BOMB 111 Spring 2010

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Guy Ben-Ner by Thom Donovan

“The stage allows an output of energies we don’t let out in life; fiction becomes the means for truth to appear in a way no documentary can.”

Patricia Clarkson by Howard Altmann
Clarkson1 Body

“For me, acting is intimacy. The best actors are very revealing when they act.”

Sam Lipsyte by Christopher Sorrentino
Sam Lipsyte Body

This interview is featured, along with thirty-four others, in our anthology BOMB: The Author Interviews.

Edgar Arceneaux, Charles Gaines & Rick Lowe
Whp 2B Copy Body
David Sylvian by Keith Rowe
Sylvan 1 Body

“The subject of my voice is difficult for me to get into; it’s far too subjective.”

Carlos Reygadas by Jose Castillo
Serenghetti Copy Body

“In this sense, cinema is the art of reality, the medium in which reality’s beauty is captured, where you can film marble or a face, or record someone’s voice, a sunset, the innate beauty of what you’re contemplating.”

T.J. Wilcox by Anne Collier
The Funeral  Copy Body

“I think interesting art is tangible evidence of people who have a great commitment to their own sense of the world. They’re trying to make sense of their own fantasies, drives, desires.”

Charles Bernstein by Jay Sanders
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“My work is bricolage. I do what I like at any given time.”

First Proof

May by Simon Lane

It is perfectly still here.

Three Poems by Kimiko Hahn

Big Feathered Hats

worn by women a century ago

An Occurrence at Bernal Dwellings by Scott Winokur

Winner of BOMB’s Fiction Contest, judged by Jonathan Lethem. 

Five Poems by Max Blagg

Two huts on the tundra,
one inhabited by well-scrubbed boy scouts,
the other by drunkards trying to get clean
in a lonely place

Black Ice by Joshua Furst

I’d called you from the road, from some rest stop just over the Jersey line, to explain there’d been freezing rain through the mountains in Pennsylvania and everybody was doing 50, 

Two Poems by Bill Berkson

A woman has fallen the museum guard
Tells us in a light blue turban plus dark suit
And tie required of all the Getty guards

Excerpt from Netsuke: A Novel by Rikki Ducornet
Ducornet 01

A psychoanalyst interacts with three people: his wife, Akiko, and two patients: Kat, whom he also calls The Cutter, and David Swancourt. He receives these patients in his new office, Spells.

Artists on Artists

Alex Hubbard by Josef Strau

Once, late at night after an opening, I somehow lost the tracks of the conversations around me so completely that I convinced myself it was time to ask frank and direct questions. Alex Hubbard was sitting next to me, and I could only think to ask how he felt about being categorized as an artist whose paintings and silkscreens have become associated with the “new abstraction.”

Joanna Malinowska by Jimbo Blachly
Boli 1 Body

Dazed from lack of sleep, I entered CANADA on Chrystie Street one afternoon to see Malinowska’s exhibition Time of Guerrilla Metaphysics

Sharon Harper by Minna Proctor
Banff Oct5 6 Body

Long exposures in harsh climates, sunbursts, even skydiving—Sharon Harper’s dogged and sometimes daring working method lies somewhere in the midst of art, astronomy, and Outward Bound


BOMB Specific by Franklin Evans

The image of a lone tree in a desolate landscape, which I saw in a printed photograph, has become a recurring motif in my work, including my recent exhibition 2008 / 2009 < 2009 / 2010 at Sue Scott Gallery, where the image in different forms populated the walls and floors of the installation.

The Wick by Lamar Peterson
Lamar Peterson The Wick