BOMB 2 Winter 1982

002 Fall 1982
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Jacki Ochs’s The Secret Agent by Betsy Sussler
Ochs 1

The Secret Agent is a feature length documentary investigating the effects and implications of the use of the chemical defoliant Agent Orange used in Vietnam between the years 1964 and 1971.

Sonia Delaunay by David Seidner
Delaunay 03

Sonia Delaunay took an early, perhaps the earliest jump into non-objectivity where color elicited form. Her work serves swift proof of a tenacious intensity with which she threw herself into her art, her life.

Philippe Demontaut’s Jean Maurice Isn’t Home Yet by Marie-Guy Baron
Demontaut 02

Jean Maurice Isn’t Home Yet is a 45 minute 16mm black and white film written and directed by Phillipe Demontaut with Beth Lewis and Phillipe Demontaut as M. and Mme. Robinet and the voices of Annette Messager and Christian Boltanski.

Men Looking at Other Men by Jim Jarmusch, Lindzee Smith & Tim Burns
Burnsjarmusch 01

Lindzee Smith in conversation with directors Tim Burns and Jim Jarmusch. They discuss their works Against the Grain and Permanent Vacation as well as inspiration, influence, and creative exile.

ABC No Rio by Shelley Leavitt
Abc No Rio

ABC No Rio speaks to Shelley Leavitt on their renegade approach to curating and what it was like to start a gallery/social center in the ’80s Lower East Side.

Women Looking at Other Women by Karyn Kay & Bette Gordon
Kay 01

In conversation, filmmakers Bette Gordon and Karyn Kay pinpoint women’s desire and experience in and out of film.

Charles Ludlam and Christopher Scott by Ted Castle
Ludlam 02

A lively conversation over tea between Charles Ludlam, the Artistic Director of the Ridiculous Theatrical Company, and Christopher Scott, the Executive Director of the Company, conducted by Ted Castle.

Gary Indiana by Max Blagg
Gary Indiana

Gary Indiana’s Horse Crazy is a raucous and hilarious whirlwind of obsession; with writing, love, delusion and, in the end, with surviving.

Michael Smith by Rosemary Hochschild
Smith 01

Michael Smith discusses his character, Baby Ikky, and laments the perils of “the downtown scene.” Smith went on to receive four NEA Fellowships and one Guggenheim Fellowship.

First Proof
Race in Space by Glenn O'Brien
Gleeno Brien

In 1835 the New York Sun achieved the greatest circulation of any newspaper in the world––the surge in readership being directly attributable to the story of the century, the existence of intelligent extra-terrestial life.

Cinematography by Johanna Heer
Johanna heer 01

There is a tree out there. A tree in front of my window. When I walk around the corner, back to my house, there are bums on the street.

E, the Undertaker by Burt Barr
Burt Barr

The streets began to steam in late June but it was another two weeks before the hot air reached inside. One morning, another dead Sunday, I awoke early, not long after sunrise.

Metropolis by Christian Marazzi
Fritz Lang

Why? There are many reasons, obvious and less obvious. The Metropolis may interest us as an object of touristic pleasure, an evanescent emotion because it is limited within time.

Heroin Boys by Jeff Goldberg & Doug Latimer
Bomb 2 Heroinboys 1

There has developed a distinct class of heroin addicts, with a certain amount of freemasonry and cooperation among themselves.

Schlegel on Wit by Duncan Smith
2 Smith

Writers of fragments will always be indebted to Friedrich Schlegel for affirming the practice.

Oblique Meditations on Murder by Matthew Fleury

1.1. Abstract: of murder. Every human act has a purpose.

Difficulty Swallowing: A Medical Chronicle by Matthew Geller
Matthew Geller

The first foreign country I visited was Mexico. I knew enough Spanish to read a menu. But when I went to a restaurant and the waiter asked me what I wanted I realized I didn’t know how to order.

Art at Auction by Walter Robinson

Walter Robinson rounds-up his findings in a piece titled “Art at Auction.”

Rainer by Terence Sellers
Duncan Hannah

(Rainer broods over his rejection by Anne and blames it on the vulgarity of those with whom he and she associate, that is, petty crooks, prostitutes, et al.)

Brenda Losing/Valerie Losing 2 by Cookie Mueller

She was five feet less than a year ago, but now she is four feet two because of a horrible, delicate operation where she had her thighs removed.

Editor's Choice
Committed by Lynne Tillman & Sheila McLaughlin

A film about a film star. Frances Farmer, relegated for thirty years to the garbage can, now being resurrected as interesting. 

Theatre by Cookie Mueller
Cookie Mueller 01

As far as theatre goes I wasn’t born yet, at best I am in diapers.

The Diamond Lane by Barbara Bloom
Barbarabloom 1

Anyone can drive on the freeway––hesitating, resisting, losing the rhythm of the lane change––thinking about where they came from and where they are going.

Wild Style
Wild style

Hip Hop began at a time when the disco craze was reaching its peak. 

Hit and Run by Gordon Stevenson
Cervenka 06 Body

Filmmaker Gordon Stevenson reflects on the death of Mirielle Cervenka, “a poet and a pagan,” and the uncanny similarities between Cervenka’s fate and that of her on-screen character in his film Ecstatic Stigmatic.

Four Works by David Deutsch

A portfolio of four works by David Deutsch: Bicycle, Piano, HandUntitledUntitled; and Reclining Man with Movie Camera.

Collage by Duncan Hannah
Duncan Hannah
The Marriage of Magic and Madness by Jackie Winsor

Three views of a sculpture by Jackie Winsor titled The Marriage of Magic & Madness.

Giant Beachball by Jimmy DeSana
2 Desana Body
Jungle Red by Michele Singer
2 Singer 15 Body
Untitled Drawing by Lan Payne
Bomb 2 Payne 23 Body
OECD by Peter Fend
2 Peterfend 02

As an artist concerned with architectural questions, I have made regional planning maps for most of the world which organize terrain according to hydrological drainage––not into rivers only but into saltwater bodies, including the salt lakes, seas and bays of the world.

Polaroids by Mark Magill