than her husband, the thing she really remembers—not because it has some revelatory seam, not because it matters all that much, but just because she does—is her lawn.

Short End by Klaus Kertess

The letters looped lackadaisically, loosely tumbling into and out of configurations of words, some times legibly, some times not. 

The Punishing Sun by Liza Béar

I’m in flight, I’m delirious, I’ve shed my urban chrysalis. 

On My Birthday by Benjamin Weissman

The first thing I think when I wake up in the morning is how much I love school.

Red Dream by Maya Borisova

I am sleeping in the middle of a desert
on sackcloth, on hot sand

Renovation by Rocky Schenck
35 Schenk 1 Homepage

Photograph titled Renovation by Rocky Schenck.

Five Paintings by Sean Scherer
35 Scherer 1 Body

Five oil and wax on canvas paintings, AustereOstracismGraceLisle, and Cease by Sean Scherer. 

Two Photographs by Ariane Lopez Huici
35 Lopez Huici 1 Body

Two photographs of metal, grid-like structures, In Abstracto and In Abstracto #15 by Ariane Lopez Huici.

Two Works by Taro Suzuki
35 Suzuki 1 Body

Two mixed media and enamel pieces on canvas, When Worlds Collide and Running Figure by Taro Suzuki. 

For Bomb by Christopher Lucas

This article is only available in print. However, you may purchase a pdf of the issue in which this article appears, here.

Mixed Doubles by Teri Slotkin
35 Slotkin 1 Body

Several “black and white studio portraits of pairs—people connected by blood marriage, social, business or other ties,” Mixed Doubles by Teri Slotkin. 

Untitled by Joe Andoe
Article 1408  Bomb 35 Therealjoe Andoe

Untitled photograph with ink by Joe Andoe.

Three Works by Karen Kilimnik
Karen Kilimnik 1 Bomb 035

Two drawings from the Jane Creep series, and mixed media piece, This is a Letter Bomb, You Will Be Dead in 15 Seconds by Karen Kilimnik.