BOMB 101 Fall 2007

101 Fall 2007
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David Malouf by Colm Tóibín

“A lot of the social structures of indigenous society have broken down very badly, but to have the energy and vision and imagination to actually change the techniques by which you express yourself, is something quite miraculous.”

Peter Doig & Chris Ofili
Doig 01

Chris Ofili and Peter Doig have lived and worked since the early 2000s on the Southern Caribbean island of Trinidad. 

Big Dance Theater by John Haskell
Bigdancetheater01 Body

“Dancing has the possibility of being a luminous, protean, and versatile element, and an element of the subconscious—if you get out of the way—and just dance.”

R. Stevie Moore by David Shrigley

The infinitely prolific songwriter R. Stevie Moore will play in New York on August 11. He talks process and practice with artist David Shrigley, whose career was recently surveyed in a retrospective at London’s Hayward Gallery.

Richard Pare by Michèle Gerber Klein
Pare01New Body

“So this photograph is like a short story telling of the way of life that had been going on in this one space over generations.”

Winter Miller by Evangeline Morphos
408443868 01292015 Winter Miller 01 Bomb 101

“The mantra was: We don’t develop plays; we do them.”

Isaac Julien by Martina Kudláček
Julien07 Body

“I’m attracted to the idea of a certain intertextuality, the way in which a character from one film gets quoted into another.”

Marine Hugonnier and Manon de Boer
Hugonnier01 Body

“There is a reason why some people have compared directors to chameleons. You become invisible, take the color of what surrounds you.”

Junot Díaz by Edwidge Danticat
​Junot Díaz

If Marvel Comics had gotten around to it, Oscar Wao would have been a hero. As it is, Junot Díaz stepped in and made him one first.

First Proof

The Zero Meter Diving Team by Jim Shepard

Here’s what it’s like to bear up under the burden of so much guilt: everywhere you drag yourself you leave a trail. Late at night, you gaze back and view an upsetting record of where you’ve been.

Idris Khan by Adam Fuss
Idris Khan 1

There’s an inherent failure in all traditional art media; while lives and time appear to move and change, an artwork remains forever a prisoner of its own birth time, and our subsequent need to preserve and consume it.

Fish by Anu Lakhan

This First Proof contains the story “Fish.”

Three Poems by Alex Lemon

This First Proof contains the poems “Skin On Skin Off Skin On Skin Off” and selections from Halleluhjah Blackout.

Harold Schecter’s The Devil’s Gentleman by Jaime Manrique
Harold Schechter

Harold Schechter’s latest nonfiction work is an elegantly written true-crime story, rich in themes and vibrant details. 

Roof Topped by Terese Svoboda
​Idris Khan 004

Our taxi driver produced a little tent from his trunk and carried it all the way up to the roof.

Artists On Artists

Ellen Harvey

Failure notice. By now we have all received any number of messages with this hyperbolic yet frightening subject line when our e-mails have bounced back.

Tris Vonna-Michell by Cathleen Chaffee
Mitchell 01

Tris Vonna-Michell’s forthcoming exhibition at Metro Pictures features a range of installation narratives and sound edits. In this piece from 2007, Cathleen Chaffee illuminates the artist’s painstaking, detective-like process for his installations.

Andrzej Zielinski by Joe Fyfe
Andrzej Zielinski 01

Joe Fyfe on the place between abstraction and caricature, where Andrzej Zielinski’s paintings reside.

Editor's Choice

D-L Alvarez by Nell McClister

Nowhere in film is the power of love more apparent than in the slasher genre.

Cameron Martin by Dike Blair
Cameron Martin 01

The three paintings pictured here are from a series Cameron Martin titles Black Sun

Booklyn’s ABC Series by Brian McMullen
268971787 05122015 Booklyn 01 Bomb 101

For eight years, the Brooklyn-based arts organization Booklyn has championed what it calls “peoplemade books”: artist books, zines, and other small press.

Todd Oldham’s Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life by Jason Middlebrook
Ec Harper5 Feedingstation1954 Copy Body

A few weeks ago I loaded the station wagon with popcorn and beer and we all piled in, off to enjoy a lost American family experience: the drive-in. 

Luc Sante’s Kill All Your Darlings by Nicole Steinberg
Luc Sante

Luc Sante’s writing first appeared in BOMB in November 1984; I was a toddler.

Kathleen Jamie’s Findings: Essays on the Natural and Unnatural World & Waterlight: Selected Poems by Brad Kessler
Kathleen Jamie
Peter Cole’s The Dream of the Poem by Esther Allen
Peter Cole 01

The year Columbus found and founded our New World also marked the final end of one particular Old World, the half millennium of rich coexistence and commingling of Muslim, Christian, and Jewish peoples, traditions, and languages in the south of Spain. 

Steve Martin’s Born Standing Up by Frederic Tuten
Steve Martin

Let’s say it was not Steve Martin who had written this memoir of his early years as a standup comedian—or as he says in his poignant introduction, a biography of someone he used to know. 

The Devil’s Gentleman by Harold Schechter

This First Proof contains an excerpt from The Devil’s Gentleman.

Margot Singer’s The Pale of Settlement and Peter LaSalle’s Tell Borges If You See Him by Betsy Sussler
Singer Lasalle Body

The Pale of Settlement was once the swath of land designated by Imperial Russia as the only legitimate home of their Jewish population, one they reluctantly inherited after partitioning the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. 

Francisco Goldman’s The Art of Political Murder: Who Killed the Bishop? by Silvana Paternostro
Francisco Goldman

For almost a decade, Francisco Goldman lived with the obsession of answering the question posed in his latest book’s subtitle: who killed the Bishop?

Young@Heart by Ariana Venturi

To be “young at heart” one must ostensibly be old at everything else: old hat, old fashioned, old guard.