BOMB 100 Summer 2007

100 Summer 2007
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Mamma Andersson by Christian Hawkey

Brooklyn poet Christian Hawkey and Swedish painter Mamma Andersson begin this correspondence with a rumination on memory, architecture, and turtles.

Béla Tarr by Fionn Meade
Tarr01 Body

“This eternity stuff is definitely very important for me. The days are passing, time is running; we will die, everybody has just one life. That’s why it’s very important how this life is going. The quality of this life. We are not in the church, where people are told lies.”

Péter Nádas by Davis Kovacs
Nadas1 Body

A scholar not only of literature, but of culture, horticulture, and above all the human body and its communications, Nádas presents a picture of temperament and elegance in the great tradition of the European intellectual.

Joe Zucker by Chuck Close
Zucker01 Body

“I have diversity in my work, but I also have control of it. I rarely paint things that I like.”

Benedict Mason by George Steel
Mason01B Body

“My dream was a synchronized sound of present, absent, and distant musicians choreographed across the audience via the elaborate placement and movements of the performers in the whole building.”

Kate Valk by David Salle & Sarah French
Valk03 Body

“I worked at Shepherd-Pratt mental hospital, and I liked to take my name tag off and maybe be confused for one of the patients.”

Kara Walker by Matthea Harvey
Kara Walker 1

I’ve been thinking about Kara Walker’s work for a long time. Two years ago, a bleeding barn from one of her watercolors appeared in one of my poems. 

Howard Norman by Susan Shreve
Norman01 Body

“In my novels, when two people finally get together, finally are able to declare a love for each other, finally able to live together, it’s because they have exhausted all negative possibilities.”

First Proof

Dorchie by Ed Park

This First Proof contains the story “Dorchie.”

In My Yoke Skirt by Diane Williams

This First Proof contains the story “In My Yoke Skirt.”

More Zeus Bits by Anne Carson

This First Proof contains a series of “Zeus” poems.

What Happened Between Us by Rivka Galchen

This First Proof contains the story “What Happened Between Us.”

Incantations: Songs, Spells and Images by Mayan Women by Ambar Past

Essay by Ambar Past. Contributions by Mikaela Días Días, Xpetra Ernándes, Sluz Hernández, Manwela Kokoroch, Rosa López Kómes, Loxa Jiménes Lópes, Roselia Montoya, Xunka’ Utz’utz Ni’, Antel Péres Ok’il, Munda Tostón, María Tzu, and María Xila.

The Life Room by Jill Bialosky

This First Proof contains the an excerpt from the novel The Life Room.

Artists On Artists

Pam Lins by Rochelle Feinstein

Rochelle Feinstein on how contradictory values and techniques drive the paintings and sculptures of Pam Lins.

Robbie Conal by Steve Earle
Conal 01

Steve Earle on how Robbie Conal’s satirical, defiantly political drawings involve a constant process of teaching and learning.

Nicola López by Trevor Paglen
Lopez 03

Trevor Paglen on how Nicola López’s jumbled cityscapes reflect the “Anthropic” age we live in.

Editor's Choice

Bas Jan Ader’s Please Don’t Leave Me & In Search of the Miraculous: Bas Jan Ader Discovery File by Nato Thompson

Swallowed by the ocean in 1975 at age 33, the artist Bas Jan Ader emerges in the 21st century as a popular sensation, and it is not surprising.

Sharp? Monk? Sharp! Monk! by Steve Holtje
​Elliott Sharp

Sharp is a top-notch avant-garde guitarist whose main musical styles are far from bebop, but this disc of tunes by bop legend Thelonious Monk is not some hipster’s ironic desecration of iconic material.

Visible Language, Fluxus Issues by Saul Ostrow
Visible Language

I have come across a double find: first, a special two-part issue of the journal Visible Languageon Fluxus, edited by Fluxus historian Owen Smith and Fluxus artist Ken Friedman; and second, no less exhilarating, the journal itself. 

Fred Willman’s Why Mascots Have Tales: The Illinois High School Mascot Manual by Brian McMullen
Fred Willman

In the summer of ’99, after I failed to land an unpaid docent gig at the Art Institute of Chicago, I fell into an internship (paid!) with Rick Valicenti, a weird and brilliant artist and graphic designer based in Barrington, Illinois (where the high school’s sports teams are the Broncos and the Fillies). 

CAConrad’s Deviant Propulsion by Kendall Grady
Deviant Propulsion

CAConrad’s first book is a voracious projectile, cutting desire and dissidence into bite-size servings: eat me.

Masha Tupitsyn’s Beauty Talk & Monsters by Jeanine Herman
Beauty Talk

If Art is the sedimented history of human misery, as Adorno said, it can also be the consolation prize for a broken heart. 

Chris Marker: Staring Back by Lucy Raven
Chris Marker 01

“In another time I guess I would have been content with filming girls and cats. 

Museum of Bad Art Rejection Collection Auction by Kerry Folan
​Jack Owen

Every two years (or three, or four—it really all depends), the Museum of Bad Art in Dedham, Massachusetts, holds an eagerly anticipated Rejection Collection Auction. 

David Levine’s Bauerntheater by Aaron Cedolia & Geoffrey Scott

“The chasm between contemporary art and theater is a topic of perpetual amazement to CiNE. 

The Cats of Mirikitani by Nell McClister
​Jimmy Tsutomu Mirikitani 04

Even more extraordinary than the putative subject of Linda Hattendorf’s debut documentary, an elderly homeless artist, is the fact that Hattendorf started aiming her camera at him long before September 11, 2001.