BOMB 118 Winter 2012

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Jimmie Durham by Manuel Cirauqui

I met Jimmie Durham the day after the opening of his retrospective at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris in February of 2009. 

John Miller by Liam Gillick
Miller 1

John Miller and Liam Gillick talk about repurposing painting, conceptualism, and reality TV.

Suzanne McClelland by Barry Schwabsky
Mcclelland 3

Painter Suzanne McClelland discusses visual acoustics, marginal language and musical references with poet Barry Schwabsky.

Paul La Farge and Peter Orner
Lafarge Orner

The authors ponder the implication of immersing fiction in place—Chicago in the case of Orner’s new novel Love and Shame and Love—and non-place, as in the hypertext that accompanies La Farge’s new novel, Luminous Airplanes.

Yang Fudong by Li Zhenhua
Fudong 3

Yang Fudong, known for his his elegant, puzzle-like films, speaks with curator Li Zhenhua about his latest project The Fifth Night.

Radiohole by Barbara Browning
Radiohole 3 Body

Members of the downtown theater company share their commonalities with Occupy Wall Street and ideas on alternate uses for plastic bags.

First Proof

An Army of Lovers by Juliana Spahr & David Buuck

We work too hard
We’re too tired
to fall in love.

Four Poems by Tim Griffin


His final play was never performed
during his life, but shortly after

Five Poems by Kirsten Kaschock

This First Proof contains five poems by Kirsten Kaschock.

Wild Before Winter by Romulus Linney
Romulus Linney 01
The Flame Alphabet by Ben Marcus

We left on a school day, so Esther wouldn’t see us.

Label by Sean Madigan Hoen
Winner of the 2011 BOMB Fiction Prize,
Judged by Rivka Galchen
Portfolio by Jimmy Raskin
Raskin 01
Portfolio by Bjorn Copeland
​Bjorn Copeland 1

Jennie C. Jones by Stephen Vitiello

Jennie C. Jones’s art reflects on the cultures of sound and music in a visual context. In recent years, she has presented cerebral and imaginative responses to what she calls “the physical residue of music,” using strips of audiotape, bits of wire, instrument cables, cassette casings, or handfuls of earbuds

Tamara Zahaykevich by B. Wurtz
4 Harry Goody Body

Mies van der Rohe’s statement “God is in the details” came to mind recently as I was thinking about Tamara Zahaykevich’s work.

BOMB Specific by Peter Fend
Bomb 118 Fend01

In 1982, BOMB Magazine published images of my ocean-basin mapping along with a letter sent on July 7, 1981 to the director of the Iraqi Mission to the United Nations.