BOMB 107 Spring 2009

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Jacqueline Humphries by Cecily Brown

It’s a relatively limited type of adjective that clings to recent abstract painting: intricate, quiet, lyrical, seductive, mysterious, atmospheric.

Eric Kraft by Andrei Codrescu
Eric Kraft 01

I thoughthad discovered Eric Kraft when reading Taking Off, the first in a series about his alterego Peter Leroy.

Roxy Paine by Tod Williams & Billie Tsien

As architects we work for many different clients on a wide variety of projects, from private residences to laboratories, swimming pools, libraries, and museums.

Adam Bartos by A.M. Homes
Adam Bartos 01

Adam Bartos is a complex and reserved observer, a laid-back official from an agency that never was, The Discerning Eyes of the Arts. 

Mary Gaitskill by Matthew Sharpe

The first thing of Mary Gaitskill’s I ever read was a short statement she made at the back of The Best American Short Stories, 1993 about her story “The Girl on the Plane,” in which a man tells a woman in the airplane seat next to his that he once participated in a gang rape.

The Yes Men by Steve Lambert

The Yes Men are America’s foremost impostors. 

Pauline Oliveros by Cory Arcangel
Pauline Oliveros 01

For more than 50 years Pauline Oliveros, a pioneering American composer, has been at the forefront of composition, improvisation, education, and meditation. 

Matthew Buckingham by Josiah McElheny
Matthew Buckingham 01

To briefly describe Matthew Buckhingham’s work, one could suggest it’s a cross between the films and exhibition design of Charles and Ray Eames and Bruce Nauman’s sculptural video and performance works. 

First Proof

Portfolio by Bill Jacobson

Traveling Fools by Ana Menéndez

This First Proof contains the short story “Traveling Fools.”

Four Poems by Rusty Morrison

This First Proof contains four poems titled “An Intersection of Leaves not Likeness” and “An Intersection of Leaves not Loss.”

You Are Your Own Very Unique Snowflake by Sally Anne Clegg

This First Proof contains the short story “You Are Your Own Very Unique Snowflake”.

Three Poems (Poetry Prize Winner) by J.R. Thelin

This First Proof contains the poems “The Birds,” “Babysittin’ Boogie,” and “Windows,” which comprised the winning entry in BOMB’s 2008 poetry prize.

From Slight Disturbances by Charles Mary Kubricht
107 Mary13 Body

Several historical moments, technological stages of development, and political agendas converge at Mount Livermore, which is located 50 miles from the US–Mexico border in far West Texas.

Everything You See Is Real by Ben Ehrenreich
Ben Ehrenreich

In the fourth installment in BOMB’s Fiction for Driving Across America series, Ben Ehrenreich reads his story “Everything You See Is Real,” published in BOMB 107’s literary supplement, First Proof.

Three Poems by Laura Mullen

This First Proof contains the poems “Ghost Mist (Pacific Coast Highway),” “With,” and “Glitch.”

Dutch Boy 32-V by Michael Martone

This First Proof contains the short story “Dutch Boy 32-V.”

Artists on Artists

Revisit Mickalene Thomas from Issue #107 by Kara Walker

Kara Walker on the work of Mickalene Thomas. Accompanied by three works by Thomas.

Rashid Johnson by Sanford Biggers
Rashid Johnson 01

I first met Johnson when we both exhibited in Thelma Golden’s now legendary Freestyle show at the Studio Museum in Harlem in 2001. We became fast friends over a bottle of Jack Daniel’s in a basement bar in Manhattan.

In Memory of Joyce Pensato by Marcella Durand
Joyce Pensato 01

Joyce Pensato starts with the most iconic cartoon figures—Mickey, Minnie, Daffy, Krazy, Stan, and Homer—but her representations of them couldn’t be further from their usual plastic media.


BOMB Specific by David Clarkson

From Earth, Mars is a planet of photographs. Artists will find art in these images, and scientists science—certain truths will be revealed to each. It is a place that can only be explored by viewing oddly unfolding pictures—whether NASA’s, Hollywood’s, or those unexpectedly encountered in BOMB.

Patti Smith by Thurston Moore
Patti Smith 01 Bomb 054 Sm

On the road with Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore and famed chanteuse Patti Smith, in Kerouac’s Lowell, Massachusetts.

Editor's Choice

John from Cincinnati by Cameron Shaw

In 1978, activist and former ad executive Jerry Mander published the book Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television

FM3’s Buddha Machine 2.0 by Timothy Boyd
Buddha Machine 2.0

If you want to get acquainted with the paradox of ambient music, you could do worse than setting a Buddha Machine on your desk, flipping the switch, and going about your business. 

Scott Walker: 30 Century Man by Erik Morse
Scott Walker 03

Oscilloscope Films

Lutz Bacher’s SMOKE (Gets in Your Eyes) by Ben Handzo
Lutz Bacher

Regency Arts Press, Ltd., 2008

The Marfa Sessions: Sounds across Town by Victoria Miguel
Nina Katchadourian

Marfa is arguably the most enigmatic small town in America. 

The Difficulty of Crossing a Field by Scott Shepherd
Difficulty 01

I didn’t grow up going to the theater, so plays for me were instructions for imagining (or also, I gathered, enacting) bizarre performance events, and curious printing practices had arisen to reproduce this unwieldy information.

Serpentina Satélite’s Nothing to Say by Eric Schneider
Serpentina 2 Copy Body

The soothing Andean panpipe and the plaintive folk tune “El Condor Pasa”—these are the stereotypes associated with Peruvian music culture—stereotypes that the Lima–based ensemble Serpentina Satélite crushes with a weighty psychedelic attack. 

Kristin Palm’s The Straits by Mónica de la Torre​
The Straits

“Vocal Executive Chides Critics of Detroit” reads a recent New York Times headline, confirming a synecdoche firmly engrained in the American imagination substituting industry for place. 

Laurie Sheck’s A Monster’s Notes by Kimiko Hahn
Sheck A Monster's Notes

Since Victor Frankenstein first conjured the monster that assumed his surname in Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, his harrowing creation has assumed countless incarnations.

Vanessa Place’s La Medusa by Stefanie Sobelle
Vanessa Place

Los Angeles is distinctive for its magic hour; that time of day when the sun is teasing the horizon.

Kevin Wilson’s Tunneling to the Center of the Earth and Jon Raymond’s Livability by Lena Valencia
Kevin Wilson 01

Tunneling to the Center of the Earth, a debut collection of stories by Kevin Wilson, turns the genre of Southern fiction on its head.