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Spirit of Inquiry: Eleanor Ray Interviewed by Paul Maziar
June Windows Eleanor Ray1

Small paintings of attuned attention.

Spirit of Inquiry: Eleanor Ray Interviewed by Paul Maziar
June Windows Eleanor Ray1

Small paintings of attuned attention.

To Project with Intention: Claude Lawrence Interviewed by George Negroponte
Models Claude Lawrence1

Painting’s proximity to music and performance.

Battle and Coexistence: Miho Hatori Interviewed by Paul Ha
Miho Tokyo Story

On her latest album, anime, and Édouard Glissant.

The Refugee as a Cosmopolitan Figure: Eric Nguyen Interviewed by Abbigail N. Rosewood
Things We Lost To The Water4

A novel set in Vietnam and the United States about inheriting stories and forging new ones.

The Medical Gaze: Katarzyna Kozyra Interviewed by Zbigniew Bzymek
Olimpia Niebieska Vertical

The pioneering Polish video artist discusses illness, vulnerability, and Foucault.

This Consumerism Snow Globe: An Interview with Kate Durbin by Katharine Coldiron

A poetry collection that explores American capitalism, trauma, and the absurd precision of objects.

Tiffiney Davis by Sofia Dixon
Tiffiney Red Hook Art Project 8234 Mardok

The founder of the Red Hook Art Project is devoted to helping her Brooklyn neighborhood thrive through arts, education, and the resources her community urgently needs.

Public and Private Bodies: Jonathan Lyndon Chase Interviewed by Scott Turri
Pull The Up Down Jonathan Lyndon Chase1

Paintings and sculpture that express strength and vulnerability.

The Politics of Rot: Alex Tatarsky Interviewed by Rachel James
Img Cd7 F875 A66 F3 1

Clowns, compost, and decomposition.

Translating Science for the Heart: Andri Snær Magnason Interviewed by K.B. Thors
On Time And Water3

A nonfiction project that uses inventive storytelling to create a new thought paradigm about climate change.

Getting Lost in the Brushstrokes: Lucy Bull Interviewed by John Garcia
Pussy Willow Lucy Bull1

Abstract painting dreamscapes.

Disposable Images: Julia Wachtel Interviewed by John Garcia
Habitat V1 Dolphin Julia Wachtel1

Painting appropriated images on canvas.

Karyn Olivier by Michelle Lopez
Fortified 02

At the heart of Olivier’s sculptural inquiry is the fate of our existing and future monuments. How can they teach, and change us?

Embodied Practice: Christine Howard Sandoval Interviewed by Louis Bury
Arch Christine Howard Sandoval1 Final

Art that addresses colonial legacies.

Not So Blank at All: Dennis James Sweeney Interviewed by Erica Trabold
In The Antarctic Circle by Dennis James Sweeny
Between a Laugh and a Yelp: Robert Feintuch Interviewed by Albert Godetzky
Fat Hercules Robert Feintuch1

Painting at the tattered ends of masculinity.

Pay Attention to the Humming: Ethan Rutherford Interviewed by Paul Yoon
Farthest South By Ethan Rutherford

A story collection about parenting in a post-apocalyptic world.

Making and Destroying Myths: Precious Okoyomon Interviewed by Jareh Das
Performance Space New York Precious Okoyomon1

Texts, installations, and performances that address the global operations of race.

How Things Grow: Meg Lipke Interviewed by Catherine Haggarty
Slanting Grid Meg Lipke1

Painting as a body; canvas as a skin.

Maybe It’s Enough to Write It Down: Lauren Hough Interviewed by Greg Mania
Leaving Isn't The Hardest Thing by Lauren Hough

A collection of essays about leaving a cult, joining the air force, being homeless, coming out, and finding your way to yourself through words.

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