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Wrestling with Truth: The Future of Documentary Film by Montana Wojczuk
Waste Land

From Gasland to Afghanistan, and everywhere in between. Montana Wojczuk on the evolving narratives and increasing force of documentary film.

Campana Brothers by Vik Muniz
Campana 09 Body

“The beauty of São Paulo is in its ugliness, and this ugliness forces you to find beauty.” Humberto Campana

Os Gêmeos by Vik Muniz
Osgemeos 01 Body

“We discovered that our way of keeping a diary was through painting, making sculptures, and building.”

Valeska Soares by Vik Muniz
Soares02 Body

“I’m not interested in some kind of monolithic narrative. That’s why I’m fascinated by scents and other ephemeral things; I’m giving people triggers that activate memories and contexts, and they create their own narratives.”

Vik Muniz by Mark Magill
Muniz01 Body

“I find that it’s not enough of a mission when art is supposed to be about one thing or another because to be art, to begin with, it should be about everything at once. It should present a kind of all-encompassing world.”

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