BOMB 20 Summer 1987

020 Summer 1987
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Duane Michals by David Seidner
Michals 01 Body

Duane Michals moves beyond representation and reproduction in his photography, and instead “writes” with his art. He explains the importance of constantly redefining the medium to fellow photographer David Seidner.

Mona Simpson by Ameena Meer
Mona Simpson 01 Bomb 020

Mona Simpson’s first novel, Anywhere But Here, explores the complicated relationship of a mother and daughter as they go in search of their own strangely American dreams.

Steve Erickson by James Mx Lane
Erickson 01 Body

Though he is anxious to shirk the labels bestowed upon him by critics and fans alike, Steve Erickson’s surreal prose has been compared to the work of Pynchon and Márquez. He talks to James Mx Lane after the publication of his novel Rubicon Beach.

Christopher Durang  by Craig Gholson
Durang 01 Body

A Christopher Durang survival kit to the pitfalls of modern life would be easy to carry: a laugh and a sense of irony.

First Proof
Seven Poems by Anne Carson
​Todd Watts

Seven “Short Talks” on topics such as Chromo-luminarism, Major and Minor, Geisha, Vicuñas, Trout, The Rules of Perspective, and Homo Sapiens by Anne Carson.

Four Poems by Daisy Friedman
Jimmy Desana

Private Routines

What do you do with your private routines?

You Tell Me and We’ll Both Know by Gary Indiana

Crowded blocks of retail markets and one-room shops, then a passage of high cross-shaped public housing flats. 

Money by Joel Rose
20 Malanga Body

Money makes the world go round!
The world go round!

Three Poems by Kim Roberts
​John Schlesinger 02

It Was Years

All the way in on the train she thought

Where You Are Not by Stuart Spencer

And what you do not know is the only thing you know

Two Photographs by Bruce of Los Angeles
20 Bruceofla 1 Body

Two photographs of bodybuilders, one taken circa 1955 and the other circa 1987, by Bruce of Los Angeles from the Body Pictures portfolio.

Two Photographs by ​David Seidner
20 Seidner 01 Body

Two photographs, Caroline Ellen and Adelle Lutz, by David Seidner.

Urban Asteroids (Dimensional Abstraction) by Todd Watts
​Todd Watts
Untitled Photograph by Donna Francis
20 Francis Body

Untitled photograph by Donna Francis from the Body Pictures portfolio. 

Weegee by Weegee
Weegee 01 Body
Dine East by Ellen Jaffe
20 Jaffe 1 Body

Four portrait photographs of diner patrons, Dine East, by Ellen Jaffe. from the Body Pictures portfolio.

Two Photographs by Elliott Schwartz
20 Schwartz 01 Body

Two photographs by Elliott Schwartz.

Together Again by Gerard Malanga
20 Malanga Body

Photograph of a woman and her teddy bear, Together Again, by Gerard Malanga. 

Rafael, Miami Beach by Jack Pierson
20 Pierson Body
Rings by Jimmy DeSana
Jimmy Desana
Two Photographs by John Schlesinger
​John Schlesinger 01
Timeless Images Preserved: The Parks Photo Archive by Gerard Malanga
Body Pictures by Roberto Juarez
Two Photographs by Larry Clark
20 Clark 01 Body
Two Photographs by Matt Mahurin
20 Mahurin 01 Body
Two Photographs by Mattia Bonetti
593081776 02132015 Mattia Bonetti 01 Bomb 020 Sm
Two Photographs by Neal Slavin
20 Slavin Body
Two Photographs by Amanda Means
20 Means 01 Body

Two untitled photographs, Untitled (Number Forty) and Untitled (Number Twenty-Eight), by Amanda Means.

Frankfurt by Angela Neúke
AngelaNe Ke Body

Photograph of police restraining rowdy onlookers during a prize giving to President Sengh of Senegal in 1969, Frankfurt by Angela Neúke.

Peruvian Indian, Checacupe, Peru by Aristos Marcopoulos
20 Marcopoulos Body

Portrait photograph of a Peruvian Indian, Checacupe, Peru, 1987, by Aristos Marcopoulos from the Body Pictures portfolio.

Polaroids by Patrick Goodman
20 Goodman Body
Two Photographs by Peter Bellamy
20 Bellamy 01 Body
Young Painter in Greenwich Village by Berenice Abbott
20 Abbott Body

Photograph of a painter in her studio, Young Painter in Greenwich Village, by Berenice Abbott from Greenwich Village Today and Yesterday by Abbott and Henry W. Lainer published in 1949.

Self Portraits from the series For Whom the Bell’s Told by ​Bruce Cratsley
20 Cratsley Body

Series of color polaroids of the photographer, Self Portraits from the series For Whom the Bell’s Told, by Bruce Cratsley. 

Solarization—L’etat Combat (Combat State) by Raoul Ubac
20 Ubac Body
Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus, New York City by Scott Heiser
20 Heiser 1 Body