BOMB 13 Fall 1985

013 Fall 1985
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Tracers by Betsy Sussler
Chaves Caristi 01 Body

With the play Tracers, actors Richard Chaves, Vincent Caristi, and other Vietnam veterans use the theater as a mouth piece to play out their experiences of the war. Chaves and Caristi relate the realities of war and stage with Betsy Sussler.

David Salle by Georgia Marsh
Salle 03 Body

David Salle and Georgia Marsh touch upon the lines drawn between pornography and eroticism, penetration and degradation, and the “tender gesture” of drawing.

First Proof
Three Poems by Mary Anne Cartelli

This article is only available in print.

Loudon Raceway by Tama Janowitz

The next day was the day we had arranged to go to the races in Loudon, New Hampshire. 

A Ghost Eye View of an American Myth: John Huston by Tina L'Hotsky
John Huston 001

Everyone was waiting for the paint to dry. 

A Handful of Anomalies by Coleman Dowell
Alan Scarritt 001

I have never abided by a clear logic and so I had my nervous breakdown before and not after I met David Merrick. 

To The Blue Wall by David Rattray
Pam Glick 001

At 20 my cheeks glowed
Just thinking heaven held
Things so beautiful
They gave me nightmares.

Epilogue (for David Salle) by Dennis Cooper
Dennis Cooper 001

This piece is haunted like an old house. 

Five Poems by George Gott
Doreen McCarthy 001

The Morning Walk

My dog turned to me

Rooms by Jane Warrick
​Michelle Zalopany 001

I have a friend, Que, who lives here with me. 

On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine by Mark Magill & Jill Godmilow

In 1907 Pablo Picasso painted what is now a very well known portrait of Gertrude Stein. 

In Memory of Coleman Dowell, 1925–1985
13 Dowell Body
St. Cloud by Eugène Atget
Bomb 13 Atget 001 Body

Eugène Atget, St. Cloud, black and white photograph,1926 (cat. 94).

An American Landscape by Moira Dryer
Article 700  Bomb 13  Dryer 001

Casein on wood, An American Landscape by Moira Dryer.

Finder by Pam Glick
Pam Glick 001

Oil painting by Pam Glick.

Two Works by Stephen Kramer
Bomb 13 Kramer 001 Body

Mixed media piece, Imitation of Man, and a colored pencil drawing, The Ghost of My Guatemalan Grandmother by Stephen Kramer.

Untitled Photograph by Dawoud Bey
Untitled photograph by Dawoud Bey
Could Hardly by Doreen McCarthy
Doreen McCarthy 001

Acrylic painting, Could Hardly by Doreen McCarthy.

Two Photographs by Jan Groover
Bomb 13 Groover 001 Body

Two untitled palladium platinum prints by Jan Groover.

Two Drawings by John Newman
John Newman 01

Two drawings with graphite, oil stick, chalk and pencil, Untitled and Shop Drawing for Character Armor by John Newman.

A.D. by Alan Scarritt
Alan Scarritt 001

Fingerpaint, spray paint, enamel, and magnetic tape on rag paper, A.D. by Alan Scarritt.

Freedom of Speech by Katie Martin
Bomb 13 Martin 001 Body

Abstract gouache and watercolor on handmade paper, Freedom of Speech by Katie Martin.

John and Anna, Essay: Marathon Hotel, July 1982 by Alexandra Avakian
Bomb 13 Avakian 001 Body

Two photographic spreads, John and Anna, Essay: Marathon Hotel, July 1982 and Carlito and Bottle, Essay: Welfare Mother, November 1984 by Alexandra Avakian.

Two Sculptures by Mel Kendrick
Mel Kendrick 001

Two sculptures, Bronze/Poplar Burnout and Black and White Bronze with Holes by Mel Kendrick

Four Paintings by Alfred Leslie
Alfred Leslie 13 62 1 Body

Four watercolors of natural landscapes, 1977–81, Drive-in Movie, Santa Barbara, CaliforniaRocky Beach, Santa Barbara, California; and Full Moon and Rising Sun Near Tulsa, Oklahoma by Alfred Leslie.

Four Works by Andrew Lord
Bomb 13 Lord 001 Body

Two drawings, Working Drawing and Jug and Dish, and two earthenware jug and dish sets by Andrew Lord.

Two Paintings by Michael Robbins
Bomb 13 Robbins 001 Body

Two oil on canvas paintings, Mexican Twilight and a detail of My Father in Mexico by Michael Robbins.

Morning Painting Exercises by Michael Tetherow
Bomb 13 Tethrow 001 Body

Two works on paper, Morning Painting Exercises by Michael Tetherow.

Two Paintings by Carroll Dunham
Carol Dunham 01

Two abstract works utilizing casein, flashe, casein emulsion, carbon transfer, carbon pencil, pencil, ink and linen tape on pine, Untitled and Untitled Drawing by Carroll Dunham.

Acedia by Michele Zalopany
​Michelle Zalopany 001

Charcoal and pastel drawing on paper, Acedia by Michelle Zalopany.