BOMB 22 Winter 1988

022 Winter 1988
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Robert Mapplethorpe by Gary Indiana
Mapplethorpe 01

A discussion between long-time BOMB contributor Gary Indiana and the late Robert Mapplethorpe on the New York art scene of the late 1980s and the difficulties of intimacy, comfort and eroticism in photography and portraiture.

Brice Marden by Saul Ostrow
Marden 01 Body

Hailed by the New Yorker critic Peter Schjeldahl as “the most profound abstract painter of the past four decades,” Marden began his career under the tutelage of Robert Rauschenberg and went on to teach seminal artists Richard Serra and Chuck Close.

Gleb Panfilov: Beyond the Frame of the Permissible by Liza Béar
Panfilov 04 Body

Director Gleb Panfilov talks with Liza Béar about his struggles with GOSKINO, the Soviet film committee, and his previously censored film Tema.

Los Angeles by Craig Gholson
Mike Kelley 01 Bomb 022

A conversation between Mike Kelley and Craig Gholson on the LA art scene. Part of Wade Saunder’s Los Angeles portfolio.

Nancy Lemann by Betsy Sussler
Lemann01 Body

Novelist Nancy Lemann crafts languorous Louisiana dramas in her two books, Lives of the Saints, and The Ritz of the Bayou. Here, she discusses being a Jew in the south, the future of her characters, and the lingering memory of the Civil War.

British Theatre: Gary Stevens by Allen Frame
Stevens 01 Body

Featuring the English stage, Allen Frame interviews Gary Stevens and Rose English in a diptych of an interview called the “British Theatre.”

British Theatre: Rose English by Craig Gholson
English 01 Body

Featuring the English stage, Allen Frame interviews Gary Stevens and Rose English in a diptych of an interview called the “British Theatre.”

First Proof
Vacation by Ameena Meer
​Ellen Phelan

When I looked in the bathroom mirror this morning, a crowd of people looked back. 

Five Portraits of Hannah Burden by Bradford Morrow
David Wilson

The train ground to a halt, wheels screeching on the blue tracks, mad squeal of metal moving against metal, track stubborn, wheels locked. The slide terminated after a buck, in a stall, a hiss, an utter calm.

Love Isn’t Living, Life Doesn’t Live by Gary Indiana
​Holt Quentel

One afternoon when I had cleared away every distraction, mailed out the phone bill and the rent check, written letters to Europe, tidied up my desk, and settled down at last to work on Burma, after weeks of inactivity, Victor called. 

The Sleeping Pills of the World (From the Desk of Bonnie Silvers) by Harry Kondoleon
​Harry Kondoleon

Haven’t you done this?

Blood Disease by Patrick McGrath

This is probably how it happened: William Clack-Herman, the anthropologist (popularly known as ‘Congo Bill’) was doing field research on the kinship systems of the pygmies of the equatorial rain forest. 

Assume The Position by Mitchell Syrop
22 Syrop Body
X-Ray Rooms by Karen Carson
22 Carson Body
Two Drawings by Myron Stout
22 Stout 01 Body
Pair Object II by Roni Horn
22 Horn Body
Los Angeles by Wade Saunders
22 Ruscha Body
All Through The Night by Candace Allenson & Robert McElroy
22 O Brien 02 Body
The Bells of Hell Go Tingas-Ling-Ling-A-Ling by David Wilson
David Wilson
Sands of Time by Ed Ruscha
22 Ruscha Body
The Santa Maria by Chris Burden
22 Burden Body
Backgrounds by Dana Duff
22 Duff 01 Body
Selbstportrait by Harry Kondoleon
​Harry Kondoleon
A Star by Ellen Phelan
​Ellen Phelan
Cross Disc by Holt Quentel
​Holt Quentel
From The Mirror Series by John Knight
22 Knight Body
Stick Spiral Wood by Meg Webster
22 Webster Body
Untitled Work by Diane Bucker
22 Bucker Body
Untitled by Tim Ebner
22 Ebner Body
Cinderella Story by Alexis Smith
22 Smith 01 Body
Potpurri by Luciano Perna
22 Perna Body
Two Sculptures by Peter Shelton
22 Shelton 02 Body
Viral Research by Charles Ray
22 Ray Body
When Conscience Will Be Replaced in Intuition by Lari Pittman
22 Pittman Body