BOMB 102 Winter 2008

102 Winter 2008 Body
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Bernardo Carvalho by Natalia Brizuela

“The postmodern, characteristic of late capitalism, is the expression of a disenchanted, cynical and pragmatic world, after the failure of all of the projects, idealisms and utopias of modernity. To receive this disillusioned world with open arms, embrace it as an opportunistic possibility for the creation of a new corresponding style, is to settle for what was left over, and it seems to me to be not only a thoughtless attitude, but also a profoundly foolish and suicidal one.”

Campana Brothers by Vik Muniz
Campana 09 Body

“The beauty of São Paulo is in its ugliness, and this ugliness forces you to find beauty.” Humberto Campana

Cao Guimarães and Marilá Dardot
Guimaraes Dardot 01 Body

“Art, as a language, and in contrast to what we want from languages, cannot have a final state. Art connects with universals and not simply the particularity of a certain people or culture.”

Karim Aïnouz by Tânia Cypriano
Ainouz01 Body

“There is a big contradiction in my relationship to filmmaking. Ultimately film is a means of expression and communication. You do a film so people can see it, and that’s why sometimes I think I’m in the wrong place. I have a really hard time letting my films be public.”

Arnaldo Antunes by Eucanaã Ferraz
Antunes01 Body

“We live in a period that favors attrition and contamination between languages. Technological prowess and modernity in general brought us this condition. Just by working with music nowadays, for instance, you are inserted in a multimedia dimension.”

Os Gêmeos by Vik Muniz
Osgemeos 01 Body

“We discovered that our way of keeping a diary was through painting, making sculptures, and building.”

Paulo Mendes da Rocha by Ruth Verde Zein
Mendes Da Rocha 01 Body

“Applying a thoughtful design in the first place prevents the destruction of space. Avoiding disasters is a far more important action.” Paulo Mendes da Rocha

Francisco Alvim by Antonio Sergio Bessa
​Francisco Alvim

“ I was for a poetry of verse, of the verse inherited from the modernists, both in its ideology and form—because to me the referential, the link with the world and with everyone’s life seemed extremely important, indispensable.”

Fernanda Gomes and Ernesto Neto
Gomes Neto 01 Body
Lygia Fagundes Telles and Manuel Alegre
Tellesalegre 01 Body

“I think that Portugal can disappear or drown in the sea, but to form a union with Spain—that will never happen.”

First Proof

Five Poems by Manoel de Barros

Day One

Yesterday it rained in the future.

Olivia and Xania by Rubem Fonseca

Regarded by many critics as Brazil’s foremost living author, Rubem Fonseca (b. 1925) has for more than four decades captured in his fiction the societal anxieties besetting inhabitants of his nation’s sprawling cityscapes.

Bloody Sun (Flat Lands) by Salgado Maranhāo

For: Cineas Santos
Sérgio Natureza

Jonas by Patrícia Melo

It couldn’t be real.

I put down the book with the feeling that something sinister was happening.

Four Poems by Adélia Prado

Meditation Beside a Poem

I pruned the rosebush at precisely the right moment

Fortunate Buddhas by Joāo Ubaldo Ribeiro

Last night I had a dream. 

Alice and the Old Lady by Cristovāo Tezza

The audacity of putting an ad in the newspaper—Writing Consultant, along with my phone number and two vague specifications (classes and proofreading)—paid off the very next morning. 

Barrão by Tunga
Barrao 01 Bomb 102

Each Vessel is every vessel, and, simultaneously a unique on in itself.

Artists on Artists

Lucia Koch by Mário Ramiro

Artist Mário Ramiro on the work of Lucia Koch. WEB EXTRA: Watch Koch’s collaborative animation, Olinda-Celeste!

Laura Lima by Cabelo
Laura Lima 01

An artist on artists text on Laura Lima by Cabelo, accompanied by several photographs of sculpture pieces by Laura Lima, the first titled Gala Chicken.

Jarbas Lopes by Luis Andrade
Jarbas Lopes 01

A artists on artists text on sculpture artist Jarbas Lopes by Luis Andrade, accompanied by three photographs of sculptures by Jarbas Lopes, the first titled Troca-Troca (Switch-Switch).

Thiago Rocha Pitta by Botika
Thiago Rocha Pitta 01

An artists on artists text on sculpture artist Thiago Rocha Pitta by Botika, accompanied by several photographs of mixed media sculptures and film stills by Thiago Rocha Pitta, the first titled Uma Trilogia.

Olinda-Celeste by Lucia Koch
276947223 05072015 Lucia Koch Webex Bomb 102
Hic et nunc by Marilá Dardot
Sound Poems by Arnaldo Antunes
Antunes01 Body