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Fran Ross’s Oreo by Rone Shavers
Ross Fran 01

Originally published in 1974 and the only novel written by Fran Ross before her untimely death in 1985, Oreo walks the line between so many different worlds (highbrow/lowbrow culture, literary/genre fiction, black/white racial dynamics, and feminist/womanist gender politics), that it can only be described as postmodern.

Percival Everett by Rone Shavers
Everett 01 Body
Derrick Jensen’s A Language Older Than Words by Rone Shavers
Paul Beatty by Rone Shavers
Beatty 01 Body

“A lot of things are a mix of high and low, but people just don’t say it. This high and low thing shifts. Maybe Shakespeare was the Spielberg of his day.”

Nilo Cruz’s Two Sisters and a Piano by Rone Shavers

Nilo Cruz’s simple and effective play recounts the plight of two sisters who hope to obtain freedom from the oppressive Castro regime.

Macy Gray’s On How Life Is by Rone Shavers
​Macy Gray

Singer Macy Gray’s smoky, scratchy, full-bodied voice is paradoxical. Let it be said that she can belt it like Aretha, growl it like Tina, and is as unmistakable as Dinah, Eartha, or Nina in her range, tone, and delivery.

David Dante Troutt’s The Monkey Suit by Rone Shavers

Sometimes it is simply the inspiration behind a fiction that’s enough to cause a stir.

John McNaughton’s Condo Painting by Rone Shavers
66 John Mcnaughton 1 Body
Nuruddin Farah’s Secrets by Rone Shavers
64 Nuruddin Farah Body
Amistad: The Opera by Rone Shavers
Bomb63 Amistad

Amistad, an opera commissioned by Philadelphia and Chicago, is not merely a musical remake of the film but a complex and conundrum-filled version of a tragic event.

Michael Jensen by Rone Shavers
Michael Jensen 1

Michael Jensen brings a naturalist’s touch to a modernist’s aesthetic. The key lies in Jensen’s materials and the manner in which he combines them

Lee “Scratch” Perry by Rone Shavers
Perry 1 Body

If influence alone is an artist’s measure of true worth, then with the reexamination and subsequent recombination of Jamaican reggae music into British electronica and drum ‘n’ bass, it seems as if one of reggae’s original pioneers, Lee “Scratch” Perry, is finally about to be given his due. 

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