BOMB 15 Spring 1986

015 Spring 1986
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Ping Chong and Pablo Vela by Allen Frame
Chong Vela 01 Body

Ping Chong and Pablo Vela describe growing up as cultural outsiders “looking in” on America and how this perspective led them to directing and collaborating.

Horton Foote by Stuart Spencer
Foote 01 Body

Horton Foote, author of numerous stage, television and screenplays, has won Academy Awards for To Kill a Mockingbird and Tender Mercies. He speaks here with playwright Stuart Spencer

David Deutsch by Georgia Marsh
Deutsch 04 Body

Georgia Marsh and David Deutsch discuss obsession, planetariums, and the elusive relationship between interior and exterior spaces in his work.

Graham Swift by Patrick McGrath
Swift01 Body

Waterland, first published In England in 1983, established Graham Swift as one of the more original, elegant, and imaginatively fertile of the younger English writers. Patrick McGrath talks to him about his work in a cold house off the Fulham Road

First Proof
Dad by Robert Hawkins & Rene R
​Robert Hawkins 001
Three Poems by Maurice Kenny
​Don Steinmetz 001


Retrieving my past?

Three Poems by Joyce White Deer Vincent

Warrior/Two Step Half Step No More

Excuse me, brother

Four Poems by April Bernard
Bomb 15 Blair 001 Body

One more all-silk suit and he’s all yours, / not an Indian, but pure Pontiac.

Above the Chautauquas by Bradford Morrow

Her nostrils flared into fleshly roan rings pulled open by tautening about both sides of the longish jaw and muscular apple-round cheek, a movement which brought into view the crisp, expressive teeth hung in her head. 

I’m not talking to you, Mom. by Catherine Texier

She calls me in the middle of the night, holds me tight, trembling. Mummy, I scared.

Chaos In Order by Craig Gholson
Jimmy DeSana 1


Travelvet by Dike Blair
Bomb 15 Blair 001 Body

Mixed media piece featuring lacquer spray, glass, hydrostone, plaster mix lichen, wood, epoxy resin, and gouache, Travelvet by Dike Blair.

Ruby Range by Don Steinmetz
Don Steinmetz Bomb 15

Gestural charcoal on paper drawing, Ruby Range by Don Steinmetz.

Three Drawings by Francoise Schein
Francoise Schein 1 Bomb 15

Four drawings—Working Plan for the sculpture A World CircuitryIntegrated BrusslesA New York Circuitry, and Roma by Francoise Schein.

Two Paintings by Ross Bleckner
15 Bleckner 1 Body

Two oil on linen paintings, Untitled and Crocodile Tears by Ross Bleckner.

Blue Blood by Ti Shan Hsu
Bomb 15 Hsu 001 Body

Oil stick, enamel, and concrete work on wood of several blood cells, Blue Blood by Ti Shan Hsu.

Two Photographs by Gregory Rukavina
Gregory Rukavina 1 Bomb 15

Two platinum-palladium photographs by Gregory Rukavina. Taken from False Work—ADAMINUS/DESCO/GEOR/IO.ME/FECI/T. (Part 1).

Two Sculptures by Tom Butter
15 Butter 1 Body

Two fiberglass sculptures, Nuts and S.C. by Tom Butter.

Four Photographs by Jimmy DeSana
Jimmy DeSana 1

Portfolio featuring four photographs, SofaTape #3Parka, and Pants #7 by Jimmy DeSana.

Two Sculptures by Jon Kessler
Bomb 15 Kessler Spread Body

Two mixed media constructions utilizing lights, motors, and digital computers, S.W.A.M.P.and The Invention of Solitude by Jon Kessler.

Two Paintings by Karla Knight
Bomb 15 Knight 001 Body

Two oil on wood paintings featuring spherical objects in cosmic settings, The Suggestion of Reception and The Farmer by Karla Knight.

Two Sculptures by Bill Woodrow
Bomb 15 Woodrow 001 Body

Two sculptures of altered ready-mades like a chair and a locker, Harvest and Closet by Bill Woodrow.

Two Sculptures by Christy Rupp
Bomb 15 Rupp 001 Body

Two sculptures utilizing steel, fiberglass, hydrocal, paint, aluminum, and oil, Fish Jumping Out Of Its Skin and PCB’s In The Hudson.

Two Sculptures by Kenji Fujita
Bomb 15 Fuita 001 Body

Two oil, acrylic, and wood constructions, Carnival Echoes and Oxen of the Sun by Kenji Fujita.

Protected Woman by Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn
Bomb 15 Penn 001 Body

Small bronze sculpture of a cross-legged figure, Protected Woman by Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn.

Two Paintings by Peter Schuyff
Bomb 15 Schuyuff 001 Body

Two acrylic on linen paintings, The Weld and Untitled by Peter Schuyff.