BOMB 1 Spring 1981

001 Spring 1981
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Subway Riders: Amos Poe by Sarah Charlesworth
Poe 03

This interview took place in New York City in January of 1981, a few weeks before the final edit of Subway Riders was completed. Subway Riders is premiering at the Carnegie Hall cinema and could be featured at the Bleeker St. Cinema this month.

Becky Johnston by Betsy Sussler

Sleepless Nights is a S8 Feature Film produced, written, and directed by Becky Johnston/ Voice Overs written by Gary Indiana/ Camera: Michael Oblowitz/ Starring: Marie-Paule, John Lurie, Eric Mitchell and Rene Ricard

Betsy Sussler’s Menage by Craig Gholson

Menage is a S8 feature film in two parts. “The Story of Myra and Ian” was adapted from and shot for the centerpiece of a theatrical production of Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s play Pre-Paradise Sorry Now in 1979. 

Michael McClard by Kathy Acker

Motive is a S8 Feature Film produced by Liza Bear and Michael McClard/ Written and directed by Michael McClard/ Starring Jimmy DeSana with Paula Greif, and Tim Collins, John Lurie, Rae Spencer-Cullen and Betsy Sussler. Motive premiered at the New Cinema in April of 1979.

Carl Apfelschnitt by Sarah Charlesworth

Carl Apfelschnitt describes his hands-on, raw approach to abstract painting as the “expressionistic” work of a “primordial monster”. Sarah Charlesworth probes the artist about how he becomes “part of the paint.”

First Proof
Why Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend by Duncan Smith

Why are diamonds a girl’s best friend? Diamonds, the most popular gemstone, are also the symbol for steadfast love. 

Black Moon by Gary Indiana
Artaud1 Body

“The Russians will swallow Europe,” a visiting Californian asseverated at dinner, vigorously masticating a morsel of calamari.

Double Lunar Dogs by Joan Jonas
Joan Jonas 01

Location: the spiral museum as space ship, audience below in the past looking up at a scroll unwinding on the different tracks, the ramps, the corridors, where illusion occurs …

Great Expectations by Kathy Acker
Shiff 4

My father’s name being Pirrip, and my Christian name Philip, my infant tongue could make of both names nothing longer or more explicit that Pip. So I called myself Pip, and came to be called Pip.

New World Information Order: Manifesto of the Non-Aligned Movement  by Liza Béar

For over a decade, on the international circuit in Nairobi, Havana, Paris and Belgrade, at first in UNESCO corridors, later on the agenda of working subcommittees, a new concept has been gaining ground.

I Was an Extra in a Woody Allen Film by Tina L’Hotsky
1 L Hotsky

I was an extra in a Woody Allen film. I played a Marilyn Monroe look-alike in a cabaret scene.

Coming of Age in Xania by Lynne Tillman

Sitting on a sidewalk in Athens, sitting on the curb in front of a shoe store, Jack saw me and called out, “Are you an American?” and I answered Yes and told him I was looking for a hotel. “Share mine,” he said, “a dollar a night.”

A True Story About Two People: Easter 1964  by Cookie Mueller

I had two lovers and I wasn’t ashamed. The first was Jack. He was 17 and I was 15. 

Fag Rag by Terence Sellers
01 Sellers

She is the most disgusting creature known to fags. She hangs around the waterfront all night trying to make a queer guy.

Fire Engine Red by Craig Gholson

From beside an upturned metal milk crate, a black cable coiled across the carpet, ending with a pretzel-like flourish in a silver plug poised below a silver socket. 

Futuristic Rhythm by David Walter McDermott

“The internationally syndicated article by Dr. David Walter McDermott III that puts across the point that America and the World are on the edge of Paradise.”

Editor's Choice
Sigmund Freud’s Dora
Dora 1

In 1899, Sigmund Freud began treatment with an 18-year-old girl who was brought to him for analysis by her father after she had written a suicide note.

Eric Mitchell’s Underground U.S.A. by David Ehrenstein
Mitchell01 Body

Underground USA is a satire of contemporary New York “scenemaking” in the form of an update of Sunset Boulevard, Underground USA is both a personal triumph for its creator, actor-director Eric Mitchell, and a further indication of the importance of New York’s new-wave film movement.

TV Party by Glenn O'Brien
Tvparty 1


The Third Person by Michael Oblowitz
1 Mirror 14 Body

The Third Person is about a modern couple, trapped by their social and economic circumstance in an increasingly more violent and psychologically turbulent relationship with each other. 

Lullabye by Duncan Hannah
​Duncan Hannah
Extension Cord by Jimmy DeSana
​Jimmy DeSana
Part IV of XXLV Seasons by Leslie Schiff
Article 4 1  Shiff 4

Photograph, Part II of XXIV Seasons, by Leslie Schiff.

Polaroids by Mark Magill
1 Magill 1 Body

Four photographs, titled Polaroids, by Mark Magill.