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May by Simon Lane

It is perfectly still here.

May by Simon Lane

It is perfectly still here.

The Forecast by Simon Lane
The Forecast 01

The conditions are middling to desperate.

Beauty and the Beast by Simon Lane

This First Proof contains the story “Beauty and the Beast.”

Tunga by Simon Lane
Tunga 01 Body

The magician never gives away his secrets. Tunga is content to explain his, yet the sum of these secrets remains a mystery.

Gregory Crane by Simon Lane
Crane 01 Body

“Given the time we’re living in it is useless to paint the landscape simply for its beauty or to delight in its pastoral order. It’s really more in flux than anything else, more of a focus for emotion, expression, experience, and memory.”

Still Life With Books by Simon Lane

I dream of Paris a good deal here in Tamarama.

The Concertina Earring by Simon Lane

I was sorting out some things the other day and came across a plastic bag.

Duncan Hannah by Simon Lane
Hannah 01 Body

Saturday, August 14, 1982. I have come to Duncan Hannah’s apartment in the Upper West Side. I have met him once before, briefly. He appears to be a man attuned to the inevitability of eclecticism in the modern artist.

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