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Studio Visit: Nancy Elsamanoudi by Naomi Falk
Nancy Elsamanoudi1

Intuiting rather than calculating.

Artistry and Access: Sasha Wortzel Interviewed by Kevin Gotkin
Large Matthewcarasella Verbaldescriptionandtouchtours 1

The possibilities of museum access.

Finding a Common Language: Jenny Brockmann Interviewed by Danni Shen
Jenny Brockmann1

An entanglement with various modes of knowledge production.

Studio Visit: Anne Vieux by Terence Trouillot
Anne Vieux1

Painting digital.

Studio Visit: Nicholas Cueva by Jeffrey Grunthaner
Nicholas Cueva1

Making and unmaking idols.

Innovation and Tradition: Jeffrey Gibson Interviewed by Emily Zimmerman
Jeffrey Gibson 1

Working between mediums.

2019 BOMB Auction
Screen Shot 2019 05 02 At 2 20 40 Pm

BOMB Gala & Auction: Last Call

For inquiries or to make an offer, contact Lora Evinger at or 718-636-9100 x110

BOMB’s 38th Anniversary Gala & Auction Photos

BOMB’s 38th Anniversary was held at Capitale on April 30, 2019, honoring Sam Gilliam, Adam Pendleton, and Donna De Salvo. Toasters Jay Sanders, Adrienne Edwards, and Jonathan Binstock delivered moving tributes to the honorees. BOMB ended the evening by saluting Agnes Gund, Catherine Gund, and Helena Huang of the Art for Justice Fund. A special thank you to co-chairs, Beth Rudin DeWoody, Fairfax Dorn & Marc Glimcher, David Kordansky, and Eva Presenhuber, as well as honorary chairs, Anna Deavere Smith, Lowery Stokes Sims, and Lynne Tillman.

Portfolio by Sabine Mirlesse
Sabine Mirlesse1

Mining marble for stars.

Jamming Opposites Together: Anna Sew Hoy Interviewed by William J. Simmons
Anna Sew Hoy1

Painting that boils down shapes.

Making Space: Ronny Quevedo Interviewed by Louis Bury
Ronny Quevedo1

Work that illustrates how margins and centers interact.

History As Imitation of Life: Sherrie Levine by William J. Simmons
Sherrie Levine

Awash in melancholy. 

Against Our Will: Traci Molloy and Sarah Super Interviewed by Melissa Potter
Against Our Will1

Public art addressing the trauma of sexual violence.

Oral History Project: Linda Goode Bryant by Rujeko Hockley
Linda And Yvonne

“I was motivated to pursue a way to change the conditions that were causing Black artists I interfaced with every day to say, ‘They won’t let us, they won’t let us, they won’t let us.’ I got tired of hearing that, and I said, ‘Fuck them! Let’s start a gallery!’ So that’s how JAM got started. It was never about being included.”

—Linda Goode Bryant, “Recollections, Linda Goode Bryant” in Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power

Ritualization and Embodiment: Sarah Zapata Interviewed by Jeanne Vaccaro
Sarah Zapata1

Textile works that investigate guilt, spirituality, and the future.

Issue #147: Young Joon Kwak by Charles Long
Shining Palimpsest

On stage and in the studio, Kwak (aka Xina Xurner) summons bodies, objects, and energies that flourish at the “seams of the illusions of fixed identity.”

Misplaced Empathy: Amy Bessone Interviewed by William J. Simmons
Amy Bessone2

Recontextualizing “bad objects.”

Making Interiority Visible: Dawoud Bey Interviewed by Louis Bury
Dawoud Bey5

A new series of photographs tracks the Underground Railroad.

The Origins of Art: Kristen Sanders Interviewed by Owen Duffy
Kristen Sanders1

Painting pre- and post-human figures.

The Art Happens Here: Net Art’s Archival Poetics by Olivia Gauthier
Net Art1

Presenting a canon of net art.

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