BOMB 14 Winter 1986

014 Winter 1986
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Roy Lichtenstein by April Bernard & Mimi Thompson
Lichtenstein 01 Body

April Bernard and Mimi Thompson speak with the legendary American painter on the eve of a Fall 1986 exhibition of his work, getting to the bottom of Lichtenstein’s brushstrokes and revealing his true feelings about comics.

Jackie Winsor by Craig Gholson
Winsor 06 Body

Jackie Winsor talks to Craig Gholson about the influences of color on her sculptures and the discoveries she comes across through her work, as well as the dichotomous elemental impact of fire.

First Proof
Autumn Melancholy by Janet Hamill
​Giorgio de Chirico Infinite

Catherine de Montchensi was a young Occitanian wife in the age of l’amour courtois and the jeweled sunburst on the Virgin’s breast. 

Memory (One Kind of Time) by Kathy Acker
Carl Apfelschnitt

It was a long hot summer. She lay moaning on the fields where the straw grew.

Prelude to Delay the End by Liliana Ramos Collado

to follow the neck to the last bit of splendor

Four Poems by Mutabaruka
​Peter Drake

Weh mi belang?


Four Poems by Nancy Morejón

Poems from Indispensable October.

Murder in the Bog: A Mungo Stank Story by Patrick McGrath
Mark DeMuro

Ambrose Syme was a man of God and a superb classicist, perhaps the finest student of Petronious since Hugo Crub; but before I begin his tragic tale allow me to say a word or two on the subject of priest’s clothing. 

There is a Country in the World by Pedro Mir

There is

Three Poems by Janet Hamill



Robber by Andrew Beddoe
Mcdermott Mcgough 002 BOMB 14


Hark you unscrupulous monster you mocking pretender stand

même le soleil est nu by Anthony Phelps


Bottled country hurled out to sea

Memories of the Chalkstone Years by Dawad Philip

A Fair Isle shawl, a Foulard handkerchief
A hairnet for her unpressed hair

A Glimpse of Robert Musil by Edouard Roditi

When I used to go to Berlin before Hitler came to power, my friend Hans Siemsen, a German writer now but rarely read or remembered, always guided me in my choices of readings in contemporary German literature. 

The Cross by Felix Morrisseau LeRoy
McDermott and McGough BOMB 14

This is how it happened
Jesus Christ had to die

Five Poems by Georges Castera

On This Avenue Named After Dr. Aubry (Ri Doktè Obri)

On this Avenue named after Dr. Aubry,
things come into being

Meat Show by Robert Delford Brown
14 Brown 1 Body

Two photographs from Robert Delford Brown’s Meat Show, 1964.

Meditations on the Red Mass by Ann McCoy
Bomb 14 Mccoy1 Body

Essay exploring symbolic uses of blood and sacrifice in art.

Bird in Hand by Mark DeMuro
Mark DeMuro

Plaster, paint, and wire relief of a hand grasping an escaping bird, Bird in Hand by Mark DeMuro.

Self-Portrait by Maurice Grosser
Bomb 14 Mgrosser Body

Self-Portrait, lithograph, by Maurice Grosser.

Young Christ Jesus by David Walter McDermott & Mssrs. McDermott
Bomb 14 Mcdermott Body

Young Christ Jesus, oil on linen, by Mssrs. McDermott and McGough.

Flora by Ophrah Shemesh
Bomb 14 Shemesh Body

Oil on canvas painting, Flora by Ophrah Shemesh.

Black Slipping by Peter Blake
Article 724 14  Drake

Sanded, ink on paper work of a figure holding onto a galloping horse, Black Slipping by Peter Drake.

Two Drawings by Roberto Juarez
Bomb 14 Juarez1 Body

Two drawn interventions on art history texts, Donkey Head and Untitled by Roberto Juarez.

Two Photographs by Sarah Charlesworth
Bomb 14 Charlesworth2 Body

Two cibachrome prints of religious figures, Buddha and Madonna by Sarah Charlesworth.

Untitled Drawing by Stephen Hale
Bomb 14 Hale Body

Untitled graphite on paper drawing by Stephen Hale.

Two Photographs by Susan Unterberg
Bomb 14 Unterberg1 Body

Two photographic portraits, Self-Portrait and Mother Series by Susan Unterberg.

Knowledge from the Foreign Fields by Carl Apfelschnitt
14 Apfelschnitt Body

Painting by Carl Apfelschnitt, 1985, roplex and pigments on linen, 8 × 4 feet.

Theatrical by David Walter McDermott & Peter McGough
Mcdermott Mcgough 002 BOMB 14

Painting by David McDermott and Peter McGough, 1985, oil on linen, 8 × 5 feet.

The Nostalgia of the Infinite by Giorgio de Chirico
​Giorgio de Chirico Infinite

Painting by Giorgio de Chirico, 1913–14, 53 × 23½ inches.

The Rose Tower by Giorgio de Chirico
​Giorgio de Chirico Rose tower BOMB 14

Painting by Giorgio de Chirico, 1913, 29½ × 39½ inches.

Head of Apollo by Unknown Artists
14 Apollo Body

Early second-century Roman marble sculpture.

Ornament by Suzanne Joelson
Article 730  Bomb 14 Joelson

Acrylic painting, Ornament by Suzanne Joelson.

Sacre Coeur for Proinsias Stagg by Ann McCoy
Bomb 14 Mccoy1 Body

A piece featuring animal figures and ancient architecture, Sacre Coeur for Proinsias Staggby Ann McCoy.

Torso of an Ephebos
14 Torso Body

Second century Greco-Roman marble sculpture.

Two Photographs by Tom Drahos
Bomb 14 Drahos1 Body

Two untitled photographic prints of Rorschach-like images by Tom Drahos.

Blood of a Poet Box by Eleanor Antin
14 Antin Body

Photograph of Eleanor Antin’s artwork Blood of a Poet Box, 1965–68.

Portrait of Maurice Grosser by Virgil Thomson
Bomb 14 Vthomas Body

“Portrait” of artist Maurice Grosser in the form of sheet music by Virgil Thomson.

 The Seal of Life by Carl Apfelschnitt
Carl Apfelschnitt

Handmade paper with pigment, The Seal of Life by Carl Apfelschnitt.

Heads by Yves Oppenheim
Yves Oppenheim Bomb 14

Two terracotta sculptures of heads, Heads by Yves Oppenheim.

Two Drawings by Dan Asher
Bomb 14 Asher1 Body

Two oil pastel on canvas works, Bois Chenu (Jeanne La Pucelle) and Itzam Na T’UI by Dan Asher.

Two Drawings by Francesco Clemente
Bomb 14 Clemente1 Body

Two pastel works, Naso and Everything I Know by Francesco Clemente.

Two Paintings by George Condo
Bomb 14 Condo1 Body

Two oil on canvas paintings, The Two Wear Hats and Love Thyself by George Condo.

Two Photographs by Kate Simon
Bomb 14 Simon1 Body

Two photographs, Ethyl Eichelberger as Lucretia Borgia and Ann Magnuson as Mrs. Rambo by Kate Simon. Magnusons’ dress by Pilar Limosner and wig by Barry Hendrickson.