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Brandan “Bmike” Odums by Zachary Lazar
Odums Brandan 01

After Hurricane Katrina, Brandan “Bmike” Odums realized that the graffiti he and other artists were making in the abandoned buildings around New Orleans had an inherent political value, not just because of the subject matter (though Odums himself had always had an affinity for depicting civil-rights icons) but also because creating art in those depopulated spaces foregrounded their meaning, calling attention to what they had once been, what they had been allowed to become, and why.

Kevin Kline and Bruce Schultz by Zachary Lazar
Schultz 01

Perhaps nowhere in the world is the line between beauty and kitsch finer than it is in New Orleans.

Mary Jo Bang by Zachary Lazar
Mary Jo 3 Body
Meyer Lansky Breaks his Silence by Zachary Lazar

Gila looked at the photographs and tried to connect them to the man she’d been secretly meeting this past year, but the pictures came from a different order of reality. 

Jameson Ellis’s Improved M16 Prototype #1 by Zachary Lazar
Jameson Ellis 01

After designing and building what he regards as an improved M16 in his studio, Jameson Ellis reduced the act of firing a gun to “pure functionality” at the Salomon Contemporary.

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