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Looking Back on 2016: Art & Film
Looking Back 2016 Art Film Bomb 1

Selections by Lucas Blalock, Carmen Boullosa, Liz Collins, Ricky D’Ambrose, Andrew Durbin, Scott Esposito, Jen George, Brent Green, Carlos A. Gutiérrez, Karl Holmqvist, Roberto Juarez, Baseera Khan, Jaime Manrique, Isaac Pool, Marina Rosenfeld, Frederic Tuten, Wendy Vogel, and Alex Zafiris.

Roberto Juarez by Edward J. Sullivan
​Roberto Juarez 1

How would you define these works as public art, and maybe you could talk a little bit about the origin of them, how these commissions came to be and what you think about them in terms of their “public-ness”?

Mike Glier by Roberto Juarez
Killick River Body

Travel writing is a known genre, but travel painting? Mike Glier and Roberto Juarez walk through Glier’s current exhibition of landscape paintings made in Ecuador, the Canadian Arctic, New York & St. John—a global line of longitude.

Robert Brinker by Roberto Juarez
​Robert Brinker 01

Roberto Juarez on the way that Robert Brinker’s paper cutouts balance warm, Disney-like comfort with strident sensuality.

Paul Henry Ramirez by Roberto Juarez
Ramirez 02

For the 2007 Americas issue, Roberto Juarez underscores the distinctly Hispanic elements of the quirky kinky graphic art of Paul Henry Ramirez.

Hernan Bas by Roberto Juarez
Bas 01

In 1964, more than a decade before Hernan Bas was born, Dieter Roth painted portraits with biodegradable materials such as processed cheese and chocolate.

Mark Tambella: A La MaMa Baby Grows Up by Roberto Juarez
Mark Tambella 01

After 20 years of capturing the particular light of the Lower East Side with oil paints and canvas, Mark Tambella receives a solo showing at La MaMa La Galleria.

James Casebere by Roberto Juarez
Casebere 01 Body

“Jefferson and Monticello are mythic. A lot of the work that I’ve done is related to this search for origins, and Jefferson represents the origin of an American self-image.”

Mala Iqbal: Figure Becomes Landscape by Roberto Juarez
Mala Iqbal 1

The quality of Mala Iqbal’s action figures and the fluid relationship to their environment was what sucked me into her animated world.

Rivka Rinn by Roberto Juarez
Rinn 1 Body

Rivka Rinn makes art with a “kinda” new medium that artists on both sides of the Atlantic have toyed with, computer-scanned ink on canvas.

On The Tallest Hill In Rome by Roberto Juarez
Mark Strand Bomb 060

“I Too Am …”

I dream of my house on the Gianicolo
near Villa Pamphili,

Mark Tambella by Roberto Juarez
​Mark Tambella 01

Mark Tambella is a cocoon maker. He has painted mostly with oil on canvas for over the last 20 years on the Lower East Side. 

Jeff Perrone by Roberto Juarez
Perrone 01

Jeff Perrone chats with friend Roberto Juarez about his multi-paneled Indian-inspired ceramic and canvas paintings, and his struggle to find a niche as an “exotic structuralist” in the art world.

Miami: Turistas/U Artists by Roberto Juarez & Cyn Zarco
Article 1471 Acevedo1

Roberto Juarez and Cyn Zarco capture the ’90s Miami art scene with mention of Manuel Acevedo, Craig Coleman, and Tomata du Plenty.

Craig Coleman by Roberto Juarez & Cyn Zarco
Coleman1 Body
The Days of the Year by Edward Albee & Roberto Juarez
Roberto Juarez 01 Bomb 032 Sm

Portfolio of Roberto Juarez’s work assembled and introduced by Edward Albee.

Body Pictures by Roberto Juarez
Long Rain by Roberto Juarez
Bomb 18 Juarez Body

Drawing by Roberto Juarez for the Selected Similarities portfolio.

Selected Similarities: Notes and Drawings by Roberto Juarez
Bomb 18 Hurson Body

Portfolio of drawings by emerging and established contemporary artists curated by Roberto Juarez.

Two Drawings by Roberto Juarez
Bomb 14 Juarez1 Body

Two drawn interventions on art history texts, Donkey Head and Untitled by Roberto Juarez.

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