BOMB 115 Spring 2011

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Joe Fyfe by Josh Blackwell

Joe Fyfe tells painter Josh Blackwell about his involvement in abstraction as a by-product of loss and the wabi-sabi discovered on his travels to Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.

Katharina Grosse by Ati Maier
Grosse 01

I enter Katharina Grosse’s latest installation at MASS MoCA and I am awed by the sheer dimension of the piece and by the intensity of the encounter.

Luis Camnitzer by Alejandro Cesarco
Luis-Camnitzers This Is A Mirror You Are A Written Sentence Body
Jim Shepard by Christie Hodgen
Jim Shepard

In the ambitious stories in Shepard’s latest collection, You Think That’s Bad, psychological insight is derived from the characters’ exposure to extreme duress. Shepard discusses his short stories with fiction writer Christie Hodgen.

Thomas Pletzinger by Sufjan Stevens
Thomas Pletzinger 1

Writer Thomas Pletzinger and New York-musician Sufjan Stevens on life on the road, their favorite brooklyn haunts, and Pletzinger’s novel Funeral for a Dog.

Sebastián Silva by Christian Viveros-Fauné
The Maid

Sebastián Silva’s highly realistic films are also thrillers. Set in Chile and performed by ensemble casts who replicate their counterparts in life with stunning veracity, his latest film, Old Cats, opens in New York this spring.

Robert Wyatt by Shadia Mansour
Robert Wyatt

Musician and composer Robert Wyatt, renowned for his vocals and complex blends of pop, jazz, and world music, bridges the generation gap with the emerging “first lady of Arabic hip-hop” Shadia Mansour.

Sibyl Kempson by Kristen Kosmas
Sibyl Kempson

The two playwrights and performers on the drawbacks of being in constant production mode versus the pleasures of, and requirements for, the incubation of plays: a dose of folly and wonderment.

First Proof

A Stroll through Literature by Roberto Bolaño

This First Proof contains an excerpt from A Stroll through Literature, by Roberto Bolaño, translated by Laura Healy. 

Abandon Normal Instruments by Deb Olin Unferth

Inspired by a card in Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt’s 1975 deck of cards titled Oblique Strategies: Over One Hundred Worthwhile Dilemmas.

Parable of the Birds by Paul Maliszewski

The man was doing chores when he noticed the first baby bird. His little boy was with him, in his arms, held against his hip.

The Color of Night by Madison Smartt Bell

This First Proof contains an excerpt from The Color of Night, by Madison Smartt Bell.

Four Poems by Rebecca Wolff

This First Proof contains four poems by Rebecca Wolff.

Three Poems by John Tranter

This First Proof contains three poems by John Tranter.

Jorge Queiroz by Emilie Clark
1 Jq 10413 Body

I zoom in on two of Jorge Queiroz’s drawings and think: vignettes gone awry, stories within stories, eyes and eyeballs looking in, inviting in. My eyes are drawn to the two graphic circles in the upper right of the first Untitled from 2010. 

Artists on Artists

Erik Moskowitz & Amanda Trager by ​Craig Kalpakjian

Check out two exclusive videos from the collaborative artists and then read their discussion with Craig Kalpakjian, featured in Issue 115.

Jorge Queiroz by Emilie Clark
1 Jq 10413 Body

I zoom in on two of Jorge Queiroz’s drawings and think: vignettes gone awry, stories within stories, eyes and eyeballs looking in, inviting in. My eyes are drawn to the two graphic circles in the upper right of the first Untitled from 2010. 

Rona Yefman by michel auder
Tent 300 Bomb 12X8 Body

Uncanny, maybe. Troublemakers for sure. Between reality and fiction, Rona Yefman’s Let It Bleed brings us the flawless collaboration between photographer and actor, in this case, the artist and her sibling Gil. 

BOMB Specific

Michelle Segre by Huma Bhabha

I have been fortunate to have such a relationship with Michelle Segre and her work—from collages of gangs of legs cut from comic book pages, gnawed alien-bone mobiles, and giant pieces of moldy bread and larger-than-life mushrooms recalling the soft sculptures of Claes Oldenburg, right up to her current work.

Editor's Choice

Foxtrot Echo Lima Tango: A Fanzine about Felt & Co. by Clinton Krute

In homage to ’80s cult band Felt, artists Christian Flamm and Mike Sperlinger crafted an encompassing, investigative fanzine of a book.

Hervé Le Tellier’s Enough about Love and The Sextine Chapel by Lee Ann Brown
​Hervé Le Tellier 01

Hervé Le Tellier’s two recent works, Enough About Love and The Sextine Chapel, present an intellectual, geometrically woven, and wholly stimulating take on erotic-lit.

Sic Alps’s Napa Asylum by Elisa Ambrogio
Sic Alps 01

Sic Alps’ most recent album, Napa Asylum, is made up of the degenerate splendors of rock n’ roll—boxed wine, being broke, life on the road.

Danzig Baldaev’s Drawings from the Gulag by John Reed
Danzig Baldaev 01

Danzig Baldaev, hired by the KGB to document tattoo symbolism within the Russian penal system, secretly sketched the atrocities inflicted on political prisoners. The drawings are now published in Drawings from the Gulag.

Zoe Leonard: You see I am here after all by Marc Joseph Berg
Zoe Leonard 01

Zoe Leonard: You see I am here after all (2008) documents the artist’s two-and-a-half year Dia installation while expanding upon the art of mechanical reproduction.

Francine Prose’s My New American Life by Simon Van Booy
Francine Prose 01

Francine Prose’s novel, My New American Life, explores the story of Lula, an Albanian immigrant hired to nanny a motherless, morose teenage boy in the middle of the Bush/Cheney years.

Radical Light. Alternative Film and Video in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1945–2000 by Lucy Raven
Radical Light 01

Radical Light recounts the sprawling stories and diverse trajectories of Bay Area avant-garde artists, who formed an experimental cultural landscape through film and video.