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Frederic Tuten’s My Young Life by Thomas Bolt
Ohio Pictures 881

My Young Life is a memoir of becoming…

Frederic Tuten’s My Young Life by Thomas Bolt
Ohio Pictures 881

My Young Life is a memoir of becoming…

Frederic Tuten’s Self Portraits: Fictions by Thomas Bolt
Frederic Tuten 01

Frederic Tuten’s collection of short fiction paints a world in motion. A sensitive crafting of characters and scenes reveals the adeptness of the writer of five novels.

Melissa Gould by Thomas Bolt
​Melissa Gould 01

Melissa Gould’s ongoing installation From Adler to Zylber uses iconographic artwork and the alphabet to organize a haunting pictorial catalogue of Jews sent to Auschwitz on Convoy No. 42.

Incidents of Travel in Riversford by Thomas Bolt

This First Proof contains an excerpt from Incidents of Travel in Riversford.

Brian Boyd by Thomas Bolt
Boyd01 Body

Writing in The New York Observer on Boyd’s “remarkable, obsessive, delirious, devotional study, Nabokov’s Pale Fire,” Ron Rosenbaum called him ‘an ornament of the accidents and possibilities of Nabokov scholarship’.

Melissa Monroe’s Machine Language by Thomas Bolt

Melissa Monroe’s extraordinary first book of poems captures not only the pleasures but the revelations of language.

Henri Cole’s The Visible Man by Thomas Bolt

I don’t have much to say about Henri Cole’s new collection of poems, The Visible Man, (Knopf) other than: find this book.

Joan Murray by Thomas Bolt
Joan Murray Body

If The Yale Younger Poets Anthology did nothing more than return Joan Murray to print, it would be indispensable.

The Yale Younger Poets Anthology: Open to Any American Writer Under Forty by Thomas Bolt

What do John Ashbery, Carolyn Forché, James Agee, Robert Hass, Margaret Walker, James Tate, Olga Broumas, John Hollander, Adrienne Rich, Richard Kenney, W. S. Merwin, David Wojahn, Muriel Rukeyser, Alan Dugan, and James Wright have in common with 77 other poets, good, bad, and outstanding?

James Sheehan by Thomas Bolt
James Sheehan

James Sheehan’s first solo show is of large-doings scaled down to our size—then smaller.

Deborah Eisenberg’s The Stories (So Far) of Deborah Eisenberg by Thomas Bolt
Eisenberg 1 Body

The Stories (So Far) of Deborah Eisenberg collects her first two books; All Around Atlantis is new. 

Donald Antrim by Thomas Bolt
Atrim 01 Body

Writers Donald Antrim and Thomas Bolt trade keys to iconoclasm and metaphor in Antrim’s novel, The Hundred Brothers.

The Alliance Poets by Thomas Bolt

This First Proof contains Thomas Bolt’s selection of work by Alliance Poets Jeffrey Gustavson, Edwin Frank, and Andy McCord for this poetry portfolio.

Dark Ice by Thomas Bolt

I’ve stood on thinner sheets. Took crunching walks

James Merrill by Thomas Bolt
James Merrill 01

James Merrill is one of America’s most distinguished poets. Critic Stephen Yenser has called Merrill’s epic poem The Changing Light at Sandover “a landmark in American literature.” Certainly it’s the only epic poem mostly dictated on a Ouija board to its two mediums, JM and DJ (Merrill and his co-adventurer David Jackson).

Christopher Brown by Thomas Bolt
Christopher Brown. Photograph © 1990 by M. Lee Fatherree.

Christopher Brown pictures paint as a material and narrative vehicle. Thomas Bolt discusses this direct approach and its refreshing bluntness with the artist.

Three Poems by Thomas Bolt
​Liz Larner

Trainyard at Noon

Platforms sag and buckle where tall weeds

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