BOMB 10 Fall 1984

Issue 10 010  Fall 1984
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María Irene Fornés by Allen Frame
Fornes 01

Allen Frame talks to playwright and director María Irene Fornés, author of several plays including the Obie-winning MudDanube, and Sarita.

Jeff Weiss by Bill Rice
Weiss 01 Body

Anyone who has visited Good Medicine & Company on East 10th Street over the last fifteen years knows something about theater that many people are just now discovering.

First Proof
The Man In The Apple-Green Tie by Alison Armstrong
​Patrick Naggar 01

I am a haunted man. He haunts the streets that I explore.

Drapes by Barry Yourgrau
​Robin Winters 001

“I need another match,” says the girl.

Mr. Brown by Brad Gooch

Cabel just couldn’t shake it. 

At Home With Drosselmeier by Coleman Dowell
236416106 03062015 Coleman Dowell 01 Bomb 010
Everybody Wants Exposure by Duncan Smith
​Marilyn Monroe 001

When photographs are developed the originally white printing paper becomes impressed with the effects of light upon it. 

Subrealism by Glenn O'Brien

“Parody has become so real, we’re gonna stop doin’ parody.”

Boy Blowing Bubbles by Jacques Teboul
​Gustav Klimt 001

Early in the morning, every day, for years, he has been drinking beer.

Boyfriend by Lisa Blaushild
​David Craven 001

I close my eyes and imagine his phone: long, black, cordless.

Gargoyle by Patrick McGrath
​Steve Wood 001

Gargoyle the dwarf slept in the sewers by day, and by night he haunted the high regions of a decaying and abandoned theater, where he concealed his ugliness beneath a cloak of darkness.

Helen Changes by Peter Cherches
​Sean Elwood 001

First Helen had blue eyes and brown hair. Then she had brown eyes and blue hair. And then she was blue, for she had brown eyes and no hair.

Three Stories by R Bartkowech
​Robin Winters 001

“Don’t do that kind of thing to your spine, son,” said his mother. “You’ll only complicate your life … You’ve got to learn how to relax.”

Four Stories by Roberta Allen
​Keiko Bonk 001

In Amsterdam the American painter, barely 20, knocks on the gallery door eager to discuss her exhibition that will soon take place. 

Flam Paradiddle by James Nares
Bomb 10 Nares 001 Body
Untitled Photograph by John Coplans
Bomb 10 Coplans Body
Judith by Gustav Klimt
​Gustav Klimt 001
The Dark Room by Keiko Bonk
Article 522  Bomb 10  Bonk 001
Two Photographs by Tom Jenkins
Bomb 10 Jenkins 001 Body
Oxydation gruner Fensterrahmen, Spetse by Holger Trulzsch & Vera Lehndorff
Bomb 10 Lehndorff 001 Body
Untitled Photograph by Laurie Simmons
10 Simmons Body
Two Paintings by Mark Tansey
Bomb 10 Tansey 001 Body
Untitled Paragraph by Alan Scarritt
Bomb 10 Scarritt 001 Body
Domestic Ritual Series by Mary Frey
Bomb 10 Frey 001 Body
Innenraum by Anselm Kiefer
Anselm Keifer 01
Untitled Painting by Melissa Miller
Bomb 10 Miller 001 Body
Two Paintings by Bill Rice
Weiss 02 Body
From the Meji Series by David Walter McDermott & Peter McGough
Bomb 10 Mcdermott 001 Body
The Sun Journey by Patrick Naggar
​Patrick Naggar 01
Untitled Painting by Peter Schuyff
Bomb 10 Schuyff 001 Body
Stephen, Clarrissa, and Klaus; Area by Billy Sullivan
Bomb 10 Sullivan 001 Body
Bedevil, Bewitch, Voodoo, Hoodoo by Carolee Thea
Bomb 10 Thea 001 Body
Untitled (Girlfriends) by Richard Prince
Bomb 10 Prince Body
Bus Series by Cindy Sherman
10 Sherman 1 Body
From Slides of a Changing Painting by Robert Gober
Bomb 10 Gober 001 Body
Repro by Colin Lee
Bomb 10 Lee 001 Body
Philosophy by Robert Hawkins
Bomb 10 Hawkins Body
In Fear of Glamorous Women by David Craven
​David Craven 001
¡Viva! by Robin Winters
​Robin Winters 001
Delia Doherty and Corey Tippin’s Total Beauty in Three Acts by Bill Cunningham
Bomb 10 Cunningham 001 Body
Lemon, April 5,1984 by Donald Sultan
Bomb 10 Sultan 001 Body
Hand Game by Sandro Chia
Bomb 10 Chia 001 Body
Sisters by Eric Fischl
Bomb 10 Fischl Body
Untited Painting by Ernst Trawöger
Ernst Trowager 001
Big Wheel by Sean Elwood
​Sean Elwood 001
One Phase of the Moon by Freya Hansell
10 Hansell Body
Couple Embrace After Losing Everything by Stephen Lack
Bomb 10 Lack 001 Body
Two Sculptures by Steve Wood
Article 538  Bomb 10  Wood 001