BOMB 23 Spring 1988

023 Spring 1988
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Three Painters: April Gornik, Freya Hansell, and Susan Rothenberg by Betsy Sussler
Bomb 23 18 Body

Three prominent female painters engage in a roundtable discussion about style and technique in their paintings.

Paul Auster by Joseph Mallia
Auster01 Body

Celebrated poet and author Paul Auster moves between forms and genres, creating ambitious works of literature. He speaks with writer Joseph Mallia on the necessities of writing and their impact on the reader.

Black-Eyed Susan by Kate Simon
Besusan 01 Body

Black-Eyed Susan of the Ridiculous Theatrical Company on Charles Ludlam, motivation, and the film Ironweed.

Jeanne-Pierre Gorin by Lynne Tillman
Gorin 01 Body

The French filmmaker, Jeanne-Pierre Gorin, began making films in 1968. He has collaborated with Jean-Luc Godard. His own films Poto and Cabengo and Routine Pleasures were released in 1979 and 1986, respectively.

The Round Table Project: Part I by Saul Ostrow
23 Batista Body

A roundtable discussion on whether or not art can reverse history and the notion of the “sublime” within painting.

First Proof
Precious In His Sight by M. E. Hughes
Betty Beaumont

They married them young back then and always with an eye on adjoining acreage, so it was hardly surprising that Lizzard Patout knew, even before knowing who the female was to be, that he would impregnate her four times with four males in eight years—allowing a fallow year in between, which was sound, modern practice according to his agricultural course that came through the mail—one son for each farm bordering The Oaks, thus restoring the plantation to its original size.

Marlene by Mariarosa Sclauzero
​Claudia Hart

To separate from the past and drift away from the present becomes one sudden thought, yet everything I own is the accumulation of 23 years of life and I cannot go very far from my truths. I should have a job. 

Family by Brad Gooch

The subway when it goes by sounds like a roller-coaster making a turn into a down curve, minus screams. 

Horse Crazy by Gary Indiana
Al Taylor Untitled 01 Bomb 23

One night, after taking a valium, I ask Gregory why he needs to hurt me. He says it isn’t him, but Bob. Bob? Yes, Bob, he insists.

Raucous Sun by Geneviève Letarte

I’m not the last one to have this happen. 

The Zulu (European Version) by Robin Collyer
23 Collyer Body
The Statues by Andy Patton
23 Patton Body
Toxic Imaging by Betty Beaumont
Betty Beaumont
Proper Fit by Nancy Johnson
23 Johnson 1 Body
Blade Study by Philip Taaffe
Bomb 23 Taaffe1 Body
Untitled Drawing by Claudia Hart
Article 1024  Bomb 23  Hart
Not Being Born by Ross Bleckner
Article 1044 23  Bleckner 1
Study for Axon by David Row
Bomb 23 Row Body
Tableau with Beast & Pillars by Bernie Miller
Bernie Miller Bomb 23
Taj by Tim Zuck
23 Zuck Body
Excerpts from a Description of the Universe by Tom Dean
23 Dean 1 Body
Canuck Canuck Who’s There (Toronto) by David Craven
23 Dean 1 Body

“Air Canada flight 664 to Toronto is non-smoking,” reported the attendant.

“Every seat?” I sighed.

Leg of Mutton by Tony Scherman
23 Scherman Body
Two Pespectives by JoAnne Tod
23 Todd Body
Four Sculptures by Wade Saunders
Wade Saunders 01
Bad Faith-Yellow and Bad Faith-Blue by Will Gorlitz
23 Gorlitz 001 Body
Untitled by Julian Lethbridge
Julian Lethbridge Bomb 23
Two Works by Willy Heeks
Bomb 23 Heeks1 Body
Untitled Sculpture (My Arms are Ready to Embrace the Universe with Love) by Ken Lum
23 Lum Body
Untitled Painting by Al Taylor
Bomb 23 Taylor Body
Fashion by José Arman-Pita
Bomb 23 Fashion1 Body

Fashion portfolio produced by Candace Allenson and Robert McElroy with photos by Jose Arman-Pita.

Pines by Louisa Chase
Bomb 23 Chase1 Body
Condo by Alan Belcher
Alan Belcher Bomb 23