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Cheerful Pessimist by Susie DeFord
Simic1 Homepage

Susie DeFord discusses process and life in the former Yugoslavia with former Poet Laureate Charles Simic, whose updated and expanded edition of The Horse Has Six Legs is out now from Graywolf Press.

SUBTEXT: Ninety Fifth Street by Susie DeFord
Johnkoethe Homepage

In this week’s Subtext, Susie DeFord talks to philosopher-poet John Koethe about the intermesh of poetry and philosophy, commissioned poems, and meeting poetry idols.

Subtext: Kathmandu Poet In New York by Susie DeFord
Yuyutsu1 Body

I became familiar with Yuyutsu RD Sharma’s poetry on his recent long stay in New York to promote his latest collection Space Cake Amsterdam (Howling Dog Press 2009). Space Cake is a beautifully designed book with artwork by the artist Henry Avignon.

Teenage Riot by Susie DeFord
Damianrogers1 Homepage

Susie DeFord talks to Damian Rogers about her writing.

Subtext: Mongrelogues by Susie DeFord
Lynnemanuel1 Body

I was immediately drawn to Lynn Emanuel’s latest book of poetry Noose and Hook because of the bright yellow cover with a picture of a barking dog on it.

F*cking Poetry by Susie DeFord
Catherinewagner1 Body
Ten Walks/Two Talks: From Hiroshige to Harlem by Susie DeFord
Tenwalks1 Homepage

Ugly Duckling Presse describes its Dossier Series as “idea-based books, pamphlets, and other objects” that “don’t share a single genre or form—long poem, lyric essay, criticism, artist book, polemical text—but rather an investigative impulse.” The most recent title of this series is Ten Walks/ Two Talks by Jon Cotner and Andy Fitch. Inspired in part by Basho’s meditative travel diaries, Cotner and Fitch observe today’s New York City with the freshness of travelers’ eyes.

SUBTEXT: The Philosophy of Miss Peach by Susie DeFord
Rosemurgy1 Homepage

Catie Rosemurgy’s second poetry collection, The Stranger Manual (Graywolf Press 2009), is a heady, yet playful romp through the American psyche.

Subtext: Joanna Fuhrman, Funny Not Funny by Susie DeFord
Me Body

It’s hard to classify Joanna Fuhrman’s poetry. David Shapiro calls it “infra-surrealism” and the press release for her fourth collection Pageant (Alice James Books 2009) defines it as “pop-surrealist lyrical poetry,” but it’s more than that.

Poetry Play by Susie DeFord
Matvei1 Body

Matvei Yankelevich’s playful writing makes for an enjoyable read, combining absurd theater, avant-garde poetry, and children’s fable into Boris by the Sea’s slim 62 pages.

It Aint Over… by Susie DeFord
Ostriker1 Homepage

“Writing a poem is like crawling into the dark.”

Subtext: The Literature Of Rock And Roll by Susie DeFord
Gonzalez1 Homepage

I’m not usually a fan of prose poetry, however Ray Gonzalez’s new book Cool Auditor (BOA Editions Ltd. 2009) has made me a believer.

Word Eating Bird by Susie DeFord
Wordbird1 Body

Kristin Naca’s first book Bird Eating Bird was selected by Yusef Komunyakaa for the National Poetry Series and published October 2009 by HarperCollins. Naca’s language is similar to her title.

Translating Darwish by Susie DeFord
Darwish1 Body

Houston, Texas doctor and poet Fady Joudah translated Darwish’s If I Were Another and The Butterfly’s Burden, which won a TLS Translation Prize (the Saif Ghobash-Banipal Prize) for Arabic Literary Translation from the Society of Authors in the UK.

Poetry Doula by Susie DeFord
Zucker1 Body

Thumbing through the pages of my newly acquired review copies I came across the press release for Rachel Zucker’s latest book Museum of Accidents (Wave Books October 2009). It read “A brutally honest epic of domestic proportions.”

Won’t You Be My Neighbour by Susie DeFord
Levitsky1 Body

In the close quarters of New York City, unless you have great walls, you often become acquainted with your neighbors’ musical tastes, the hours they keep, and even the sex life they may or may not have.

True Blue by Susie DeFord
Nelson1 Body

Maggie Nelson’s most recent book Bluets (Wave Books, 2009) is a poetic nonfiction meditation on the color blue.

Mary Jo Bang: The Bride of Alliteration by Susie DeFord
Maryjobang1 Body

Mary Jo Bang’s poems are full of elbows and sharp, uncomfortable angles. She skillfully delves into the harsh crevices of life and mind and illuminates them with her alliterative, controlled verse.

Subtext: Cheryl Dumesnil Gets Up by Susie DeFord
Cheryl Dumesnil

“I have an innate trust in narrative as a vehicle for communication, as a means of organizing thought and feeling.”

Survivor: Poetry Edition by Susie DeFord
Survivor 01

Campbell McGrath’s latest collection, Shannon, is a book-length poetic narrative about George Shannon.

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