BOMB 113 Fall 2010

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Mika Rottenberg by Judith Hudson

Artist Rottenberg builds mini-factories for her video sets, where fetish workers produce elemental products such as lemon-scented sweat and maraschino cherries. Her work is up at Mary Boone through 12/18.

Thomas Hirschhorn by Abraham Cruzvillegas
Hirschhorn 01

Hirschhorn’s site-specific, hyper-saturated installations enjoy what he calls “wastefulness as a tool or weapon.”

David Toop by Keith Connolly
David Toop By Robin Parmar

No-Neck Blues Band’s Keith Connolly queried David Toop on inchoate listening, eavesdropping, and the uncanny—as contemplated in Toop’s new book, Sinister Resonance: The Mediumship of the Listener. From the current issue, BOMB 113, Fall 2010.

Adam Phillips by Sameer Padania
Phillips Adam

With human-rights activist Sameer Padania, British psychoanalyst and prolific essayist Adam Phillips free-associates on topics addressed in his new collection, On Balance: fundamentalism, excess, and the shortcomings of liberalism.

Fred Tomaselli by David Shields

Shields, author of the much-debated book on appropriation, Reality Hunger: A Manifesto, used the epistolary method, via email, to discuss the influence of California’s counterculture on Tomaselli’s visionary paintings.

Charlie Smith by John Reed
Charlie Smith 01

Charlie Smith’s latest novel, Three Delays, is an account of the partings and reconciliations of two lovers on the fringes of the American mainstream. In the course of their conversation, Reed and Smith agree on one point: redemption is an illusion.

Charline Von Heyl by Shirley Kaneda
Charline Von Heyl 1

I first came across Charline von Heyl’s paintings in the mid-’90s. She had moved to New York from Germany in 1994, having had her first New York solo show at Friedrich Petzel Gallery.

Jan Lauwers by Elizabeth LeCompte
​The Deer House 1

Belgian director and playwright Jan Lauwers of Needcompany in discussion with fellow dramatist Elizabeth LeCompte of The Wooster Group on the parallel lives of their respective companies and the upcoming performance of The Deer House at BAM.

First Proof

Portfolio by Judith Hudson

Dying Is All I Think About by Alissa Nutting

I once fell in love with a cannibal on the subway.

Four Poems by Patricia Spears Jones

My chest is angry. Tight enough to bounce

Half-Life by Mark Slouka

There’s a place past breathing, I’ve heard somewhere, discovered by deep-sea divers who swim ten stories down on a lungful of air. 

i am writing to inform you of what i am doing by Christian Hawkey
113 Fp Hawkey 01 Body

hello. i am writing to inform you of what i am currently doing. 

Endurance by Steve Tomasula

Right after she slammed the door, he received through the mail slot—yes, it was definitely addressed to him—an offer to buy a cemetery plot.

Drawings from 21 Love Poems and The Fried Tale (London Zoo) by Caroline Bergvall
Bergvall 01

All juicit with an arseful of moola, wonga, clams & squids

Artists on Artists

Michael Ballou by William Corwin

Michael Ballou distrusts traditional art world classifications. His work is practical art; it follows his frank, literal, and can-do attitude of the Midwest, though often at the core of that onion is an idea so fleeting and spontaneous that a long contorted story involving a cast of dozens is the only explanation.

Monika Baer by Laura Bruce
Article 3644 2  Mb  Kleine Spritztour 2001

Looking at Monika Baer’s drawings and her bare but lush paintings, I was reminded of how a motif’s treatment depends on the artist’s dual perspective of familiarity and detachment, which led me to think of the “first landscape,” the one we encountered as children. 

Patricia Esquivias by Manuela Moscoso
Rltpgroup2 Body

By engaging in storytelling, Patricia Esquivias utilizes narrations to re-signify situations and events filtered through her own individual and particular viewpoints.


BOMB Specific by Curtis Mitchell

Jarvis Cocker, of Pulp, once told me: “During my accident, I remember hanging from the window ledge and thinking, this is actually a dramatic situation, but it doesn’t seem dramatic.”

The Wick by Dread Scott
113 Wick Body
Editor's Choice

Jameson Ellis’s Improved M16 Prototype #1 by Zachary Lazar

After designing and building what he regards as an improved M16 in his studio, Jameson Ellis reduced the act of firing a gun to “pure functionality” at the Salomon Contemporary.

Gaspar Noé’s Enter the Void by Lena Valencia
Enter The Void 01

Gaspar Noé’s new film is a psychedelic experience of Tokyo shown through the eyes of the deceased protagonist.

Frédrique Bergholtz and Iberia Pérez’s (Mis)Reading Masquerades by Christopher Stackhouse
6  Masquerades 01

A collection of essays examining the cultural, social and political manifestations of both literal and metaphorical masquerade.

Inner Views, Zwelethu Mthethwa, Studio Museum in Harlem by Patricia Spears Jones
Zwelethu Mthethwa 01

An exhibition of photographs from three series, exploring absence, decomposition and dislocation. Shot in Cape Town and New Orleans, subjects vary from migrants in their intimate spaces, empty beds, and ruined houses.

Brandon Downing’s Lake Antiquity by Ben Mirov
Brandon Downing 01

Ben Mirov on Brandon Downing’s collaged poetry collection Lake Antiquity.

The Books’s The Way Out by Peter Moysaenko
The Books 01

The Way Out is a joyful record, deftly using a miscellany of samples to create experimental, engrossing music.

Endless Boogie’s Full House Head by Clinton Krute
Endless Boogie 01

Full House Head presents mind-numbingly blissful tracks, and uses repeated riffs to create a long, loud, monolithic album.

Josiah McElheny’s The Light Club and A Prism by Sabine Russ
Josiah McElheny 01

The artist Josiah McElheny has published two books that display his collaboration with artists, scholars, scientists and creative writers, offering a multitude of voices, speculations, fictions, and facts.

Justin Spring’s Secret Historian: The Life and Times of Samuel Steward, Professor, Tattoo Artist, and Sexual Renegade by Jason Bauman
Justin Spring 01

Justin Spring weaves a revealing biography of Samuel M. Steward, the novelist and professor who had hidden identities as a tattoo artist and pornographer.

Frederic Tuten’s Self Portraits: Fictions by Thomas Bolt
Frederic Tuten 01

Frederic Tuten’s collection of short fiction paints a world in motion. A sensitive crafting of characters and scenes reveals the adeptness of the writer of five novels.

The Art of McSweeney’s by Paul W. Morris
McSweeneys 01

A compilation of text, photographs, illustrations and diagrams, The Art of McSweeney’sdocuments the history of the unique publisher as it rose from its precarious position as a hawker of rejected stories.

Wacky Packages New New New by Nick Stillman
Stillman 01

A more brutal pop-art sensibility was taken up by the artists who designed the decals sold by the Topps Company’s Wacky Packs in the late ’60s.

John Phillip Santos’s The Farthest Home Is in an Empire of Fire: A Tejano Elegy by Callie Enlow
John Philip Santos 01

In John Phillp Santos’ tale of his families origins from Spain, he sets out on a quest to discover his heritage and explores the human fascination with borders.