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First Hair by Suzan Sherman

I study the difference between myself and my mother. The family photographs have kept an accurate account of this, though their edges have curled and their colors have faded.

Gary Indiana’s Depraved Indifference by Suzan Sherman
Gary Indiana 01

In his satiric novel Depraved Indifference, Gary Indiana fictionalizes the incestuous, murderous, disguise-toting grifter team of Kenneth and Sante Kimes, mixing their story with excerpts of letters from Arendt and Kafka.

Carrie Mae Weems’s The Hampton Project by Suzan Sherman

“I’m interested in the tangled web of history, in the rough edges, and the bumpy surface, the mess just beneath the veneer of order,” says Carrie Mae Weems. In her newest photographic installation, The Hampton Project, a commission by Williams College, Weems was asked to respond to a collection of archival photographs taken of students from Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute, a renowned, historically African and Native American academic institution.

John Reed’s A Still Small Voice by Suzan Sherman
Reed 1 Body
Abigail Thomas’s Safekeeping: Some True Stories from a Life by Suzan Sherman
​Abigail Thomas

Abigail Thomas adds new complexity to the memoir genre with her varying points of view and page-turning content. She writes about all that life has to offer in the way of birth, death, promiscuity and regret.

Wendy Hanson by Suzan Sherman
Wendy Hanson

Wendy Hanson’s work conveys beauty and fragility, containing symbolism of skin and scars to mark our own vulnerability.

Al Souza by Suzan Sherman
Souza 01 Body

When a jigsaw puzzle is first spilled from its box there is the chaos of hundreds, sometimes even thousands of individual parts—some so tiny they reveal themselves only as a dollop of color, a ripple of cloth or the tooth of a smile—which, after much effort, the trials and errors of fitting and not fitting, are made into a whole.

Visible Evidence by Suzan Sherman
Sherman 1

My father was a documentary film editor for 35 years. 

Arne Svenson’s Prisoners by Suzan Sherman
63 Arne Svenson Body

In his book, Prisoners, Svenson has adopted a group of forgotten children; mug shot negatives which he found, developed, and brought back from the dead.

Elliott Smith’s either/or by Suzan Sherman
Smith Elliott 01 Bomb 061

On the cover of Elliott Smith’s CD either/or is a picture of the musician with Ferdinand the bull tattooed on his arm, the horns covered by his black t-shirt. 

Yannick Murphy’s Sea of Trees by Suzan Sherman
​Yannick Murphy

Yannick Murphy’s first novel Sea of Trees describes, with an eye for both beauty and irony, the effects of imperialism on a young girl named Tian and her family.

Amy Hempel by Suzan Sherman
Amy Hempel 01

Amy Hempel, one of our most respected experimental writers, mixes grief and humor to redefine the “story.” In her story collection Tumble Home, Hempel writes about people who have overcome and found everything they need.

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