BOMB 3 Spring 1982

003 Winter Spring 1982
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Left Brain/Right Brain: Alan Scarritt by Keith Sonnier
Article 61  Scarritt

Alan Scarritt discusses his mandala-esque plaster spirals, and the sound of a harmonica in a warm room, with fellow artist Keith Sonnier.

All Tomorrow’s Parties by Barbara Kruger & Richard Prince
Kruger 01 Body

Artists Barbara Kruger and Richard Prince have a double conversation, each beginning with the same question and answer.

The Writing On the Wall: Jim Chladek by Michael McClard
Chladek 02

On the brink of the massive 1984 cable deregulation, Michael McClard talks TV politics with ETC’s Jim Chladek. With home entertainment changing, yet again, by the internet, this discussion on public access takes on new meaning.

Aesthesipol: Keith Sonnier by Betsy Sussler
Keith Sonnier 02 Bomb 03

Keith Sonnier gets mystical discussing his sound installations and sculptures with Betsy Sussler.

Valie Export by Gary Indiana
Export 02

Filmmaker Valie Export speaks to Gary Indiana about the trials and tribulations of making cinema in Austria, describing past moments of backlash and her fascination with the “dead” city of Vienna.

First Proof
Mica TV by Carole Ann Klonarides
Carole Ann Klonarides

I sat behind the front desk of a well known art gallery for six years. This gallery had an “open viewing policy” which means that any artist could come in the gallery with representation of his artwork, have it looked at, and considered for exhibition.

Video Diary of a Madman by Michael Auder
3 Auder 3 Body

A diaristic essay on video in the late-20th century.

Congo by Barry Yourgrau
​Leslie Schiff

Euler stumbles, lost, somewhere near the headwaters of the Congo. Through the fetid, scorching day he goes dragging his bag of trinkets: oozing candy bars, tin and bead necklaces, yards of ludicrous gingham. 

Twisting And Shouting by Craig Gholson

“I’ve decided.” “Oh, yeah?” “Yes. I’m moving back to LA.”

Stories by Jane Warrick

… the ways in which we love are similar, how we explain these to others, to ourselves, are what differ. 

Part One of Desire: A play in two parts by Kathy Acker

OPHELIA to her father POLONIUS: Daddy, can’t I go out? I’m bored. You’re keeping me locked up here like I’m a piece of dry goods.

Algiers Killings by Janny Densmore
Janny densmore 01

In the aftermath of Officer Gregory Neupert’s fatal shooting, four Blacks were killed by the New Orleans Police. They were: Raymond Ferdinand, Reginald Miles, Sherry Singleton, and James Billy, Jr.

Air Male by Klaus Kertess

Dream. Dream. Dream machine. Air plane. Vector of suspended animation. Planes. Plane images. Transport of the paradise present.

Dilemma by Liza Béar

—What do you know about Byron?
Dr Ornaforu was unusually excited.

One of Lucky’s Stories: The Voyeur’s Treatise by Matthew Fleury

You’ve heard it before: There’s a right time and a right place for everything.

Best A’ Friends by Susie Books
Susie Books

“Smile Sugar, giv’ me a nice big hug. They wants this picture, we gives it to ’em.” Sophie grabbed the small girl around the waist and smiled a big toothy grin. 

Editor's Choice
Gary Indiana’s Phantoms of Louisiana
484767382 01272016 Indiana Gary 01 Bomb 003

Review of Gary Indiana’s early play Phantoms of Louisiana. Featuring Taylor Mead, Sharon Niesp, and Betsy Sussler with sets by Ross Bleckner and Mark Tambella.

The Visit (Foreign Particles) by Leandro Katz
Leandro Katz 07

A binocular thriller of the mind.
The chaos between speech and language.

Communications Update: A Cable TV Show by Liza Béar
Communications Update

The Public Airwaves: teletype originating in New York travels across the video image beamed from San Francisco and is returned.

You Are Not I
Nan Goldin

“You Are Not I” is a short story by Paul Bowles from his recently published Collected Stories 1939–1976.

Popular Culture and Personal Vision by Michael Gitlin
Michael Gitlin Body

Our culture’s dreams of sex, money, beauty, and youth are compressed into explosive little images of desire.

Watch Being Watched by Stephen Torton
Bomb 3 Torton 1 Body

A look at surveillance produced by Stephen Torton with Myriam von Skramlik, Carlo Mori, Franck Goldberg, Joe Barrio, and Dan Amaril.

Men, Women, and Couples by Nan Goldin
3 Goldin Body
Mississippi/New York by Allen Frame
Bomb 3 Frame 001 Body
White Feather and the Modern Kitchen by Richard Boch
3 Richardbock Body
The White Lady, Spiral Galaxy … by Sarah Charlesworth
3 Sarahcharlesworth 01 Body

Fragmented photographs of explosive and apocalyptic subjects. A black and white spread of work featured at Tony Shafrazi, New York, December 1981.

Fugge, Fugge, Anima Mea, Fugge… by Barry Ledoux
3 Barryledoux Body

Installation shot of Barry Ledoux’s 1982 Fugge, Fugge, Anima Mea, a wall mounted sculpture of lead, copper, glass beads, wax, and pigment. 

Dusted by William Wegman
3 Williamwegman Body
Alienation and the Itinerary by Georgia Marsh
Alienation And The Itinerary Body
Centerfold by Keith Haring
3 Haring Corrected Body

Black and white drawing of dogs, a television, and a UFO, Centerfold, by Keith Haring.

Metallic Masks by Leslie Schiff
3 Leslieschiff Body
Broken Images by Lisa Kahane
Broken Images Body

Altered photographs of monumental stone figures representing “ruined” wisdom and force, Broken Images by Lisa Kahane.