BOMB 17 Fall 1986

017 Fall 1986
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Angela Carter by Rosemary Carroll
Carter 02

British novelist and short story writer Angela Carter talks to Rosemary Carroll about The Company of Wolves, Neil Jordan’s film adaptation of her short story.

Joan Mitchell by Cora Cohen & Betsy Sussler
Mitchell02 Body

Famed Abstract-Expressionist Joan Mitchell evades questions and ties the interview format into a knot, all the while offering hints at the unapologetic brilliance behind her craft.

Rodion Zaveriyayev by Dmitri Volchek
134276112 12212015 Dmitrivolchek Rodionzaveriyayev 01 Bomb 017

Dmitri Volchek interviews Rodion Zaveriyayev on the contributions of Russian conscience and culture on anti-theater. Translated from the Russian by L. Terlitsky.

Spalding Gray by Karry Kammer
Gray01 Body

Notorious for his intensely personal monologues, much of Spalding Gray’s material was drawn directly from his personal life. He discusses how being “tattle-tale Gray” affected his career as he eats smoked scallops on the beach with Karry Kammer.

First Proof
Ostranenia by Alison Armstrong
Stephanie Sanchez, Falling Moon, 1982, oil on board, 14 x 18 inches. Collection of Carmela Scaggs.

I am a creature come out of its shell, half dead, half alive; half stone, half man.

Three Poems by Arkadii Dragomoshchenko
​Timur Novikov

But not an Elegy

Parallel snow,

Two Poems by Dmitri Volchek
​Jacki Ochs 01

Love for Captain B.

twinkling firmament of the sunflowers

Two Poems by Elena Shvarts
Sergei Bugayev (Afrika), Untitled, circa 1984.


Presentiment of life abides till death.

Idée Fixe by Gary Indiana

Yesterday I took a miniature trip with M., back and forth on the Staten Island Ferry. The sky was clear and bright, the day was warm enough to stand on the deck without a sweater.

A History of the World by Hal Foster
​Michael Zwack 01

I: Fata Morgana

For the Greek Thales water is the origin of all, and the earth floats like a bottle bobbing on the sea.

Living (1983–85) by Lyn Hejinian

The world gives speech substance and mind (mile) stones

My outer ear looks like a shell, and if you put your ear to it you will hear the Gulf. 

Two Poems by Ruth Danon
Barbara Ess 01

Sensible Shoe Thinks About Success

Closes in on the outside chance. Comes up the stairs. A sigh, ice,

The $200, or Shit on Heroin by Terence Sellers

Stupid and depraved faces … those who are depraved are interesting in that they are perverse, out of the norm … 

Three Poems by Viktor Krivulin
Sergei Bugayev (Afrika), Untitled, circa 1984.

from Poems on Maps

cash wrangles round a kiosk

Two Paintings by Unknown Artists
17 Leningrad 1 Body

Two paintings by unknown artists from the Leningrad portfolio.

Two Photographs by Barbara Ess
Barbara Ess 01

Two monochromatic color photographs by Barbara Ess—from the Food for the Moonseries, 1986; and Untitled, 1984–85.

Untitled by Sergei Bugayev
Sergei Bugayev (Afrika), Untitled, circa 1984.

Painting by Sergei Bugayev, circa 1984, part of the Leningrad portfolio.

Two Paintings by Bill Komoski
17 Komoski 1 Body

Two untitled watercolors by Bill Komoski.

Three Photographs by Boris Smelov
Boris Smelov 02

Three black and white photographs by Boris Smelov from the Leningrad portfolio.

Two Paintings by Cora Cohen
17 Cohen 26 Body

Two paintings on linen, titled Unmoved Mover and Flenshing, by Cora Cohen.

Two Paintings by Carl Palazzolo
17 Palazzolo 01 Body

Two mixed media paintings on canvas and burlap by Carl Palazzolo—Robinhood Water (#20), August 1986, Robinhood, Maine; and Viewed by night, viewed by day, 1986.

Vienna by Christoph Scharff
Christoph Scharff

A black and white photograph, titled Vienna, by Christoph Scharff.

Two Paintings by Donald McLaughlin
17 Mclaughlin 1 Body

Two oil on canvas paintings, titled Writers and C.B., by Donald McLaughlin.

Three Photographs by Jacki Ochs
​Jacki Ochs 01
Leningrad by Jacki Ochs & Lyn Hejinian
Boris Smelov

We took a walk, bus ride, walk, bus ride, walk to an apartment in the middle of Leningrad, up many flights of stairs—no speaking, so the neighbors would not hear a foreign language as we passed their doors.

Untitled Painting by Oleg Kotelnikov
Oleg Kotelnikov
Two Drawings by Louise Fishman
​Louise Fishman 01
Two Paintings by Mary Heilmann
Heilmann 1
Paradise by Michael Young
​Michael Young 01
Untitled Painting by Michael Zwack
​Michael Zwack 01
Two Works by Rebecca Purdum
Rebecca Purdum, Black Top, 1986, oil on canvas, 84 × 60 inches. Courtesy of Jack Tilton Gallery.

Two works—Untitled, pencil on paper, 1983 and Black Top, oil on canvas, 1986.

Falling Moon by Stephanie Sanchez
Stephanie Sanchez, Falling Moon, 1982, oil on board, 14 x 18 inches. Collection of Carmela Scaggs.

Oil painting on board, titled Falling Moon, by Stephanie Sanchez.

Two Paintings by Stephen Mueller
 Stephen Mueller, St. George Lycabettus, 1986, acrylic on canvas, 74 × 74 inches. Courtesy of Annina Nosei.

Two acrylic paintings, titled Rushing up Portofino and St. George Lyabettus, by Stephen Mueller.

Two Drawings by Terry Winters
17 Winters 01 Body