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Use What’s Available: Nate Lippens Interviewed by Kate Zambreno
My Dead Book1

On the AIDS crisis, the Midwest, and writing from a radiant zero.

Use What’s Available: Nate Lippens Interviewed by Kate Zambreno
My Dead Book1

On the AIDS crisis, the Midwest, and writing from a radiant zero.

Between a Body, a City, a Mountain: Sara Jimenez Interviewed by Re’al Christian
Heavy netting hanging from the ceiling in a dimly lit gallery holds a variety of objects.

Installations that investigate colonialist control.

From the Archive: Nam Le by Charles D'Ambrosio
Nam Lee Mockup

Nam Le revisits his 2009 interview by Charles D’Ambrosio.

Design for a Difference: Andrew Castrucci Interviewed by Chris Molnar
A wooden table with an artist book on it next to a pair of white gloves and two artworks on the wall above it.

Two artist books that interact with grassroots activism.

A Study for a Popular Film: Radu Jude Interviewed by Joseph Pomp
A white, middle-aged blond woman wearing a surgical mask sits at a table with flower bouquets laying at both sides of her and holds her hands in front of her palms-up in a shrugging gesture.

“It’s my mid-life crisis. I couldn’t afford a Porsche, so I made this film.”

Fate and Circumstance: Farah Ali Interviewed by Laura van den Berg
Farah Ali Cover Mock Up

Fourteen short stories about people who face difficult choices that reveal their deeper truths.

What Remains Between What Is and Isn’t Said: Peter Markus Interviewed by Zach Davidson
When Our Fathers Return To Us As Birds 4

A poetry collection that probes the complexities of grief.

Materializing the Immaterial: Aliza Shvarts Interviewed by Charlotte Kent
Four large vinyl banners featuring image and text hangin from the ceiling against a dark background.

Installation and sculpture that make power visible.

A Salve for Our General Malaise: Grant Faulkner Interviewed by Taylor Larsen
All The Comfort That Sin Can Provide3

A short story collection about reaching for love and fulfillment.

Forms That Don’t Yet Exist: Kiyan Williams Interviewed by Louis Bury
Three mud humanoid figures stand in a room full of brown dirt.

Sculpture and performance that work with soil.

Investigative Aesthetics: Eyal Weizman Interviewed by Rhoda Feng
Footage of an industrial flare in Death Alley, filmed by RISE St. James, is superimposed over a monument of Robert E. Lee in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Forensic Architecture)  © FORENSIC ARCHITECTURE, 2021

The originator of Forensic Architecture discusses a methodology of “investigative aesthetics” for revealing human rights abuses as manifested in built environments.

Contact Points: K.R.M. Mooney Interviewed by Maddie Klett
A small vertical white sculpture attached to the wall with a small square of cuttlebone inside it.

Sculpture that attends to its materials and surroundings.

Experiences That Are Pushed to the Margins: Kyle Lucia Wu Interviewed by Jen Lue
Win Me Something5

Coming of age in the in-between.

I Eat My Own Poems: Jane Wong Interviewed by Diana Khoi Nguyen
How To Not Be Afraid3

A collection that documents familial histories across continents and decades, from the Great Leap Forward in China, to contemporary life in America.

Writing Across Entire Lifetimes: Joshua Henkin Interviewed by Paula Bomer
Morningside Heights by Joshua Henkin

A novel that explores how a family grapples with dementia.

The Power of Digital Literary Advocacy: Gayatri Sethi Interviewed by Anjali Enjeti
A purple book cover with orange and pink swirls and leaves.

A story of multicultural and multinational identity about the inner life of belonging.

Staging Images: Gauri Gill Interviewed by Will Fenstermaker
A person in the backseat of a white Jeep wears a mask that looks like a clock face while the driver wears a lizard mask.

Photographing homemade masks of quotidian life.

In Between Epiphanies: Jordan Kisner Interviewed by Eryn Loeb
Thin Places1

An essay collection that resists simple explanations.

Sharing the Weight: Deville Cohen and Shamel Pitts
01  De Suicde Installation View 1

On co-creation and dismantling creative hierarchies.

Refusing the Grammar of Romantic Love: Rosie Stockton Interviewed by Esmé Hogeveen
Permanent Volta 3

Experimental sonnets build new frameworks for poetry, politics, and love.

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