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Four Poems by Maggie Millner
Wanda Film
Four Poems by Maggie Millner
Wanda Film
A Room with a View: Brontez Purnell & Bruce LaBruce
Brontez Rwav Homepage

Join us as we celebrate the launch of Brontez Purnell’s new collection, 100 Boyfriends.

Four Poems by Imani Elizabeth Jackson
Imani Hires Mockup 3
Sundown at the Eternal Staircase by GennaRose Nethercott
Nethercot Hires 2
Violence is the Texture of Experience: Benjamin Krusling Interviewed by Vijay Masharani

The poet on his new collection, institutions of power, purity, and the possibility of total obliteration.

Done Up Chaos: Susana Thénon Interviewed by Mirta Rosenberg & Diana Bellessi
Ova Completa

The Argentine writer’s final book of poems, Ova Completa, was recently released in English. This conversation between three poets took place thirty years ago, when the book first came out in Buenos Aires.

Adventures in Sadness: Lucie Britsch Interviewed by Rebecca van Laer
Sad Janet

A novel that scrutinizes the commodification of emotions with humor and subversion.

What Sustained Us: Literature
What Sustained Us Lit

For this particularly challenging year, we’ve asked Elisa Gabbert, Amelia Gray, Myriam Gurba, Jessica Lanay, Greg Mania, Lydia Millet, Lara Mimosa Montes, Rakesh Satyal, Asiya Wadud, Charles Yu, and C Pam Zhang to tell us what sustained them.

Two Poems by Susana Thénon
Ova C

From Ova Completa, translated by Rebekah Smith

The Intimate Suggests the Epic: A Year in Small Press and Indie Publications
Indie Presses Gif

A round-up of titles published by independent presses in 2020.

Make It a Roast: Lindy West Interviewed by Greg Mania
Shit Actually

On consuming pop culture with political awareness, but still indulging the pleasures that bring joy.

Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore by Amy Gall
Mbs Duotone 2

With her latest book, The Freezer Door, Sycamore breaks down language and genre to confront intimacy, the politics of gay bars, and to find the communities we desire.

Compass Poems by Allison Parrish
Allison Parrish Compass Poems Spread Bomb Magazine 154 Winter 2021

To create her compass poems, poet and programmer Allison Parrish trained a machine learning model with two parts: one spells words based on how they sound, and the other sounds out words based on how they’re spelled.

Operators of Art and War: Salar Abdoh Interviewed by Michael Archer
Out Of Mesopotamia3

On writing about the Middle East from the inside.

We Were Determined to Play: A Conversation by The Ferrante Project Editors
The Ferrante Project: The Freedom of Anonymity

A collective of sixteen women writers of color experimenting with freedom, anti-fame, and anonymity.

Freedom and Redemption: Nina Renata Aron Interviewed by Rebecca Schuh
Good Morning0 R

A memoir about breaking up with an idea of love.

André Breton and Philippe Soupault’s The Magnetic Fields by Marko Gluhaich
Pages From Magnetic Fields Txt Low Res 1 Copy

In 1919, André Breton and Philippe Soupault were coming of age in the wake of World War I and the Spanish influenza pandemic.

Matt Keegan’s 1996 by Charity Coleman
Ip036 1996 Interior 01 Copy

A sleek but sensitive compendium of cultural production and politics three years in the making and spanning more than two decades.

Write Toward Compassion: Lia Woodall Interviewed by Kelly Thompson
Remove To Play

A book about a brother’s suicide that takes the form of a puzzle.

Back in the USSR from Red Wave: An American in the Soviet Music Underground by Joanna Stingray & Madison Stingray
Boris Joanna

Like John Lennon and Jim Hendrix, Joanna Stingray has an FBI file. In 1984, the 24-year-old Angeleno accompanied her sister on a state-sanctioned tour to Leningrad and secretly met Boris Grebenshchikov, a star in the Soviet music underground.

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