BOMB 131 Spring 2015

BOMB 131
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Rosa Barba by Joan Jonas

During a train ride from New York to Massachusetts, Rosa Barba and Joan Jonas exchanged thoughts on volcanoes, deserts, and poetry, on film versus video, and the layering of time and place in their works.

Barbara Kasten by Leslie Hewitt
Barbara Kasten 01

Kasten’s photographs capture the fleeting interplay of color, form, and light in the geometric objects she assembles. She spoke to Leslie Hewitt about the expansion of their shared medium.

Agnieszka Kurant by Sabine Russ
Agnieszka Kurant 01

Agnieszka Kurant’s interests include various forms of surplus, invisible entities, and the phantoms haunting capitalist production. Some of her projects involve crowdsourcing, others outsourcing to nonhuman species: think colonies of termites.

Soon-Mi Yoo by Paul Dallas
Soon-Mi Yoo 01

In her new film, Songs From the North, Soon-Mi Yoo mines the land of memory, and the dormant conflicts and sorrows that bind the people of North and South Korea.

Alejandro Zambra by Daniel Alarcón
Alejandro Zambra Bomb 131

The characters in Zambra’s stories and novels can’t help being impostors. Alarcón finds out why, on the occasion of the Chilean author’s recently published short-story collection, My Documents.

Tom McCarthy by Frederic Tuten
Tom McCarthy 01

Tom McCarthy could be considered a conceptual artist whose medium is fiction. His Satin Island is just out. Frederic Tuten, the British novelist’s counterpart on this side of the Atlantic, investigates the novel’s dizzyingly diverse sources.

Matana Roberts by Christopher Stackhouse
Matana Roberts 01

Saxophonist and composer Matana Roberts combines music, storytelling, and political activism. On the occasion of the release of Chapter Three in her ongoing Coin Coin series, Christopher Stackhouse prompts her to talk about her background and vision.

Artists on Artists
Samara Golden by Kristin Lucas
Golden 01

I went on a few adventures as a prompt for writing this response to Samara Golden’s The Flat Side of the Knife.

Christian Thompson by Sean Lowry
Thompson 01

Weaving fragmented histories into stylized atemporal surfaces, the work of Australian artist Christian Thompson gently conjures ghostly origins and seductively deepens viewer subjectivity.

Kevin Kline and Bruce Schultz by Zachary Lazar
Schultz 01

Perhaps nowhere in the world is the line between beauty and kitsch finer than it is in New Orleans.

First Proof
The Slanted Life of Emily Dickinson by Rosanna Bruno
Rosanna Bruno 01
Four Poems by Rae Armantrout

Imagine you’re trying

to locate a lost


by the way its pings

Making Tom (Return): Behind the Scenes by Jeffery Renard Allen

He is Tom at the same time that he is too preposterous to be Tom.

Night Ride by Colin Dickey

I had waited, who knows how long—a few minutes, or a half an hour—sitting under the blare of industrial fluorescents, until the bus finally arrived out of a low fog.

Ravalushan by Mohammed Naseehu Ali

The music we heard on our radios that morning was nothing new to our ears; it was what the soldiers played whenever they make a coup. 

Masses and Motets: Another Francesca Fruscella Mystery by Jeffrey DeShell

“I pray to God to rid me of God”



“Pray without ceasing.”

—Thessalonians I 5:17

Line and Light by Jeffrey Yang & Melissa McGill

Ceiling turned to sky / time to timelessness 

From “Without Looking” (After Magritte) by Kimiko Hahn

He holds a lantern at the end of her
driveway. I wouldn’t say lost so much as
condemned and disoriented.

Editor's Choice
James Mackay’s Derek Jarman Super 8 by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge
Derek Jarman
Margaret Morton’s Cities of the Dead: The Ancestral Cemeteries of Kyrgyzstan by Claudia Steinberg
Margaret Morton

Margaret Morton reports that on her first long drive through the mountains of Kyrgyzstan she was delighted when a skyline of minarets and domes appeared out of the silvery-blue, thin, stone-dry air, like a mirage.

César Aira’s The Musical Brain: And Other Stories by Ryan Chapman
Cesar Aira

César Aira’s first story collection to appear in the US follows the publication of ten short novels in nine years, all from New Directions.

Benny and Joshua Safdie’s Heaven Knows What by Sara Driver

I saw the stunning new film by the Safdie brothers, Heaven Knows What, at the New York Film Festival in 2014.

P. Inman’s Written: 1976–2013 by Ian Dreiblatt
P Inman

Inman is a realist of language’s tendency to become material: his poems exemplify the ways in which writing both preserves and interrupts language, and how it fluctuates in an ambivalent space between being a record of vanished speech and one of language’s living forms.

Seth Price’s Folklore U.S. by Ben Fama
150610273 03042015 Seth Price Bomb 131 Sm

Seth Price’s Folklore U.S. documents a series of installations and exhibitions stemming from his dOCUMENTA (13) contribution, which included the Folklore U.S. SS12 fashion show (with collaborator Tim Hamilton), an exhibition at Hauptbahnhof, and a series of shop windows and garments for sale at SinnLeffers.

Florentina Holzinger and Vincent Riebeek’s Kein Applaus Für Scheisse by Lauren Bakst
Holzinger Riebeck

I remember Florentina Holzinger’s first costume. It was an oversize, orange-dyed dress, a muumuu really. She was sitting in a chair center stage. A minute or so earlier, a high fan kick had revealed her lack of underwear. 

Renée Green’s Other Planes of There by Thom Donovan
Renee Green

Renée Green’s collection, Other Planes of There, which spans over twenty years of the artist’s career, holds an alluring sense of return for me, offering a kind of fossil record of an evolving debate among progressive artists and cultural critics.


BOMB Specific by Julie Ault