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Andra Ursuta by Veronika Vogler
Ursuta 01

I first encountered Andra Ursuta’s work at her show Solitary Fitness, at Venus Over Manhattan, in New York City, in 2013. 

Adam Stennett by Veronika Vogler
Adamstennett Artistsurvivalshack Img 6190

Veronika Vogler and Adam Stennett talk, via text message, about his live-in performance piece, the influence of nature and how we are all capable of being an artist.

Scott Olson by Veronika Vogler
Scott Olson 1

Painter Scott Olson on stumbling upon materials, the Ohio art scene, and the importance of frames.

Anfang Gut. Alles Gut. Actualization of the Futurist Opera Victory Over the Sun 1913 by Veronika Vogler
Anfanggut 1 Body

One hundred years after its first and only enactment, Victory Over the Sun has re-emerged.

One Voice by Veronika Vogler

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and Aaron Dilloway perform at one of the last Wierd Records parties at Home Sweet Home.

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