BOMB 26 Winter 1989

026 Winter 1988 89
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David Cronenberg by Bette Gordon
Cronenberg01 Body

Cronenberg talks to Bette Gordon about the supernatural and horrific qualities of his filmography.

Kenji Fujita  by Betsy Sussler
Fujita01 Body

Found-objects sculptor Kenji Fujita talks with Betsy Sussler about why he is able to endow a group of otherwise ordinary materials with such poignancy and such grace.

Jodi Long by Michael McClard
Long 01 Body

Actress Jodi Long speaks with Michael McClard on moments of the ordinary turning extraordinary. Some of her roles in film and theater play the “figuring it out” we all take on.

Jeff Weiss by Allen Frame
Weiss Jeff 01 Bomb 027

On the occasion of the 1988 production of Our Town at the Lincoln Center, actor and playwright Jeff Weiss discusses fame, taking chances, and the pleasure of obscurity in a BOMB short with Allen Frame.

Jon Robin Baitz by Craig Gholson
Baitz01 Body

Jon Robin Baitz speaks to Craig Gholson about growing up as a detached observer and turning that to his advantage as a successful writer for stage and television.

Harry Mathews by Lynne Tillman
Mathews 01 Body

Harry Mathews has covered the literary terrain: as short story writer, poet, novelist, essayist, translator and editor. Here, he and Lynne Tillman discuss his recent novel, Cigarettes, the role of the reader, and the OuLiPo’s use of literary contraintes — constrictive forms.

Annette Messager by Bernard Marcade
Messager 01

Artist Annette Messager on her titles, the craft of hysteria, and the obliteration of language.

Christian Boltanski by Irene Borger
Boltanski 01 Body

Christian Boltanski discusses his MOCA installation (Summer 1988) with Irene Borger. Boltanski’s somber installation reflects his concern that the Jews face a fate similar to that of the American Indians.

Peter Ackroyd by Patrick McGrath
Ackroyd 01 Body

Self-proclaimed “martyr to fiction” Peter Ackroyd gushes about his terminal Anglophilia.

Richard Martin by Jillian Burt
Richard Martin 1 Body

F.I.T. Gallery Director Richard Martin speaks to Jillian Burt about fashion on and off the body; in museums and for the masses.

First Proof
Four Poems by Susie Timmons
Stephen Ellis Bomb 026

On the Daily Monument

Lookouts posted on either end of the street

Portrait of the Artist as an Only Child by Brad Conard

Manda and I were stretched out naked on our bed when my grandmother called. 

Two Poems by David Rattray

The Spirit of St. Louis for John Speicher

I step out onto Wiborg’s at 4:00 p.m. under a cloudless sky, a jet trail over the Clubhouse, a slight breeze and the sun warm on my face, the new poems in a side pocket of the corduroy jacket I am wearing, a perfect one for a walk on the beach. 

My Idea of Beauty by Jane Warrick
26 Delamotte Body

Looking back on it, I suppose it was obvious there might be trouble, but at the time I really hadn’t thought so. 

Diary by Jonas Mekas
​Peter Waite 01

[To honor the passing of Jonas Mekas, BOMB presents his series of diary excerpts and introduction, first published in the Winter 1989 issue.]

DOCKS (Spacial Account) by Schuldt
26 Puett Body

There is light in the space and as it’s bounced off the walls and ceiling it makes nearness and distance out of what’s dim and what’s bright. 

Editor's Choice
Graham Swift by Patrick McGrath
Swift 01 Body

Patrick McGrath discusses Graham Swift’s novel Out of This World, which was published by Poseidon Press in the Fall of 1989.

Two Paintings by Peter Waite
Peter Waite Peter 01 Bomb 026

Station and Soveit War memorial Teptow Park East Berlin, acrylic paintings on plastic panels, by Peter Waite. 

Untitled Drawing by Gregory Botts

Ink drawing by Gregory Botts.

Engineer’s Gate (AM) by Jack Barth
Bomb 26 Barth Body

Oil, watercolor, and charcoal on paper mounted canvas, titled Engineer’s Gate (AM), by Jack Barth.

Gametes by Kiki Smith
26 Smith Body

Drawing by Kiki Smith.

Ladle by Orshi Drozdik
26 Drozdik Body

A sculpture of a beaker, sealing wax, wood, ladle, steel, soot, and glass, titled Ladle, by Orshi Drozdik.

Rivaulx Abbey, Interior of the Choir by Philip Henry Delamotte & Joseph Cundall
26 Delamotte Body

An albumen print, titled Rivaulx Abbey, Interior of the Choir, by Philip Henry Delamotte and Joseph Cundall.

Untitled Etching by Stephen Ellis
Stephen Ellis Bomb 026

Untitled drypoint and acquatint etching from the portfolio Japanese Gothic by Stephen Ellis.

Hand Masher by Garnett Puett
26 Puett Body

A sculpture of beeswax, steel, wool, and corn in Belljar, titled Hand Masher, by Garnett Puett.

Javier Vallhonrat by David Seidner
 Javier Vallhonrat 01 Bomb 026

A profile and portfolio of Javier Vallhonrat by David Seidner.