BOMB 12 Spring 1985

012 Spring Summer 1985
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Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn by David Seidner
Fonssagrives Penn 03 Body

Fashion icon Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn discusses her long artistic career as a dancer, model, photographer, designer, and sculptor.

Dario Fo by Matthew Fleury
Fo 01 Body

From his home in Milan, Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo hosts Matthew Fleury and speaks of the challenges that a life of uncompromising activist playwriting have brought him and his wife, and oftentimes collaborator, Franca Rame.

Raymond Voinquel by Samia Saouma
Voinquel 01 Body

Raymond Voinquel’s cinematic style pushed the envelope of fashion photography. Collaborating with writers and directors, he found a scale to match his vision of style on the big screen.

Bruce Weber by Rosemary Carroll
Weber02 Body

Bruce Weber’s photographs of “beautiful” young people bring up questions of cruelty, exhibitionism and the exposure of sexuality. Rosemary Carroll explores how public response to Weber’s work affects his own perspective.

Cindy Sherman by Betsy Sussler
Sherman 01

Cindy Sherman’s earliest photographic work displayed her posed tauntingly in sets. Mimicry, mostly of ’50s and ’60s film, they anticipated a voyeuristic response.

First Proof
S.O.F by Roberto Vargas

Soldiers of “Fortune”
Never believe magazine

Bluefields by María Gallo

Long river, long, long,

A Star Is Needed To Get To Heaven by César Young Nuñez

My mother told me, be a good angel

Momotombo by Charles Tarzian

In the valley
mists of rain,
volcano spume,

A Note To The Readers (More Pleasure Than Work) by Joseph Kosuth
Joseph Kosuth 001
Contra-Dictions by Roland Legiardi-Laura

Managua and the South Bronx
are very desirable pieces of

Remembrance And Elegy For A Sailor by Claudia Lars

“Does my voice not reach you, are you not haunted
by its somber testimony?”

Smoke Defines Light: A Fiction with Tarot Readings by Jane Nelson by Craig Gholson
Sarah Wells 001

His end begins here.

If Faust Had Been My Daughter by Shelley Berc
​Louis Renzoni 001

being your daughter
never gave me kite wings.

Two Stories by Victor Montejo
At War by Victoria Redel
​Gretchen Bender 001
Two Poems by Francisco Arteaga


With a song

El Chupadero by Zoë Anglesey

Before bird whistles break the pre-dawn silence,

The Front by Gina María Caruso
Two Poems by Isabel de los Ángeles Ruano

The Banished

Today I visited a deserted cemetery,

Notes for a Love Story that Never Was by Jacinta Escudos

8:30 p.m. 
Allow me to write you. 

The Lilac with Mastering Odor by Jeanne Larson
Ralph Eugene Meatyard 001

When the blades of knives failed her, she turned quite naturally to the razor’s edge. 

Elegy by José Luis Quesada

They fell,
they fell softly

Three Poems by Alejandro Bravo

It is / the sacrificial night, / drums and / frenetic dancing, / calls to spirits.

Seizure by Kimiko Hahn

In Nicaragua / old women / mobilize with sticks and boiling water / again.

Haunted Houses by Lynne Tillman

Mark read aloud from his notebook: Once I was in a sentimental hospital. 

Three Poems by Alexis Ramírez

In reality the degree of cross-eyedness Columbus suffered isn’t important.

Pamphlet by Alfonso Quijada Urías

I sometimes wind up fleeing the page before me / fleeing like an animal on whom hunters have closed in

Il 4 luglio, 1924 by Marguerite Feitlowitz

Her hair in the roses, her fingers combing the dirt, in the gray before sunrise Lena was singing.

Two Poems by Mauricio Marquina

The Word is All I Need

My friends:

The Moment of Passion by Ana Istarú

This wedding night
I am my balcony.
Window I am

1954 by Arturo Arias
Armando Morales 01

Little baby carriage. // Baby. / Welts.

If Death … by Miguel Huezo Mixco
Talking To Himself by Benjamín Ramón

He got on the bus (yes, it was him) and I

The Chief by Quince Duncan

The reflection of light rose from the bottom of the glass and glimmered in Fernando’s eyes. He looked up and at his men.

If I Were May by Carlos Rigby

If every day of the calendar
was sing-sing-sing my love

Two Poems by Reyes Gilberto Arévalo

Everything About Love is Subversive

A Possible Account by Rigoberto Paredes
Two Poems by Roberto Obregon

We cannot start the fire

Three Photographs by Deborah Turbeville
Bomb 12 Turbeville1 Body

Three photographs by Deborah Turbeville, Boots for Stern Magazine, unpublished, 1977; Aurelia & Isabelle Weingarten, Musee Picasso; and photo for Italian Vogue—by Deborah Turbeville. 

Revenge of the Nerds by Gretchen Bender
​Gretchen Bender 001
Gene Meatyard by Guy Mendes
Bomb 12 Meatyard2 Body

Photograph of Ralph Eugene Meatyard by Guy Mendes.

Cowboy Hat (autoportrait from A.H. Series) by Jimmy DeSana
12 Desana Body

Photograph, Cowboy Hat (autoportrait from A.H. Series) by Jimmy DeSana.

Untitled (Falling Woman) by Louis Renzoni
​Louis Renzoni 001

Oil paint on canvas, Untitled (Woman Falling) by Louis Renzoni.

Equation for Mettropposttersizer by Rammellzee

Abstract cosmic scene created with spray enamel and marker on a board, Equation for Mettropposttersizer by Rammellzee.

Untitled Photograph by Sarah Wells
Sarah Wells 001
HAI DUC by Troy Tecau
Bomb 12 Tecau Body

Mixed media piece, HAI DUC by Troy Tecau. 

Social Studies by William Coupon
Bomb 12 Coupon1 Body

Three portrait photographs Berber, Tamtatouchte, MoroccoElder Druse, Isfiya, Israel; and Haitians, Jacmel, Haiti from the Social Studies series by William Coupon. 

Girl Observing the Moon by Armando Morales
Article 635  Bomb 12 Morales

Oil on canvas painting, Girl Observing the Moon by Armando Morales.

Two Photographs by Erwin Blumenfeld
Bomb 12 Blumenfeld1 Body

Two photographs, Untitled and Dayton Advertisement by Blumenfeld.

Two Photographs by David Seidner
Bomb 12 Seidner 01 Body