BOMB 21 Fall 1987

021 Fall 1987
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Julian Barnes  by Patrick McGrath
Barnes 01 Body

Julian Barnes was awarded the prestigious Booker Prize for his novel The Sense of an Ending. He spoke with Patrick McGrath in 1987 about sex, Flaubert, and being obsessed with obsessions.

James Rosenquist by Mary Ann Staniszewsk
Rosenquist 01 Body

James Rosenquist, one of the key American Pop Artists, has been making and showing his paintings for several decades. His early ’60s work, like that of Warhol and Lichtenstein, provides a seductive but critical mirror image of the mass media.

Richard Greenberg  by Craig Gholson
Greenberg01 Body

Playwright Richard Greenberg discusses the importance of writing the same play over and over again.

Diane Kurys by Bette Gordon
Kurys02 Body

Filmmaker Diane Kurys, a French woman directing in English, discusses the unsexiness of onscreen sex, the possibility of loving two people at the same time, and other improbabilities.

Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe  by David Shapiro
Gilbert Rolfe 01 Body

Artist Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe and poet David Shapiro discuss the role of criticism and influence in art, ranging from abstract representations of space to why the Beastie Boys are more transgressive than the avant-garde.

In Her Own Voice by Saul Ostrow

Eight women artists respond to Saul Ostrow’s gendered questions on the significance of being a woman artist … all to raise further questions on the (ir)relevance of gender roles.

First Proof
Return to Sender by Klaus Kertess
Article 951  Bomb 21  Fuss
The Colorist by Susan Daitch
Fariba Hajamadi 01

Pictures which pose a threat, present danger, belie codes, give away information, the camera never lies. 

Executrix by Barry Yourgrau
​Jane Kaplowitz

My hands are suddenly ice-cold. 

Five Poems by Charles Culhane
​Orshi Drozdik

The Ancient One

Who is this ancient one

A Poem in Two Homes by Eileen Myles

A Poem in Two Homes

Everywhere I go is home

Borrowed Times  by Gary Indiana
Bomb 21 Turkle Body

I’m living in hell, Richard told me in the steam room. Victor’s so heavy.

The Hilt by Gordon Lish

The pleasure Solovei took in the manner of Shea’s death, never mind that it was a suicide and Shea the very paradigm of what Solovei could not but help but helplessly think of whenever he, Solovei, had thought to set himself the meditation of what it must be to be the Gentile—oh so very big-boned, large-boned, heavy-boned, long and broad in all the central categories, the blithe inventor of every reckless declension, the very thing of this vexing life most lived.

Lovers by Adam Fuss
Adam Fuss, Lovers, 1987, silverprint, 20 × 24 inches. Courtesy Massimo Audiello Gallery.

Silverprint, titled Lovers, by Adam Fuss.

Mont Sainte Victoire by Mark Tansey
Bomb 21 Tansey Body
Inventory by Suzan Etkin
Bomb 21 Etkin Body
The Telescope with its lenses had swallowed the stars by Fariba Hajamadi
Fariba Hajamadi 01

Oil and emulsion on canvas, titled The telescope with its lenses had swallowed the stars, by Fariba Hajamadi.

Artistic Anatomy by Tyler Turkle
Bomb 21 Turkle Body
Two Paintings by Meyer Vaisman

This article is only available in print.

Dystopia by Orshi Drozdik
Article 964  Bomb 21  Drozdik
New York Collections Preview: Spring/Summer 1988 by Zachy Sherif
Bomb 21 81Collections1 Body
Two Works by Philip Galgiani
Bomb 21 Galgiani Body
Site of the First Self-sustaining Controlled Nuclear Chain Reaction December 2, 1942; Chicago, Illinois by James Welling
James Welling, May 1987, Site of the First Self-sustaining Controlled Nuclear Chain Reaction, December, 2, 1942; Chicago Illinois.

Photograph, titled Site of the First Self-sustaining Controlled Nuclear Chain Reaction December 2, 1942; Chicago, Illinois, by James Welling.

Matisse and Laura Ashley Border by Jane Kaplowitz
Article 958  Bomb 21  Kaplowitz
Untitled (After Alexander Rodchenko 4) by Sherrie Levine
Bomb 21 Levine1 Body