BOMB 34 Winter 1991

034 Winter 1991
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Tod Wizon by Anney Bonney
Tod Wizon. © 1990 Rudy Molacek.

In his Brooklyn studio, Tod Wizon meets with fellow painter Anney Bonney to discuss the finer points of art, polymorphic thinking, and self-abandonment.

Jessica Hagedorn by Ameena Meer
Jessica Hagedorn © 1990 Kate Simon.

Author Jessica Hagedorn talks to Ameena Meer about incorporating Filipino traditions, taboos, and superstitions into a mixed media narrative in her novel, Dogeaters.

2 Black 2 Strong by Lynn Geller
2 Black 2 Strong.

2 Black 2 Strong and his right hand man, Warchild, discuss racism in the media, growing up and getting out of the ghetto, and the symbolism behind the American flag.

Terrance Simien by Dickie Landry
Article 1402  Simien 01

“It’s hard to explain, the feeling you get. You get a band together, you practice, you work hard at it before you go in front of the people, and your first show is a big success. You feel like, wow, if we can do that, we can play for anybody, and it’ll work.”

Romulus Linney by Craig Gholson
Romulus Linney. © 1990 Damon Fourie.

Romulus Linney penned dramas that pinpointed emotional moments in the lives of his subjects. We will miss one of our most cherished playwrights and BOMB’s contributing Editor in Theater. We remember him with this Winter 1993 Craig Gholson interview.

Yuri Lyubimov by Leonardo Shapiro
Yuri Lyubimov in rehearsal. © 1990 Leonardo Shapiro.

Yuri Lyubimov discusses the theater as a phenomenon for the elite, censorship, and why Scandinavians are more prepared for plays.

Phil Hartman by Stanley Moss
Phil Hartman photographed live from the television screen by the author.

Phil Hartman made his name as a regular cast member on Saturday Night Livewhere, from 1986 to 1994, he created a number of classic characters such as the Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer. Writer and Artist Stanley Moss sat down with Hartman in 1991.

Gran Fury by Robert Gober
 Gran Fury, New York Crimes, Tuesday, March 28, 1989, four-page newspaper, web offset, each page 22¼ × 15 inches.

Robert Gober talks to anonymous collective Gran Fury about their incendiary art and the task of exposing inequality and hypocrisy in our society.

Raul Ruiz by Carole Ann Klonarides
Raul Ruiz. © 1990, Laurence Hegarty.

Raul Ruiz, who most recently directed the start-studded film The Golden Boat, attempts to dismantles traditional roles in narrative cinema, reversing landscape and plot. He speaks with video producer Carol Anne Klonarides about his work.

Whit Stillman by Betsy Sussler
Whit Stillman. Photo by Susan Shacter © 1990.

Damsels in Distress, out now, is Whit Stillman’s first film since 1998. He spoke to Betsy Sussler in 1991 about his debut, the now-classic Metropolitan.

Lari Pittman by David Pagel
Lari Pittman. © 1990 Ann Summa.

Painter Lari Pittman creates silhouetted scenes brimming with sexuality and nonsensicality—the folk art of a liberated past, channeled through the social realities of the present. Here, he discusses his envy of abstraction, and the horror of an empty bed.

First Proof
Four Poems by David Trinidad
James Nares

The Kiss

It was a Friday night; the theater

Diaries 1989–90 by Gary Indiana

Cookie died Friday. I saw Victoria Pedersen in the Korean deli near Simon’s place, I had gone over there to eat some Chinese take-out with Simon.

The White Lion by Janet Hamill

The war had just ended when Fabiano Fabrizi contracted scarlet fever. 

Circle of Shade by Kelvin Christopher James

With the first crowing of the old rooster that slept high in the thorny limetree in his backyard, Striker! opened his eyes. 

Angel by Marianne Wiggins

God lived on the wick inside the glass of oil and water on top of the old woman’s chest of drawers where He was kept alive as if he were a lightning bug inside a jar. 

The Minotaur Sutra by Charles Henri Ford
​Charles Henri Ford

from “The Minotaur Sutra”

Fruits of the soma

The Indian Giver by Coleman Dowell

Mrs. Merriman sat in her front yard with a bit of embroidery work, chattering pleasantly to herself.

Three Works by Nayland Blake
34 Blake 1 Body

Work Station #6 (envy)Come Armageddon, and Untitled by Nayland Blake.

Two Photographs by Sally Gall
Sally Gall 1 Bomb 34

Two photographs of serene, water-filled landscapes, Patrick and Amazon by Sally Gall. 

The Secrets of Sunset Beach by Susan Hiller
Susan Hiller Bomb 34

Susan Hiller’s Secrets of Sunset Beach from her 1987–90 photoseries.

Javotte and Katherine, Paris ‘90 by Allen Frame
Allen Frame Bomb 34

Photograph of two women at a table, Javotte and Katherine, Paris ’90 by Allen Frame.

Zooligisches Museum by Candida Hofer
34 Hofer Body

Installation view of Zooligisches Museum by Candida Hofer.

R/G by James Nares & David Rattray
34 Nares Homepage

Collaborative work by James Nares & David Rattray.

Diary of an AIDS Patient by Masami Teraoka
Masami Teraoka 01 Bomb 034 Sm

India ink drawing of a lounging but ailing woman, Diary of an AIDS Patient by Masami Teraoka.