BOMB 19 Spring 1987

019 Spring 1987
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Willem Dafoe by Louis Morra
Dafoe 01

Willem Dafoe discusses the Wooster Group, Platoon, and the reasons he works in both theater and film.

Janet Hobhouse by Bruce Wolmer
Hobhouse 01 Body

Janet Hobhouse discusses her various books with Bruce Wolmer — NovemberDancing in the Dark and Everybody Who Was Anybody: A Biography of Gertrude Stein—and the differences between “American” and “English” writing.

Ross Bleckner by Aimee Rankin
Bleckner01 Body

Artist and writer Aimee Rankin examines the confrontation with mortality that resides in Ross Bleckner’s work and the connection between paintings and trophies.

First Proof
Four Poems by Cheri Fein


Here is what I learned about you last night:

Burmese Days by Gary Indiana
19 Rankin Body

Who knows what hearts and souls have in them?

Three Short Stories by Jim Carroll

Robert Smithson Does Some Impressive Talking to an Idiot Who Just Trailed a Beam of Light

Empire of the Senseless by Kathy Acker

This is what Abhor, who’s my partner and part robot, told me was her childhood:

Infra-Red by Kimiko Hahn
19 Crawford Body

Paints are ineffective against heat emission, the principal sources of thermal infra-red signals.
The History of Camouflage, Guy Hartcup, p. 145.

Haunted Houses by Lynne Tillman
19 Stepanek And Maslin Body

Her father liked to scare her. He knew she adored him.

Köln by Saul Ostrow
19 Kiecol Body

A portfolio of artists’ works curated and introduced by Saul Ostrow.

Spirale by Sigmar Polke
19 Polke Body

Oil and lacquer on fabric, Untitled, by Sigmar Polke. Part of the Köln portfolio.

St. EOM by Tom Patterson

Eddie Owens Martin led a bizarre life as an artist, hustler, fortune teller, architect, and religious visionary. His most remarkable artistic endeavor was re-inventing himself as St. EOM.

Something Different by Stephen Ellis
19 Richter Body

A piece on European art and its sensibility, titled Something Different, by Stephen Ellis.

4.23.85 by Thom Cooney Crawford
19 Crawford Body

Oil painting on canvas, titled 4.23.85, by Thom Cooney Crawford. 

Grope Kiste by Thomas Virnich
19 Virnich 01 Body

Two views of mixed media sculpture Grope Kiste, 1981–3. Part of the Köln portfolio.

o.T. by Udo Lefin

Lacquer painting on wood, titled o.T., by Udo Lefin. Part of the Köln portfolio.

Untitled by Alice Stepanek
19 Stepanek And Maslin Body

Untitled oil on canvas painting by Alice Stepanek and Steven Maslin.

The Equinox by April Gornik
19 Gornik Body

Oil on linen painting, titled The Equinox, by April Gornik.

Rheinishes Totem bet by Felix Dröese
19 Dr Ese Body

Cardboard, acrylic, string, and varnish, titled Rheinishes Totem bet, by Felix Dröese. Part of the Köln portfolio. 

Two Paintings by Gandy Brodie
19 Brodie 01 Body

Two oil on canvas paintings, titled African Sculpture in Lower Manhattan, circa 1965 and Anemonies in Rusted Can, 1975 by Gandy Brodie. 

No. 617 (Meditation) by Gerhard Richter
19 Richter Body

Oil on canvas painting, titled No. 617 (Meditation), by Gerhard Richter. Part of the Köln portfolio. 

German speaking peaks “Muttler” by Georg Herold
Georg Herold Bomb 019 Sm

Wire and underwear sculpture, titled German speaking peaks “Muttler” by Georg Herold. Part of the Köln portfolio. 

Four Photographs by Gunther Forg
19 Forg 01 Body

Three photographs, titled Colonia 28 OttobreMarina di MassaColonia Marina di ChiavariColonia Marina Calembrone by Gunther Forg, and an installation shot of his work. Part of the Köln portfolio. 

Three Works by Hanno Otten
19 Otten 01 Body

Three pieces, titled Portrait of Robert CapaGirder Pictures, and 7 Romain du Kirche, St. Sereon, by Hanno Otten. Part of the Köln portfolio. 

Two Works by Hubert Kiecol

Two works by Hubert Kiecol—Black Drawing, charcoal on paper; and sculpture Stair with Base, cement. Part of the Köln portfolio. 

Church by ​Isa Genzken
19 Genzken 01 Body

Cement, plaster, and wood sculpture, titled Church, by Isa Genzken with installation shot. Part of the Köln portfolio. 

Druid Deja-Vu by Jamie Dalglish
19 Daglish Body

Mixed media painting, titled Druid Deja-Vu, by Jamie Dalglish.

Untitled Painting by Leonard Bullock

Untitled oil on wood painting, by Leonard Bullock. Part of the Köln portfolio. 

Two Paintings by Mimi Thompson
19 Thompson 01 Body

Two ink and crayon works on paper by Mimi Thompson, titled Norway and Lady in a Hat, by Mimi Thompson.

Two Paintings by Nicholas Maffei
19 Maffei 01 Body

Two oil paintings—White Nebula on baltic birch and Black Nebula on mahogany plywood, by Nicholas Maffei.

Ohne Titel (Totem) by Blinky Palermo
19 Palermo Body

Casseine on canvas over wood, titled Ohne Titel (Totem), by Blinky Palermo, 1964. Part of the Köln portfolio. 

Two Prints by Rayberry
19 Rayberry Body

Two works by Rayberry—Life’s Charges, linoleum block and The Earth is Halfway Between Light and Dark, mezzotint on copper.

Two Paintings by Robin Winters
19 Winters 01 Body

Two paintings by Robin Winters—Life Full of Holes, oil on canvas and Block Party, mixed media on paper. 

Separation by Aimee Rankin
19 Rankin Body

Mixed media assemblage in a box, titled Separation, from the Theatre of Love Series, by Aimee Rankin.

Im Zeitalter der Kopein und Kopisten (In the Age of the Copier and the Copiest) by Rolf Walz

Acrylic, gouache, and oil on canvas, titled Im Zeitalter der Kopein und Kopisten (In the Age of the Copier and the Copiest), by Rolf Walz. Part of the Köln portfolio. 

Two Paintings by Alexis Rockman
19 Rockman 01 Body

Two oil on canvas paintings, titled Dr. Calamari and Three Stages, by Alexis Rockman.

Untitled by Rosemarie Trockel
19 Trockel Body

Untitled wrought iron, glass, and cast iron sculpture by Rosemarie Trockel. Part of the Köln portfolio.