BOMB 121 Fall 2012

BOMB 121
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Miguel Gutierrez by Ishmael Houston-Jones

“It’s important to create these limitations around time or how we show ‘approval’ for what someone has done beyond ego-feeding propositions and without creating a pecking order in the classes. Who am I, even as the teacher, to decide whose work is good or not?”

Haim Steinbach by Peter Schwenger
417605715 02242015 Haim Steinbach 1 Body

“We are conditioned, we have invented tools for ourselves to function in a more immediate and direct way without having to think about it too much—we sometimes forget to stop and ask ourselves: What are we looking at?”

Amy Herzog by Carolyn Cantor
Herzog 1 Body

“I went through a period in my twenties when I really resented the pressure to be happy that I felt from my parents and from the world at large, because aspiring to be happy doesn’t always lead to the most interesting life.”

Six Organs of Admittance by Richard Bishop
Chasny Body

“We wanted to do something that was the opposite of what people would expect.”

Susanna Moore by Kurt Andersen
Susanna Moore Bw Body

“Crises always present a moral dilemma—how are we to behave virtuously, and still manage to survive?”

Jaime Manrique by Edith Grossman
Jaime Manrique By Ra L Jalube Body

“The tragedy of imperialism is that its dehumanizing machinery disrupts the cultures of the colonized. That’s why after imperial powers conquer a nation it sometimes takes centuries for the conquered to create cohesive civilizations again and to regain their identity.”

Lucy Raven by Jason Simon
Lr Rpx 2 Body

“The traditional economies of film are a little more transparent, right? Like at the movie theater, you buy a ticket, and you have a sense of the way film production happens. But that whole apparatus is invisible in an art context.”

Josiah McElheny by Gregg Bordowitz
Mcelheny 1 Body

“History has shown that universalism is a step away from totalitarianism—a deadly kind of erasure that I find horrifying. The fear of fascism undermines my sensuous relationship to those things. I often wonder, are there any other alternative aesthetics?”

First Proof

Five Poems by Pedro Serrano

The Death of Narcissus

Narcissus did not drown.

Four Poems by Daniel Poppick

Winner of BOMB’s 2012 Poetry Contest, selected by Ben Lerner.

Two Poems by Calvin Bedient

Whose Day?

My morrow died in (my (shotgun; my tongue when it

The Giant Baby by Laurie Foos

This First Proof contains the short story, “The Giant Baby,” by Laurie Foos.

Kixote Becomes Kixote by Charlie Smith

You might ask why did Jack turn his attention to killers?

Suzanne Scanlon by Kate Zambreno
Suzanne Scanlon 1

Index as fiction, mess as virtue.

Ben Ehrenreich by Samuel Bing
Ben Ehrenreich

In part two of a two part conversation. Ben Ehrenreich and Samuel Bing discuss and Ehrenreich’s new novel Ether. Read part one here.

Portfolio by Anne GIlman
​Anne Gilman 01

“Observations, errors, + corrections” is a series of drawings I began in 2009 based on observations of the environments or situations I find myself in. 

Portfolio by Barney Kulok
Bk Box Body

Katie Bell by John O'Connor

For the past year I’ve worked in a studio adjacent to Katie Bell’s, at the Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation. 

Wendy White by EJ Hauser
White 4 Body

In Chinatown, NYC, where Wendy White lives, new signs go up over outdated signs, new awnings are installed over old ones, graffiti is painted over, windows become walls, additions are built, architecture is modified, buildings disappear … White has become a connoisseur of these visual shifts.

Catherine Howe by Madeline Weinrib
Howe 3 Body

During the 1990s, Catherine Howe and I were painters in the same downtown studio building at the edge of the West Side Highway and frequent visitors to each other’s work space. 

BOMB Specific by EJ Hauser

These photos were taken between 2008 and 2012. I selected photos of paintings, of drawings, of notebooks—informal curations.