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Frederick Terna by Stephen Westfall
Terna Frederick 01

In 1943, at the age of twenty, Frederick Terna knew that if he survived the war he was going to be a painter. 

Cordy Ryman by Stephen Westfall
Gluebox Body

A typical Cordy Ryman lies in a hybridized zone between sculpture and painting; pieces of wood or perhaps canvas may be isolated like small geometric paintings or even extended into the full expanse of the rooms in which they are installed, following a kind of modular accumulation strategy. 

Two Paintings by Stephen Westfall
48 Westfall 01 Body
Jessica Stockholder by Stephen Westfall
Jessica Stockholder 01 Bomb 041

Jessica Stockholder has revitalized abstraction and formalism by obliterating most of their self-imposed dialectical boundaries.

Nan Goldin by Stephen Westfall
Goldin 01

Nan Goldin’s photography never fails to entice, shining with her trademark sensuality and tenderness. She spoke with Stephen Westfall for BOMB in 1991.

Mary Gaitskill by Stephen Westfall
Gaitskill 01 Body

“I think what a masochist wants is deep intimacy and closeness, and they don’t know how to experience it except as an act of violation. They don’t have a concept of two people just, you know, touching together.”

Nancy Shaver by Stephen Westfall
Shaver 01 Body

“If it’s a painting done by someone else that I’m using, it’s important that it be looked at as a painting, and in terms of the person who did it, and their imagination.”

Polly Apfelbaum by Stephen Westfall
Apfelbaum 02 Body

“When objects dream, when we dream, things come together in strange ways, without surface logic.”

Bill Barrette by Stephen Westfall
Barette 01 Body

What unites the work of Polly Apfelbaum, Bill Barrette, and Nancy Shaver is their incorporation of objects and images that have a history of prior use.

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