BOMB 110 Winter 2010

110 Winter 2009
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Antonio Caro

Evelio Rosero by Antonio Ungar
Rosero Body

“I had to force myself to transfer my real fear, my sporadic terror as a citizen, to the pages of a book, as a rebellion.”

Sergio Fajardo and Giancarlo Mazzanti
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One of my greatest motivations has always been to make those doors not depend on social conditions; to make them not a privilege but a right in a just society.

Dulce Gómez
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Ana Teresa Torres by Carmen Boullosa
Torres Body

Born in Caracas in 1945, the novelist Ana Teresa Torres is as much a storyteller as she is an intellectual, a typically Latin American duality familiar to any reader of Borges or Bolaño. 

Carlos Cruz-Diez
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Juan Gabriel Vásquez
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Javier Téllez by Pedro Reyes
Tellez 1

Erasmus of Rotterdam claimed there were three types of people: those who lived in a dream world, those who lived in reality, and those who were able to turn one world into the other. The Venezuelan artist Javier Téllez belongs in this third category.

First Proof

Four Poems by Luis Enrique Belmonte

This First Proof contains four poems by Luis Enrique Belmonte.

Theta by Carolina Lozada

This First Proof contains the story “Theta” by Carolina Lozada, translated by Katherine Silver.

Two Poems by Víctor Manuel Gaviria

This First Proof contains two poems by Víctor Manuel Gaviria.

Two Poems by Yolanda Pantin

This First Proof contains two poems by Yolanda Pantin.

Distant Cousin by Federico Vegas

This First Proof contains an excerpt from Distant Cousin by Federico Vegas, translated by Lisa Dillman.

Forgotten We Shall Be by Héctor Abad Faciolince

This First Proof contains an excerpt from Forgotten We Shall Be by Héctor Abad Faciolince, translated by Anne McLean.

Carama by Igor Barreto

This First Proof contains an excerpt from Carama by Igor Barreto, translated by Brandon Holmquest.

My Grandfather’s Disintegration by Antonio Ungar

This First Proof contains the story “My Grandfather’s Disintegration” by Antonio Ungar, translated by Katherine Silver.

Luis Molina-Pantin’s Narco-Architecture and its Contributions to the Community by Nick Stillman
Luis Molina Pantin 01 Bomb 110

Posing as a real estate photographer, Venezuelan artist Luis Molina-Pantin took photographs of gaudy buildings built with drug money.

Artists on Artists

Esperanza Mayobre by Jose Ruiz

Esperanza Mayobre creates passwords. These are not acts of secrecy or exclusivity. They propose an entry into a body of work that defuses deceptive cultural hierarchies

Lugar a Dudas by José Tomás Giraldo
Nascimento/Lovera by Gabriela Rangel
​Nascimento/Lovera​ 01

It is 1998 and The Exorcist is being screened in Caracas. The theater is, in fact, a moving bus; the audience members are young and middle-aged white-collar professionals. 


BOMB Specific: The Sky Over Caracas: What I See Upon Leaving My House by Antonieta Sosa

Popular Prints by Alvaro Barrios
Alvaro Barrios Wick 1

The intention of the Popular Prints created by Colombian artist Alvaro Barrios is to reach—through an artistic act—the largest number of people possible. 

Roberto Bolaño by Carmen Boullosa
Roberto Bolaño 01

The late Chilean writer Roberto Bolaño (1953–2003) belonged to the most select group of Latin American novelists. He speaks with Carmen Boullosa in this interview.