BOMB 33 Fall 1990

033 Fall 1990
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Ian McEwan by Patrick McGrath
Ian McEwan.

Ian McEwan discusses the Cold War, the myth of innocence, and forgetfulness.

Vikram Seth by Ameena Meer
Vikram Seth. © 1990 Aradhana Seth.

Vikram Seth discusses what it means to be an Indian writer, the art of translation, and living in China in the early ’80s.

Dr. John by Stanley Moss
Dr. John in 1990 at Cafe Rakel. Photo by Mark Leet.

Dr. John speaks with long-time listener Stanley Moss about his musical roots, colorful past and his career goals, including film scores and collaborative work.

Victoria Williams by Lynn Geller
Victoria Williams ©1990 Photo by Beth Herzhaft. Image Courtesy of Rough Trade.

Singer/Songwriter Victoria Williams has a gift for storytelling like those of the literary masters she admires. Her songs have a gospel style that can be traced back to her childhood in Louisiana.

Dorothea Phillips by Mary Agnes Smith
Dorothea Phillips and son with dot dot painter, Pansy Napangati. All photographs © 1990 Mary Agnes Smith.

Family, dream, and tradition govern Aboriginal painting in Australia. Dorothea Phillips, aboriginal dot dot painter, opens her world to New York artist Mary Agnes Smith.

Bella Freud by Elizabeth Cannon
© 1990 by Nigel Shafran.

Elizabeth Cannon on the fashion designer great granddaughter of Sigmund Freud, Bella Freud. 

Dorothea Tanning by Carlo McCormick
Dorothea Tanning. ©1990 WOWE.

Dorothea Tanning has been associated with the surrealist movement since it came to NYC in the ’40s. In this interview Tanning discusses the misconceptions surrounding her paintings with writer Carlo McCormick.

Al Pacino by Bette Gordon & Betsy Sussler
Al Pacino in The Local Stigmatic.

Cinematic legend Al Pacino discusses Heathcote Williams’s The Local Stigmatic, commercialism, and rehearsal techniques.

Campbell Scott by Stuart Spencer
Campbell Scott on the set of Longtime Companion. Photo by Gabor Szitany. Image courtesy of Samuel Goldwyn.

Campbell Scott is known for his ability to play a wide variety of roles. He portrayed Willy in Longtime Companion, Hamlet at the Old Globe and Tunner in the film Sheltering Sky.

Harvey Keitel by Ethan Silverman
 Harvey Keitel © 1990 Susan Shacter.

Harvey Keitel on his tough image, popularity, and The Last Temptation of Christ.

Jo Shane by Craig Gholson

Just beneath the surface of the familiar is where you’ll find the wit that is distinctively Jo Shane’s. In irony, she finds power and voice for her passions.

Thulani Davis by Stephanie Fleischmann
Thulani Davis. © 1990 by Bastienne Schmidt.

Writer Thulani Davis has achieved something that many writers strive for. Davis has been able to stretch her talents across many forms of writing. She is known for her work as a journalist, poet, novelist, and librettist.

First Proof
Two Poems by Indran Amirthanayagam

Pagan Love Song

‘We got a call a few minutes ago. Pappa has died,

Delayed-Reaction Colonization In Absentia of a Forgotten Island by Jacques Servin

Poultry. Energetic madam of Iwo Jima is fond of poultry in its edible manifestations, those which do not take away from the furtherance of the poultry race. 

Spider by Patrick McGrath

My father’s relationship with Hilda Wilkinson properly began when he went to work on her pipes.

Two Poems by Patrick Worth Gray

I Was Five and She Was Eleven

When my sister fed the geese, she honked.

An Ending by Thomas McGonigle

“James Thomson was my great-grandfather.”

Two Poems by Susan Sonde

The Lone Pine

The wind peppered us that day, it raved like a lunatic

Adults Alone by A.M. Homes

Elaine takes the boys to Florida and drops them off like they’re dry cleaning. 

“See you in ten days,” she says as they wave good-bye in the American terminal. “Be nice!”

1954 by Arturo Arias
Armando Morales 01

Little baby carriage. // Baby. / Welts.

Derelict, Tracts: An Observatory by Michelle Stuart
Michelle Stuart 1 Bomb 033

From the installation at the Main Branch of the New York Public Library. Derelict, Tracts: An Observatory by Michelle Stuart. 

Two Drawings by Michele Zalopany
33 Zalopany Body

Two dark charcoal and pastel drawings on paper and mounted on canvas, Untitled (Volcano) and Brother in Arms by Michele Zalapony.

Untitled by Sue Williams
33 Williams Body

Untitled ink on paper drawings by Sue Williams.

Light Journey, Dusk by Emery Clark
33 Clark Body

India ink and silver print, Light Journey, Dusk by Emery Clark.

Carson McCullers by Stuart Sherman

A recounting of a visit to legendary writer Carson McCullers, “Carson McCullers” by Stuart Sherman.

One Minute by Felix Huber
33 Huber Body

“Fotoprojecktion” of a highway and the surrounding industrial area, One Minute by Felix Stephan Huber. 

In Memorium: Carl Apfelschnitt and Jimmy DeSana
Bomb 33 63 Memorium Body
Two Photographs by Jeannette Montgomery Barron
33 Barron 1 Body

Two photographs of posing human figures, Rainer Fetting and Luigi Ontani by Jeannette Montgomery Barron. 

Cymbals by Linda Roush
33 Rousch Body

Installation at the Bradbury Building in Los Angeles, Cymbals by Linda Rousch.