BOMB 126 Winter 2014

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Amie Siegel by Lynn Hershman Leeson

On Siegel’s film Provenance and its insertion into the global circuit of art and design objects.

Leonardo Padura by Oscar Hijuelos
Hijuelos 2001 1000

Cuba’s detective-fiction author spins an epic tale on Trotsky and his assassin in The Man Who Loved Dogs.

Phyllida Barlow & Vincent Fecteau
Barlow Fecteau 2001 1000

On sculpture’s theatricality and refusal to be imaged. 

Kai Althoff by David Grubbs
Althoff 2001 849

Althoff engages multiple art modes—from painting to making music, as a band member of Workshop and under the pseudonym Fanal.

Dodie Bellamy by David Buuck
Bellamy 1000

The author of Cunt Norton and the forthcoming TV Sutras on how to mess with the poetry canon.

Edwidge Danticat by Garnette Cadogan
Danticat 2001 1000

Claire of the Sea Light and the mysteries the ancestors share.

Hans Witschi by Zipora Fried
Witschi 2001 1000

Zipora Fried talks with Witschi about the intricate methodology that inspires his paintings, his digital image archive, and his musical notation.

First Proof
The Princesses of Japantown by Aja Gabel

The winter after our father and Kenny died, my sister decided she was going to be the Cherry Blossom Queen of Japantown. 

The Aluminum Piece by Michael Baptist

Winner of BOMB’s 2013 Fiction Contest, judged by Ben Marcus.

Three Poems by Paul Hlava

We’re losing time
like drunk pirates who 
wake in a rowboat

Paler Gray Uncomposed Book / Also Scored Greta Thurstan by Gregoire Pam Dick

My metallic body pale green like the death of underpainting / leprous corrosion of rosy / skin

From “The Falls” by Craig Dworkin

The streets, the falls. / The trewes, the gifts, the gavels. / The coming down, the first part.

Untitled and Diario Noº 1 Año 1 by Mirtha Dermisache
Mirtha Dermisache 01
Three Stories by Eduard Màrquez

With the intention of writing another of those works that belong to the ineffable category of the latest literary revelations, Nonici Murla brushes everything aside and begins to toil without interruption on his first book, a novelized biography of Gottfried von Gennrich, sorcerer in the service of Henri I, ”The Fowler.”

Artists on Artists
Raha Raissnia by Jeanne Liotta
Raissnia 1

They say that stolen fruit is the sweetest.

Jon Pestoni by Joanne Greenbaum
Pestoni 1

How do I write on another painter without the jargon or obscure art-speak? I have no idea.

Elana Herzog by Brenda Coultas
Herzog 1

The making and tearing away of wholes. Dissolving the made or not yet made, we find ourselves in this place, a loft in the old-school fashion. 

Editor's Choice
William Kentridge: Fortuna by Nell McClister
William Kentridge Studio

The primary challenge of any William Kentridge monograph might seem to be getting images on the page to represent the South African artist’s oeuvre, which spans performance by puppets and opera singers, immersive film installations, stereoscopic and anamorphic drawings, crank-activated kinetic sculptures that play music (recently on view at Marian Goodman in New York), and virtuosic charcoal-on-paper animations. 

Janine Antoni’s Within by Scott Turri
Janine Antoni 1

In Janine Antoni’s Within, the interplay of the industrial with the organic acts as a metaphor for the building of a human.

Landscape Futures: Instruments, Devices and Architectural Inventions by Emily Gordon
Alexander Graham Bell

A swarm of biotechnological robot drones defends a fragile Eden from invasive species. The Earth’s hydrology cycles through a vast suspended infrastructure; 2,000 synchronized parts dance for droughts, rains, and floods.

Norte, The End of History by Alan Felsenthal

Lav Diaz’s film could have been longer. A lot of people online seem to be troubled by its length of over four hours, but from my vantage point near the back of the theater, almost everyone at the 51st New York Film Festival’s nearly full showing on a Sunday morning stayed seated the entire time. 

I am the Center: Private Issue New Age Music in America, 1950–1990 by Dustin Wong

There were three. One was holding a cup full of his own semen; another, a burnt branch of sage; and the other, a solid block of quartz. Their intentions weren’t congealing as intended. This hasn’t been done before, a portal to another realm, another time, another space.

Aheym by Elliott Sharp

It was not so long ago and not so far back in the last century that the minimalist composers were the “bad boys” of modern music. 

En Atendant and Cesena by Lauren Bakst
​Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker

I’m sitting in the BAM Opera House among the rustling of bodies settling into their seats when the lights suddenly cut out.

Damnation by Christine Wertheim
Wertheim 1000

“To a small village, at the end of winter, comes a mysterious package addressed to no one.” Thus begins Damnation, Janice’s Lee’s new novella. 

Casa de Lava: Scrapbook by Tânia Cypriano
Cypriano 2001 201000

While filming, Pedro Costa met people there who led him to Fontainhas, a now-vanished slum on the outskirts of Lisbon where many Cape Verdean immigrants used to live. Even as it was being torn down, this place became the location and actual subject of Costa’s future projects.


BOMB Specific: Dear David: An Exchange by David Geers & Peter Rostovsky

Great to see you as always. A few questions came to me, typically after all was said and done. I thought I’d send them over while our very interesting conversation was still fresh in my mind.

1000Drawing Project by Akira Horikawa
Horikawa 2001 1000