BOMB 16 Summer 1986

016 Summer 1986
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Linda Hunt by Craig Gholson & Vincent Caristi

Academy Award winner Linda Hunt speaks with Craig Gholson and Vincent Caristi about her roles in The Year of Living Dangerously, Silverado, and the Public Theater’s production of Wallace Shawn’s Aunt Dan and Lemon.

Alexander Liberman by Marshall Blonsky
Liberman 01 Body

Sculptor and painter Alexander Liberman worked as Editorial Director of Condé Nast at a time when fashion magazines were more closely tied in with the art world than ever.

First Proof
Three Poems by Mutsuo Takahashi
Kenro Izu 01

We, the Zipangu1 People

The island, draped in golden clouds,

Five Poems by Ryûsei Hasegawa
​Kenro Izu 02

A Tale of the Squid Falling Night

          I. In one section of the sea, only there,

A Pathetic Waltz by Gary Indiana
Marina Abramovic 01 Bomb 016

I had just returned from Colombia, SA, where I had been acting in a low budget movie and living in the Hotel Plaza de Bolivar, which is less a hotel than a bordello where cocaine is sold by sordid desk clerks, with the manuscript of my novel, Burma, secure in its brown manila folder.

Two Poems by Gary Lisz
Gregory Botts

Id’s Junk

What did you think

Four Poems by Gozo Yoshimasu

Shiva, Shiba

The man-made lake had swallowed the whole family and is shining,

New Jersey Days, Nautical Nights by Joan Harvey
​Nancy Spero

The train takes you there, passing rapidly into a long tunnel, plunging immediately into night where reflections shine on the dark glass and you suffer from nausea caused by the motion. 

Three Poems by John Giorno
John Giorno 01

Scum & Slime

Optimism, trust,

Naming Names by Klaus Kertess

When his father died, he became more capable of controlling his name.

Four Poems by Kazuko Shiraishi

My Tokyo

like the Lord Buddha almost sitting in this city

Two Photographs by Francesca Woodman
Bomb 16 Woodman Body

Two black and white photographs, from Eel Series, Rome, 1977–78 and Space², Providence, 1975–76.

Artemis II (detail) by Nancy Spero
Bomb 16 Nspero Body

Handprinting on paper, titled Artemis II (detail) by Nancy Spero.

Blue Figure/Woman with Clothes Blowing in Wind by Gregory Botts
Gregory Botts

Acrylic, oil, and wax on canvas, Blue Figure/Woman with Clothes Blowing in the Wind by Gregory Botts.

Two Sculptures by Jeff Koons
Koons01 Body

Two ’80s works by Jeff Koons: New Hoover Convertibles, Shelton Wet/Dry Doubledeckerand Two Ball Total Equilibrium Tank.

Two Photographs by Alan Belcher
Bomb 16 Belcher 2 Body

Two color photographs by Alan Belcher—Ultra-Ban, color photograph on plexi with hardware, 1985 and Nuprin (Turbo), color photograph, 1985.

Two Works by John Baldessari
Baldessari 01 Body

Two works from 1986 by John Baldessari: Yellow (With Onlookers) and Spaces Between (One Risky).

The Land of Pele by Ana Barrado
Bomb 16 Barrado Body

Black and white photograph from 1979, titled The Land of Pele by Ana Barrado.

Two Photographs by John Coplans
Bomb 16 Jcoplans1 Body

Two black and white photographs of nudes, titled Self Portrait, Side View Walking and Self Portrait, Reclining Torso, Arms Folded by John Coplans.

Three Photographs by Kenro Izu
Kenro Izu 01

Three silverprint photographs—Mt. Kineo #2Sekibutsu and Pine-roots #2Still life #15.

Two Prints by Andy Warhol
Bomb 16 Warhol Body

Two serigraphs from a portfolio of 10—Sitting Bull and General Custer from the Cowboys and Indians series by Andy Warhol.

From the 1986: Calendar on Travel and Tourism by Martha Hawley & Barbara Bloom
Bomb 16 Bloom Body

From 1986: Calendar on Travel and Tourism by Barbara Bloom, with text by Martha Hawley.

Two Paintings by Lydia Dona
16 Dona 1 Body

Where are my Scattered Electrons That are Available for Mutation or Migration into the Fields of Mint and I Pushed the New Origins of Molar, or Molecular Energies, into the Yellow Mould of Desire.

Two Photographs by Beth Burstein
Bomb 16 Burstein Body

Two untitled cibachrome prints by Beth Burstein.

Modus Vivendi by Marina Abramović & Ulay
Bomb 16 Abramovic Body

Two of four panels of color polaroids, titled Modus Vivendi by Marina Abramović and Ulay.

Two Photographs by Michael Clegg & Martin Guttman
Bomb 16 Clegg Body

Two cibachrome prints, titled Kiwi Neutral and Aleseir Nesore by Clegg and Guttman.

Maurice Maeterlinck by Mark Luyten
Mark Luyten

Watercolor and ink on paper (a page from Cinquiéme lettre), titled Maurice Maeterlinck by Mark Luyten.

Gabriela by Michael Spano
Bomb 16 Mspano Body

A black and white silverprint photograph, titled Gabriela by Michael Spano.