BOMB 18 Winter 1987

018 Winter 1987
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Roland Joffé by Thomas Bird
Joffe 04 Body

Director Roland Joffé discusses the films The Killing Fields and The Mission; growing up in post-war London; and transitioning from theater to television to film.

Gretchen Bender by Cindy Sherman
Bender 01 Body

The late Gretchen Bender created “high tech” art when “high tech” was still an accepted turn of phrase. Here, she talks to Cindy Sherman about the appropriation and manipulation of TV commercials, images from the news, and contemporary art.

Charles Henri Ford by Bruce Wolmer
Ford 01 Body

Famed writer, editor, filmmaker, and publisher Charles Henri Ford speaks of his early years in Paris, his theory of collage, and how he came to obtain a nude photograph of Robert Mapplethorpe and Patti Smith.

Martin Amis by Patrick McGrath
Amis 01 Body

This interview is featured, along with thirty-four others, in our anthology BOMB: The Author Interviews.

First Proof
Three Poems by Sunil Gangopadhyay
Bomb 18 Pozzi2 Body

Calcutta is a dead weight on my heart: / I must destroy her before I go.

Opening Pages by Charles Henri Ford
​Charles Henri Ford
Four Poems by Alice Rose George
Bomb 18 Wachtal Body

Juking on the road with Bill, hitting / every shack bar we defied our mamas, / set no time to be back home, let sex / crawl up our legs like spiders.

Five Poems by Ashok Vajpeyi
Bomb 18 Patkin1And2 Body

In Bhilai


To the Consciousness of a Shooting Star by David Rattray & Gérard Charrière
Bomb 18 Rattray1 Body

To the consciousness of a shooting star
A certain orchard on a hillside far

Merry Christmas, Dr. Title by Eileen Myles
Bomb 18 Lerner Body

Here’s a place I don’t go anymore. 

Endless Lunch by Gary Indiana

And then Gregory said that Gloria, who really was just a kid, inexperienced, not at all sophisticated in affairs of the heart, had left the apartment on Clinton Street just before Christmas, a few days after you met me in the bookstore, 

Two Poems by Kedarnath Singh
Lucio Pozzi1 Body

I don’t know if he is still needed / Or not / But he is coming back,

Song of the Earth by M. Gopalakrishna Adiga

My birth was at the bottom rung of the Western Ghats
   at a distance of three rolls only from the boiling

X≠Y by Susan Daitch

Your passport was something you needed to get on the airplane in the first place. 

Two Works by Dona Nelson
Bomb 18 Nelson1 Body

Two works by Dona Nelson—Winter in the Park, gesso and charcoal on canvas, 1986 and Clock in the Rain, oil on canvas, 1986.

Two Photographs by Ellen Carey
Bomb 18 Carey1 Body

Two untitled polaroids by Ellen Carey.

Three Works by Gary Stephan
Bomb 18 Stephen1 Body

Two bronze sculptures, titled Madame as Recamier and Untitled; and acrylic painting on canvas, titled Flood of Values, by Gary Stephan.

Two Paintings by Stephen Ellis
Bomb 18 Ellis1 Body

Two untitled watercolor paintings with graphite on paper, Untitled, by Stephen Ellis.

Three Paintings by Izhar Patkin
Bomb 18 Patkin1And2 Body

Enamel on chrome coat paper works by Izhar Patkin—Virtue and Village from The Black Paintings and Night at the Balagany.

Selected Similarities: Notes and Drawings by Roberto Juarez
Bomb 18 Hurson Body

Portfolio of drawings by emerging and established contemporary artists curated by Roberto Juarez.

Stomach by Kiki Smith
Bomb 18 Smith Body

Stomach from Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law, a 1985 portfolio of color monoprints, by Kiki Smith.

Long Rain by Roberto Juarez
Bomb 18 Juarez Body

Drawing by Roberto Juarez for the Selected Similarities portfolio.

Angst by John Wells
Bomb 18 Wells Body

Gouache on paper work, titled Angst, by John Wells.

Two Works by Lucio Pozzi
Lucio Pozzi1 Body

Two ink on paper works, titled The Loss of a Planet and Untitled, by Lucio Pozzi.

Saning Sari by Marilyn Lerner
Bomb 18 Lerner Body

Oil on masonite painting, titled Saning Sari, by Marilyn Lerner.

Two Photographs by Annette Lemieux
Annette Lemieux1 Body

Two photographs by Annette Lemieux—Courting Death, sepia print; and Class of ’39 ciba print.

Monday Morning Early by Peter Nadin
Bomb 18 Nadin1 Body

Oil on canvas painting, titled Monday Morning Early, by Peter Nadin.

Two Works by Saint Clair Cemin
Bomb 18 Cemin1 Body

Two works by Saint Claire Cemin—Bell, bronze, 1986 and Logasimuli, ink, 1986.

Drawing by Robert Gober
Bomb 18 Gober Body

Drawing by Robert Gober from the Selected Similarities portfolio.

Drawing by Louise Bourgeois
Bomb 18 Bourgeois Body

Stomach from Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law, a 1985 portfolio of color monoprints, by Kiki Smith.

Untitled by James Wright
Bomb 18 Wright Body

Drawing by James Wright for the Selected Similarities portfolio.

Untitled Cardboard Drawing by Daniel Mahoney
Bomb 18 Mahoney Body

Drawing by Daniel Mahoney for the Selected Similarities portfolio.

#7, St. Barts by Brice Marden
Bomb 18 Marden Body

Drawing by Brice Marden from the Selected Similarities portfolio.

Untitled by Robert Smithson
Bomb 18 Smithson Body

Drawing by Robert Smithson from the Selected Similarities portfolio.

Determined Girl Holds up the Igloo House by Rhonda Wall
Bomb 18 Wall Body

Drawing by Rhonda Wall from the Selected Similarities portfolio.

Riverside Drive 110th St. by Alice Neel
Alice Neel Body

Drawing by Alice Neel from the Selected Similarities portfolio.

Untitled by Curtis Lee Fairley
Bomb 18 Fairley Body

Drawing by Curtis Lee Fairley from the Selected Similarities portfolio.