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Refusing the Grammar of Romantic Love: Rosie Stockton Interviewed by Esmé Hogeveen
Permanent Volta 3

Experimental sonnets build new frameworks for poetry, politics, and love.

Refusing the Grammar of Romantic Love: Rosie Stockton Interviewed by Esmé Hogeveen
Permanent Volta 3

Experimental sonnets build new frameworks for poetry, politics, and love.

Let Them Break Through: Keith Ridgway Interviewed by Tobias Carroll

A London novel that raises questions about politics, desire, and a changing nation.

Make a List of Everything You Have Lost: Claire Vaye Watkins Interviewed by Madelaine Lucas
I Love You But Ive Chosen Darkness6

A transgressive novel that careens through the desert landscapes of a childhood fraught with addiction, climate collapse, ties to the Manson family, and more.

Protected from Ourselves: Daniel Barban Levin Interviewed by Frances Badalamenti
Slonim Woods2

A memoir about disentangling from a cult.

Diane Williams by Christine Schutt
Diane Williams

On the occasion of her latest collection, How High?—That High, the iconic short-story writer and founding editor of NOON talks about visiting the graves of her literary heroes and writing as a process of excavation.

Two Stories by Diane Williams
Diane Williams Quote
Blood on the Bandage: Amitava Kumar Interviewed by Ryan Chapman

A circa-now novel that interrogates where our pandemic news comes from, mob violence in India, and how journalism has failed us.

Three Poems by Anthony Carelli
Carelli Image

I was seventeen and working / in the fields that summer. / A seed corn job, not bad pay, / detasselling and rogueing mostly.

How to Resist the Algorithm: Dave Eggers Interviewed by Danny Caine
The cover of Dave Eggers' latest novel, The Every, comes in different colors but this one is green and has a knot in the center with what looks like a camera looking through.

A hilarious and terrifying novel of ideas that asks: what’s the true cost of convenience?

Rea by Hugh Ryan
Rea Gif
Positions of Precarity: Katie Kitamura Interviewed by Greg Mania
Reproductive Labor by Holly Melgard
Reproductive Labor Quote

Let’s just make an example.

An Act of Defining: Jen Winston Interviewed by Leah Dieterich
Pale white book cover with yellow, green, purple, and orange sans serif letters that say, "Greedy," on a pale orange background.

A collection of essays offering an intimate look at gender and sexuality.

We Should be Contrarians: Alice McDermott Interviewed by Kristopher Jansma
What About The Baby 3

A collection of thoughts on the art of fiction.

Sacrilege by Edward Salem
Sacrilege Quote V3

Winner of BOMB’s 2021 Fiction Contest, judged by Ottessa Moshfegh

Two Poems by Andrea Abi-Karam
Book cover of Villainy by Andrea Abi-Karam includes a black and white tarp all folded together

Excerpts from the collection.

Rabih Alameddine by Kara Walker
The author Rabih Alameddine costume of wrapped fabrics as he holds a decorated cane and sits against an abundance of pillows.

In order to write about his existential experiences among Syrian refugees (“The refugees were my people. The volunteers were my people.”), Alameddine created a boundary-crossing narrator for his new novel, The Wrong End of the Telescope.

This is an excerpt from BOMB’s Fall 2021 issue.

Give Me Inquisitiveness, Exuberance, Neuroses: Lauren Elkin Interviewed by Stephanie LaCava
No 91 92 5

On writing Paris today.

BOMB Retrospective: Revisiting the Six Questions by Mary Jo Bang
An image of Mary Jo Bang's name and a swirling "BOMB's 40th Retrospective" image on the side.

Celebrating 40 years with curated selections from the archive.

Create a Radical and Memorable Equivalent: Mary Jo Bang Interviewed by Sylvia Sukop

A new translation with contemporary allusions that reflect the boldness of the original.

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