BOMB 11 Winter 1985

011 Winter 1985
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Ralph Humphrey by Betsy Sussler
Ralph Humphrey 01 Bomb 011
John Jesurun by Craig Gholson
Jesurun 03 Body

From the “living film serial” Chang In A Void Moon performed at the Pyramid Club, 1982–84, to his most recent production, Red House, at La MaMa, 1984, John Jesurun has employed a number of devices heretofore known as cinematic: jump cuts, pans, visual and verbal double tracks, and editing crosscuts of time and place to create multiple time frames.

First Proof
The Score: to Richard Stark by April Bernard
Jenney 1

A tree that falls / on facts, on women, whatever is in the way.

Two Poems by Bob Holman
Kenny Scharf 001


you can’t be a jerk & write great poetry

Post Partum by Bradford Morrow

The walls of Ms. Madeleine’s contemporary Lascaux would afford the casual anthropologist no prehistoric lineament of bison, mammoth or spearsman; rather, brash shadings of self-help, fashion, cuisine.

Promised Land by Burt Barr

It had rained all night and into the morning, a spring downpour, and now, in the middle of the afternoon, it looked like rain again, the sky a solid grey with dark clouds moving in from the south. 

My Bio: Notes on an American Childhood, 1949–1959 by Cookie Mueller

The year I was born, 1949, the North Atlantic Treaty was signed, the Dutch were ousted from Indonesia, and the first Russian nuclear bomb was exploded. So what. It didn’t happen in America, so who cared?

Family Business by David Rattray
​Wendel A. White 001

On January 10, 1980, Bob Metzger, the doctor who had been treating my brother Joshua for several years, called me on the phone and announced, “It’s the end of the road for Joshua.”

Fasola: Shape-Note Folk Hymns

MURILLO’S LESSON. 358. Ils. Music: Alto by S.M. Denson.

Mackinaw by Felice Rosser
​Malcolm Morley 001

Grandfather’s house creaks with ghosts at night. 

The Land of Juan Rulfo by Joan Harvey
​Robert Moskowitz 001
Two Poems by Kimiko Hahn
Gwenn Thomas 001

The seam was gray as a recollection— / I mean, as that recollection / (even in my motel room)

Peter and the Pen  by Klaus Kertess
April Gornik

He was at a crowded airport, in July of the year 1970.

Out of the Past by Luc Sante
​David Salle 001
Il 4 luglio by Marguerite Feitlowitz

Short story by Marguerite Feitlowitz. Excerpted from Rosalie

That Far Away Place: A Video Documentary on the Life of Clarence Adams by Oliver Phillip Walker

The following Interview took place in the Kitchen House—Mr. Adams’s restaurant in Memphis, Tenn. Vegetables are chopped and neatly laid cut on the counter—huge works line the wall behind him. He sings.

Two Poems by Ronald Edward Kittell
​Sherrie Levine 001

The Candy Bar Blooz


Four Poems by Ruth Danon
​Clyfford Still 001

Sensible Shoe
Developing Sixth Sense

Four Poems by Tim Dlugos
​Julian Schnabel 001

Pretty Convincing

Talking to my friend Emily, whose drinking
patterns and extravagance of personal

Envy by Miyoshi Barosh
Bomb 11 Barosh Body

Painting by Miyoshi Barosh.

North America Abstracted by Neil Jenney
Jenney 1
Detail of Kissing Dogs by Not Vital
Bomb 11 Not Vital Body
Claude’s Trees by Pierluigi Consagra
Bomb 11 Consagra 001 Body
The Colossus by Arnold Mesches
Bomb 11 Mesches Body
Stack by Robert Moskowitz
​Robert Moskowitz 001
Untitled Painting by Ross Bleckner
11 Bleckner 1 Body
Untitled by Brice Marden
Bomb 11 Marden 001 Body
Quarry I by Bryan Hunt
Bomb 11 Hunt Body
Red Line by Shelley Kaplan
​Shelley Kaplan 001
After Walker Evans by Sherrie Levine
​Sherrie Levine 001

Photograph by Sherrie Levine.

Aspen Colorado by Christopher Makos
Bomb 11 Makos Body
Red Swans by Susan Rothenberg
Rothenberg Body

Oil painting, titled Red Swans, by Susan Rothenberg.

1954 by Clyfford Still
​Clyfford Still 001
Training the Warhorse by Cora Cohen
Bomb 11 Cohen 001 Body
Green Figure by David Deutsch
Bomb 11 Deutsch Body
Casanova by David Kapp
David Kapp 01
Untitled Painting by David Row
Bomb 11 Row Body
Trees at the Pond by Sylvia Plimack Mangold
Bomb 11 Mangold Body

Painting by Sylvia Plimack Mangold.

Soil Cap by Terry Winters
Bomb 11 Winters 001 Body
Dracula by Tim Rollins & KOS
Bomb 11 Rollins Body
Witches Rock by Timothy H. O'Sullivan
Bomb 11 O Sullivan Body
Four Gangsters by Vernon Fisher
Bomb 11 Fisher 001 Body
Untitled Drawing by David Salle
​David Salle 001
Four Photographs by Wendel A. White
11 White 4 Body

Black and white photographs by Wendel A. White. 

Journey by David True
Bomb 11 True 001 Body
Western Sky by Yolanda Shashaty
Bomb 11 Shashasty Body

Oil paint on canvas, titled Western Sky, by Yolanda Shashaty.

Rushing Water IV by Deborah Kass
11 Kass Body
Santa Cruz by Denise Green
Bomb 11 Green 001 Body
Harbor Fire by Donald Sultan
Bomb 11 Sultan 001 Body
My Dog Dick by Ed Rainey
Bomb 11 Rainey Body
Daddy’s Girl by Eric Fischl
Article 576  Bomb 11  Fischl 001
The Saints by Forrest Bess
Forrest Bess Bomb 11
Untitled Painting by George Condo
​George Condo 001
Bacchus and Ariadne by Georgia Marsh
Bomb 11 Marsh 001 Body
Photograph of Michael Heizer’s Complex I, Nevada 1975 by Gianfranco Gorgoni
Bomb 11 Gorgoni Body