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One Piece: Linger Longer by Samuel Jablon
Samuel Jablon Linger 1100Px

The artist talks about the genesis, composition, and execution of a recently completed work.

One Piece: Linger Longer by Samuel Jablon
Samuel Jablon Linger 1100Px

The artist talks about the genesis, composition, and execution of a recently completed work.

Jeremy Sigler by Samuel Jablon
Jeremy Sigler Bomb 2

“As writers, we have the tendency to get disgusted by our own filth and start throwing it all away, spraying disinfectant and removing words, instead of using creativity to construct buoyancy.”

Katherine Bradford by Samuel Jablon
Katherine Bradford Bomb 1

“You can’t tell if they’re about leisure or about horror and drowning.”

Jamian Juliano-Villani by Samuel Jablon
Juliano Villani Bomb 4

“I’m not trying to make post-Internet paintings. What the fuck is post-Internet? It’s life.”

Samuel Jablon by James Hyde
Jablon 2

With exuberance, Jablon’s paintings tell the story of their own making. They are what they are by showing how they got there and how they take up their subject—and that subject is text.

Acconci, Revisited by Samuel Jablon
02 Body

Samuel Jablon sits down with legendary god of space, redefiner of public, and Bronx-born extraordinare, Vito Acconci.

Fernando Orellana by Samuel Jablon

Samuel Jablon and Fernando Orellana reveal the secret to hacking electric toys and discuss the artistic merits of Play-Doh.

Chuck Webster by Samuel Jablon
Webster2 Body

Painting fast and slow: Chuck Webster gives us a peek inside his studio.

Heather Morgan by Samuel Jablon
Heather Morgan 1

Samuel Jablon speaks with artist Heather Morgan about scandalous women, female identity, and the “peculiar kind of intensity” that informs her work.

Aaron Sheppard by Samuel Jablon
Snail Spitoon

Samuel Jablon engages artist Aaron Sheppard in a discussion about his new work the cake in the room, Alice in Wonderland, Jesus, and Miss Havisham.

Diana Al-Hadid by Samuel Jablon
Portal To A Black Hole Body

Samuel Jablon talks to sculptor Diane Al-Hadid about her monumental structures and their relationship to gravity, black holes, and “being our heads.”

Bob Holman by Samuel Jablon
Holman1 Body

“Poems are living things. Please dance with them.” Bob Holman talks to BOMB about Picasso, Kathmandu, and reading poetry as wrestling match/lovemaking session.

John von Bergen by Samuel Jablon
John Von Bergen 1

Sculptor and installation artist John von Bergen pulls the emotional and cerebral trigger. Samuel Jablon speaks with him here re: site-transience, urban claustrophobia, and the so-called “honesty of materiality.”

Ofri Cnaani by Samuel Jablon
Cinaani 1 Body

Traditional Jewish stories unfold in Ofri Cnaani’s 360-degree video projections. She discusses her latest piece, The Sota Project, touching upon a contemporary view of women’s roles in an ancient culture.

Isak Berbic by Samuel Jablon
Berbic 1 Body

Have sculpture, will travel. Isak Berbic shares his motivations and aims for nomadic sculpture.

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